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The Transition Network is the only national nonprofit focused on professional women over 50 who are exploring what’s next. Our members are living the trends that affect women over 50 today, and leading culture change about opportunities for older people.

For more information, contact us at 347-735-6035 or

TTN serves nearly 3,000 active and over 7,600 former members in 14 chapters across the country. Volunteer steering committees deliver the mission through hundreds of programs and event, transition peer groups and special interest groups in the following locations, with new chapters forming regularly.

Atlanta          New York City
Billings   Northern New Jersey
Boston   Philadelphia
Central Ohio   San Francisco
Chicago   Santa Fe
Long Island   South Florida
Minneapolis/St. Paul   Washington, DC

Who We Are

Our members are women whose professional lives shaped their identities - the first generation of women facing the challenge of what to do after the end of your career. Their professional backgrounds are in education, law, counseling, marketing, social work, medicine, finance, nonprofit leadership and government. They are active, eager to learn and stay involved with their communities. Members range in age from their early 50s to their 80s.

What We Do

The Transition Network brings members together for learning through over 100 programs each year. Featured speakers have included Jane Bryant Quinn, Gail Sheehy, Jean Chatzky, Diane Rehm and Cokie Roberts. Members support each other through 120 peer groups, meeting monthly to focus on a variety of topics: finding your next career, caregiving, launching a business, healthy cooking and cultural activities and anything else members want to get together and talk about.

Co-founder Charlotte Frank launched our innovative peer health program, the Caring Collaborative, in 2007. Funded by a New York State Health Foundation grant, the Caring Collaborative developed models for individuals to provide support in times of health crisis, medical information sharing within their network and a "vertical village" method of organizing apartment building to provide informal health support. Three manuals, available at no charge on our website (click here) offer resources for others to create their own service network, vertical village and discharge planning support. The Caring Collaborative was featured in a September 2011 New York Times article that highlighted the value of our how-to manuals for other networks, as well as its benefits for individuals.

Our Impact

The Transition Network compiled member experiences and expert advice in our book Smart Women Don't Retire - They Break Free, which won a National Mature Market Media award in 2008.

We are a leader in the positive aging movement that is defining new opportunities for people 50 and forward. We work with national organizations including AARP, Civic Ventures, Coming of Age and the Life Planning Network, as well as public library boomer programs, Ys and JCCs, alumni organizations, the Village to Village Network, outplacement firms and lifelong learning programs.

Our members are role models and regular speakers on career transitions and "taking risks after 50." Their stories have been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time, Business Week, US News & World Report, Forbes, Newsday, The Philadelphia Inquirer and Woman's Day, as well as in Gail Sheehy's Passages in Caregiving, Marc Freedman’s The Big Shift: Navigating the New Stage Beyond Midlife and Kerry Hannon’s What’s Next.

In the News

Transitions.  Transitions can mean such different things to each of us, depending on if we are relocating to a city or have just retired from a stimulating and busy career. What we have found in Philadelphia, is that transition often means now having the time to do what our otherwise busy lives didn’t allow us to do.  For many of us, this has meant finally having the time to actively participate in giving back to our community, Philadelphia. 
 Read more...

How do women deal with the uncertainty, anxiety and turmoil that come with the first day of retirement and beyond? They could avoid it and keep working well into their 80s.

Or they could connect with The Transition Network to help them navigate the end of their decades of daily routine, easy sense of purpose and the social networking offered in the workplace.

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Women 50 and older can turn to a social support group such as The Transition Network, when moving into retirement or otherwise going through a change in their life.

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Like many women aging alone, Eileen Kobrin worried that an accident could compromise her independence. Then, two years ago at age 71, the New Yorker fell while on vacation, breaking her left ankle, and her Caring Collaborative network sprang into action.

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An interview with two TTN members on August 6, 2018. Rhoda Margolis who brought TTN to Atlanta and Gail Collier-Glover sat with Gracie Bonds Staples to talk about the importance TTN has played in their lives.  Read the full article

The Atlantic Journal-Constitution featured TTN and one of our amazing members Rhoda Margolis.Read the full article

The Inquirer featured TTN, recognizing the local chapter in Philidelphia for helping raise extra funds for the New Leash on Life organization. This nonprofit pairs adoptable shelter dogs with prison inmates and TTN's funds were earmarked to help expand the program to female prisoners.Read the full article

TTN is featured as an example of a successful peer to peer network of women supporting each other through transitions and into the next stage of life.  Jonathan Rauch, a fellow at the Brookings Institute, shows us why this can be our happiest time.Read the full article

Midlife can be a minefield. Gray divorce, death of a partner, sudden illness, age discrimination or brutal corporate downsizing, to name a few potential triggers.
For Veronica Buckley, it was a job transfer to Chicago for her husband that uprooted her more than a decade ago from an administrative position she loved in New York. She was 48 and hadn't finished her college degree.

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The Minneapolis Star Tribune offers smart suggestions for getting your retirement in order for the new year. TTN's Executive Director, Susan Collins, is one of the experts quoted in the article!Read the full article

There are plenty of women-only travel groups these days, so if you have been wanting to take a trip but did not want to travel alone, you are in luck -- as well as in good company. Take it from some of our TTN NYC members who are quoted in the article!Read the full article

TTN is mentioned in this terrific article about an innovative approach to helping mid- and late-career employees take a break and mindfully choose their next path.Read the full article

New York City chapter member, Ellen Freed, wrote a fantastic article on her chapter for It captures all of the wonderful reasons to be a member of The Transition Network. Enjoy!Read the full article

If you’ve recently left the companionship of the work place or moved away from where you raised your family, you may be feeling a little isolated. But don’t despair. New opportunities can still abound, and cultivating new friends can be good for your mental health, too.Read more...

TTN's Caring Collaborative is mentioned in this terrific article about community networks that help members navigate their medical care needs.Read the full article

Nancy Collamer's article in U.S.News & World Report asked the question: What was the single most helpful factor that got you through the major transitions in your life?

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Chris Easton taught school in Billings for 27 years, and spent the next eight working full-time as education outreach coordinator for the Montana National Guard. When she retired in 2013, Easton found herself at loose ends. So much of what had occupied her time for so long was now behind her.Read the full article

It may have been her pronounced underbite that kept Sparky from getting adopted. But now, the mixed-breed rescue is about to become a service dog. New Leash on Life, which pairs adoptable shelter dogs with prison inmates, just received a $10,000 grant earmarked for female prisoners from The Transition Network, a group of professional women, through its fund at The Philadelphia Foundation, the group announced.Read the full article

There’s a lot to be said for giving back though volunteering. But finding the best place and assignment to match your interests and skills — that’s the hard part. Just ask Barbara Bradley Hagerty, author of the great new book about midlife, Life Reimagined: The Science, Art and Opportunity of Midlife, and a former NPR correspondent. When Hagerty and I attended the Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging’s Purposeful Aging Summit in Los Angeles last week, she brazenly told the participants that when she took her golden-yellow lab mix Sandra Day to a nearby hospital volunteering to visit patients, “I found it utterly boring and difficult. It was a mismatch of my skills and my passions.”Read the full article

I have a good-sized nest egg, but I’m less certain about how to spend my time after leaving work. Can you recommend resources or tools that can help with planning for the future? This question is more important than most people approaching retirement realize. Most of us, if asked, will say we want a mix of travel, play and meaningful work in later life. Specifics, though, tend to be few and far between. The point: Planning how to fill your days in retirement is just as essential as financial planning.Read the full article

Susan Collins was in her 50s when the housing market tanked, bringing her long career as an executive in the homebuilding industry to an abrupt end. “I wanted to do something else, but I didn’t really know what ‘something else’ was,” she says. She launched a consulting business, but found herself navigating a corporate landscape that looked very different from the one in which she started. “How you market a product had become so radically different,” thanks to the dominance of the web and social media, she says. “I’m pretty good on the computer, but the shift in tools to communicate and market now is not intuitive.”Read the full article

The Transition Network (TTN) is the premier national organization for women over 50 who are in transition. How do you empower women to embrace change in midlife? Women come together and empower each other. They see how others have gone through their transition and built lives they find meaningful. So they have wonderful examples of what life can be like. This stage of life is like no other. All at once we are faced with change in nearly every aspect of our life – career, relationships, physical changes, responsibilities like taking care of an aging parent. Wading through all of this alone would be impossible. That’s why the women who come together in TTN find such camaraderie – they are all dealing with change. That commonality forges a bond and serves to give women confidence to face and embrace that change.Read the full article

Philadelphia Inquirer spotlights TTN and Executive Director, Susan CollinsRead the full article

Carol Oswald, Patsy Deerhake and Maureen Severns tell host Robyn Haines how TTN is making a different in the lives of women "50 and Forward!"Read more...

In their recent article in the Huffington Post, Jane Giddan and Ellen Cole explain how valuable our connections to each other are at this stage of our lives. And they mention TTN's Caring Collaborative as an example of a way for us to be part of this community.Read the full article

Women power is center stage these days. We saw it Sunday in Oscar winner Patricia Arquette’s rousing equal pay for women shoutout at the Academy Awards (with Meryl Streep lending her fist shaking in support). We’ve seen it in Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg’s push for women to “Lean In” and become leaders in business.Read the full article

Do you know someone who has launched a new career, or gone back to college, or started a non-profit overseas, or adopted a child, or taken a really amazing turn after 50? We invite you to nominate someone -- age 50 or older -- by July 21st, 2014 who has positively changed their life after the age of 50. (You can also nominate yourself!)Read more...

Women ages 50 and older will have an opportunity to enjoy wine, cheese and chocolate during "A Celebration of Age" fundraiser hosted by the central Ohio chapter of the Transition Network.Read more...

Over 80 TTN members from Philadelphia came out to hear Marlo Thomas talk about reinvention and were treated to a private reception before the event at the Four Seasons. We lost count of the smiles on the faces of those who got to meet "That Girl!"Read more...

Praising women whose leadership brought neighbors together to “integrate their communities with intention,” Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton urged women to “grab new leadership challenges” posed by gentrification.Read more...

Kerry Hannon's How Women Job Seekers Can Beat Age Discrimination: Advice for dealing with age bias if you're looking for work in your 50s (or older), for PBS's, recommends TTN for women 50+.Read the full article

In 2007, Ellen Singer Coleman gave up her home and her social work practice in New York to start a new marriage and a new practice in Philadelphia. The changes had come in a steady pummeling stream.Read more...

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