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What Women Over 50 Should Know About Sitting and Heart Health

Successful Aging: The importance of friendships in a long healthy life

“Saving Things ‘For Good’ Is a Bad Idea”

Women travel together for life-changing experiences, lasting friendships

Job hunting after 50: How women can plot their 'comeback careers'

Gender and Ageism in the Academy

How every woman can protect her financial future (and why she needs to)

How to Make a Career Change at 50

Companies are still ignoring older female workers, and it’s hurting their bottom line

These women are at most financial risk in retirement

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thought for these times

This is not me.
      ~ by Ronni Sandroff

I'm now enjoying long phone calls, which I've hated since my teenage years.  
               This is not me.

My drawers and closets are so organized they make me gasp.
               This is not me.

We now have three dozen eggs in the refrigerator. I usually wait to buy until we run out.
                This is not me.

I also own two cans of asparagus (blame husband). I hope things don't get so bad that we have to eat them.

I am reading book books. Still have plenty on my iPad but long sits on the balcony are better done wiht book books, even though I forget and poke at words expecting definitions to come up.

I spent yesterday afternoon sewing embroidered patches on a blue jean vest. Thinking of adding some lace at the pocket. I'm finding the project diverting.
                 This is not me.

I'm delighted when I get an email, text or call from one of you and look forward to us Zooming forward together.

This at least is totally me.

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As an organization, TTN supports equal justice for all Americans regardless of race, religion, gender, age or any other basis for discrimination.  We stand with those who strive to raise awareness of the inequalities in our justice system.  We also share the sorrow of all the families who have lost loved ones because of systemic racism throughout our country.

Can We Start 2020 Over?

I saw this question on Twitter and at first I thought, wouldn’t that be great? COVID-19, racial unrest, economic uncertainty, political strife during an important election year are all converging on us at the same time. Any one of these alone would cause great stress as we grapple with the transitions we face in our own lives. But taken together, we find ourselves stressed on many levels.  It’s time for a little self-care and maybe even some reflection.
I have no doubt that each of us has a long list of things we’re grateful for – our family, friends, our place in the community, our health, our home.  We’re grateful for the opportunity to share our good fortune with others in meaningful ways.
We also have TTN.  If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it 100 times – TTN changed my life.  We can rely on the values that TTN represents as we interact with one another. Living these values every day in our groups and committees, improves the quality of our own lives even as we endeavor to add value to someone else’s.  Isn’t it true that the more we give, the more we receive?
Most importantly, through this community of spirited, intelligent and supportive women, we’ve found ourselves. We didn’t get to be 50+ without going through a lot of stuff.  And many of us have already faced one of the biggest transitions we’ll go through in deciding to do something new with our lives. 
So as we determine our role in solving the issues of the here and now, let’s also look forward.  It’s still the year of our 20th Anniversary.  We’re learning a lot about our world and how much it needs us. Now is the time for strong, resilient TTN women to leverage our vision and experience to raise awareness of the issues and make a meaningful difference. 
I rely on the goodness of the women of our TTN community and look forward to celebrating who we are and what we’ve accomplished as women, both individually and collectively.
Stay tuned for what’s ahead as we prepare to celebrate our 20th Anniversary and this wonderful community we’ve built together. 
~ Susan


The Transition Network is an inclusive community of professional women, 50 and forward, whose changing life situations lead them to seek new connections, resources and opportunities.

Join us as we CONNECT to support each other, DISCOVER what's important and determine the IMPACT we want to have on ourselves and those around us.