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appreciated securities and real estate

If you donate appreciated assets that you have owned for at least one year (like stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares or real estate) to The Transition Network, you generally don’t have to pay capital gains tax, and if you itemize deductions you can take a federal income tax deduction for the full fair market value of the item donated.

For example, if you bought a stock 5 years ago for $500 and it's worth $2,000 now, you could sell the stock for $2,000, pay the $225 capital gains tax (the rate is 15% for a middle-income single person), donate the remaining $1,775 to TTN, and be entitled to a $1,775 tax deduction. But if you donate the stock to TTN, then the full $2,000 will be used to benefit women, you are entitled to a charitable deduction of $2,000, and you are not required to pay any capital gains tax.

Contact us at 347-735-6035 or email us at for more information about the process if you are considering donating appreciated assets.

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