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How to turn an unnumber list into a grid of boxes 

To create a gridlist (A list that will appear as a grid - see TTN Authors page), first create an unnumbered list:

After you have typed in the entries, highlist the list and click the "div" button:

This will bring up the create div menu, which you put "gridlist" in the class button.

When you look at the page from the front end, the list will look like the authors list.  Currently, the size of each entry box is fixed.

  • This is Entry 1
  • This is Entry 2
  • This is a longer Entry (3)
  • Here is entry 4
  • Here is entry 5
You can edit the list any time you want and it will stay in the div.  If you need to look at the div description again, put the cursor in the list, and on the bottom you will see:

Click on the word "div" and it will bring up the div descriptor box.

TIP:  Almays make sure there is a blank line at the bottom of the list or the text will not be centered on the last tile.

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