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TTN Announces its 2016 Board of Directors

November 28, 2015

President                               Carol Oswald (Central Ohio)
Vice-President                      JoAnne D’Aleo (New York City)
Treasurer                               Marlene Gerber (Long Island)
Secretary                               Linda Paige Levine (New York City)         
Members Re-Elected:
Third Term:                           Linda Paige Levine
Second Term:                        Carol Oswald
                                               Dale Davis (Long Island)
                                               Jean Palmer (Santa Fe)
Continuing Members:
                                                Barbara Beizer (Washington DC)
                                                JoAnne D’Aleo                                 
                                                Chrissa Merron (Philadelphia)
                                                Marlene Gerber
                                                Mariann Zylstra (Washington DC)
                                                Carole Davis (Long Island)
                                                Wanda Olson (New York)
We wish to thank outgoing members Barbara Hoenig, Ellen Bartoldus and Diane Levine, who are stepping down from the Board at the end of 2015.  Their long and dedicated service to The Transition Network has contributed to our success as an organization.    
We also wish to thank Barbara Beizer for her leadership as President over the past two years.  Barbara’s extensive skills in program development have resulted in the Women in Transition Workshop with much more to come in the future.
It is impossible to convey the depth of our gratitude to all of our board members who believe in the future of TTN.  They commit their time, talent, and treasure to further the mission of supporting women in transition.  Their hard work ensures a solid foundation on which we will grow.
Please join me in conveying our appreciation for their service to The Transition Network.