The Transition Network

what we offer

You can do a little or a lot - whatever feels right to you.  Our menu of choices isn't meant to keep you "busy."  It's meant to keep you full.

Peer Groups.  Groups of 10-12 women who meet regularly in each other's homes to get to know each other and explore relevant topics.                              

"I joined The Transition Network long before retirement. Making new friends and having so much fun in group activities helped me get ready."

Learning Programs.  Engaging and interactive presentations from authors, financial advisors, health and wellness professionals, and others.
Chapter-Wide Events.  Gatherings to share a wide range of experiences -- from theater and museums to tours of parks and historical sites.
Special Interest Groups.  A wide range of topics and activity-specific groups to choose from, such as travel, arts, book clubs and more.
Community Impact.  Connections to initiatives that make a difference to people in our areas.
Transition Workshops.  Programs to help members identify personal challenges and design next steps.

Through The Transition Network, you'll meet smart,
generous-spirited women who have something in common:  this amazing stage of life that is filled with
opportunity, learning and fun.
Connecting with new people and making new friends opens the door to fresh ways of using our energy in the pursuit of a healthy mind, body and spirit.

At TTN, you'll find women who will help you define a vision for your life and joyfully support you as you embrace it. You are in charge - but no matter what, you won't be alone.
     We believe that this is our time to dive into the interests we put on hold as we raised our families and built our careers.

You will discover resources here with which to explore your passions and enrich your life. No matter what path you choose, you'll find inspiring fellow travelers with whom to share the journey.
    We have accumulated a lifetime of rich experiences and wisdom. And like no generation before us, we have countless opportunities to have a real and lasting impact in the world.

Join with other TTN women as we give back to our communities and serve as advocates and hands-on helpers for causes we believe in.

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