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TTN Unveils the Focus of its 2015-16 Strategic Plan

July 1, 2015

Last year we brought together five committees of volunteers who developed much needed improvements to the foundation of TTN.  With those fundamentals now in place, we are able to turn our attention to growing the organization. 

Our vision is to be the "premier national organization for women over 50 in transition."  Achieving this vision means we need to grow.  Strong growth takes planning so we need to focus not just on increasing our membership or budget numbers but on the factors that will prepare us to properly support our members in accordance with our mission. 

Below are some of the ways we will deepen the member experience, continue to develop our leaders and improve communication, raise the visibility of TTN and create a sustainable organization so we can continue to move forward with confidence.

Member Experience
  • TTN Signature Programs - harnessing the core value of the Peer Group concept
    • Design programs that support our Mission
    • Programs designed around “Continuous Transition” that support member work/life evolution
    • Transition is ongoing - peer groups support work and life transitions
  • Create the TTN Resource Center:  member access to resources supporting work and life transitions
  • For our National Members, make signature programs available to all on-line
Leadership Development and Communications
  • Promote a culture of continuous learning and development for TTN leaders
  • Chapter leaders will have access to Leadership training, for example, building a team, succession planning, volunteerism
  • Increase Chapter/Board communication, for example, send a quarterly “Message from the Board”
  • Publicize and promote interest and excitement around the TTN Signature Programs
  • Expand the Women in Transition (WIT) Signature Program to all Chapters with publicity inside and outside, and outreach to prospective members
  • Develop a “marketing kit” that articulates our message, meaning and value, including Signature Programs
  • Continue to partner with other organizations in positive aging to expand our name recognition, and promote new opportunities for growth (e.g. Pace University, Encore Fellows)
  • Continue to deliver on our core values
  • Create a Fundraising / Development Plan including: Marketing, including: materials around the value of TTN - to cultivate donations from local and national sources; annual fundraising event; and strategies for sharing any monies raised
  • Expand Board membership to add targeted skills such as fundraising/development
  • Commit to strong fiscal responsibility to support programs that deliver mission-focused value to our members
There are many more ideas for how we can achieve the goals in each of these core areas and we will need everyone throughout the organization to put their best efforts behind it.  In Santa Fe, our chapter leaders began work on their individual chapter actions plans and the Board and National staff are already engaged in activities to deliver on these initiatives. 
What are your thoughts on this Strategic Plan?  Do you see yourself volunteering to help on any of these specific initiatives at either the local or national level?  The talents and experience of our members has always been key to our success and the same will be true of the 2015-16 Strategic Plan.
If you would like to volunteer in your chapter, get in touch with your chapter leader.  At the national level, we need public relations support, so please email me or Geri Brown at if you want to be on our PR team.  As other committees are developed, we will let you know what new opportunities there are for you to help make TTN the “premier national organization for women over 50 in transition.”

~ Susan Collins, Executive Director