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A Pioneering Member Responds to TTN Core Values

April 15, 2014

How proud I am to have been a worker/volunteer among those who began The Transition Network. We were pioneers again; led by Christine Millen and Charlotte Frank and what a time was had by all. Each of us digging in to build what The Transition Network has become.  An all volunteer effort until Betsy Werley was hired to be the 1st paid Executive Director.

So many meetings, such good solid ideas for what was needed.

We, the women of the revolutionary days from the '60s and '70s were now going to lead us as we were transitioning.

So many names, Gail Joan, (forgetting some), gave hours and hours of their time and opened their homes and hearts to create what this has become today.

Me? I've dropped my membership and re-joined a couple of times. Going to monthly meetings or not on whim or need. Yes, still transitioning am I.

I'm in a peer group, we call ourselves TBD....and we are determined to meet once a month and help each other make next steps.  I'm a member of the UES CC...that's the Upper East Side Caring Collaborative and have taken advantage of the gift that is knowing that there are woman who will assist and seek assistance in times of need.  Diana and Elizabeth have spear-headed this off shoot of The Transition Network with such great strength and vision.

I'd go on but suffice it to say, yet again, how  proud I am to have been among those who pioneered The Transition Network and invaluable it's been to my being able to reach this wonderful age of 77.....still transitioning.

As an added bonus...I've derived such joy from talking about The Transition Network wherever and whenever I've moved about; from Italy to India, Hawaii to Sarasota Florida. And woman love to learn that such a national organization exists.

Thanks to all as we go onward, ever on.

~ Laura Lehrman