The Transition Network


… Changing the rules and roles for women 50 and forward.

We’ve accumulated a lifetime of wisdom. And like no generation that has come before us, we have a chance to change the world, yet again.

Join with other TTN women in an exchange of ideas and resources to help each other engage, lead or advocate in our own communities or beyond.  

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You will be inspired!    

Community Involvement

TTN women want to stay involved. They are using their skills to positively impact their own communities on a variety of levels. And they are changing the way organizations think of volunteers.  No longer satisfied to just stuff envelopes, our members are directing resources, raising money and finding gratification in “giving back.” Is this in your future?


The power of women is unlimited. We have changed the course of history on more than one occasion and we continue to drive resolution to issues that impact all of us. TTN as an organization does not drive any particular advocacy but our members, as individuals and collectively, do. Follow or join other TTN women as we continue to change the rules…

Resources – Learn More/Do More

We collaborate with many national organizations to offer resources for members and join forces on important issues. 

The TTN “Effect”

Share your story of how TTN has impacted your life. Did you successfully transition from career to entrepreneur? Or did you work through the challenges of being a mother-in-law and build a satisfying relationship with that new member of your family? Perhaps you made a difference in someone’s life through the Caring Collaborative. We want to hear from you so we all can all learn from each other. 

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