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Enter the email address associated with your TTN account.  Press "SUBMIT".  We will send you a link which you will use to reset your password.  When you receive the link, you must use it within two hours.

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If you don't receive email within 15 minutes...

  1. Please check your SPAM, JUNK, or other folder where less important mail may have been sent!  eMail seldom gets lost in transit, but may automatically get identified as "junk" email by your mailer.
  2. Try again, and before you press submit, double check your email address - for security purposes we don't identify whether or not what you have typed matches our records.
  3. If the second attempt fails, please contact our support team for assistance.

If you cannot reset your password with the link...

  1. If the link you received is now MORE than 2 hours old, you will need to request a new one - they expire after two hours.
  2. Otherwise, do NOT request a new link.  Please contact our support team for assistance.

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