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August 2, 2020
TTN President's Message
This letter is the first in a series of regular communications from the Board of Directors. Staying connected with our members and keeping you informed about TTN’s future and the strategies and initiatives we are planning is especially important at this time. We are pleased to provide this first quarterly update on our key priorities and upcoming activities.
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June 6, 2020
Can We Start 2020 Over?
I saw this question on Twitter and at first I thought, wouldn’t that be great? COVID-19, racial unrest, economic uncertainty, political strife during an important election year are all converging on us at the same time. Any one of these alone would cause great stress as we grapple with the transitions we face in our own lives. But taken together, we find ourselves stressed on many levels. It’s time for a little self-care and maybe even some reflection.
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May 28, 2020
Update on Brand/Renaming Project
Last spring, the Board of Directors authorized an initiative to review TTN’s brand -- including our name and logo, along with the language we use to talk about ourselves. This review was prompted by the realization that after 20 years the word “transition” has come to have new meaning, as well as the observation from many members that our logo and website have become a bit dated. Refreshing our brand during our 20th anniversary year seemed like ideal timing.
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April 21, 2020
Women. Never Count Us Out.


Never before has our country faced a situation like what we are living through now with the onset of COVID-19. We’ve weathered war, recessions, depressions, and day-to-day life with determination, resilience and a can-do attitude. 
I believe these are times when Americans, and especially women, prove why we are able to carry on. We’re not defeated by challenge. We rise up, work together and solve problems. 
We began this year excitedly planning to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of The Transition Network. During these 20 years, as individuals and as a community, we have persevered through difficult challenges. We’ve battled isolation, loneliness and loss. We’ve moved on from roles we have loved and to which we dedicated our lives. We’ve endured all of the transitions that life delivers at this complicated and often confusing stage of our lives.
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March 19, 2020
TTN is Still Here For You

A Time for Leaders

When was the last time you were asked to "shelter in place?" During the most difficult times in our history as a country, we've been asked to do just the opposite - to come together to solve the problems and get through.
Now we are being told to stay away from each other - or at least 6 feet apart. And just because we're women of a certain age and considered "at risk," we're being relegated to sitting on the sidelines. 

That doesn't quite fit the profile of the TTN women we know!

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