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Founders Over 40 UnConference

Wednesday, October 6, 2021 through Wednesday, October 27, 2021
October 6,13,20,27 (12pm)
Location: Online Webinar
Contact: Betty Newman

Co-Sponsored by Stage2Startups & TTN


October 6,13,20 & 27 2021

12:00 PM - 3PM


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Join the Stage2Startups community for the premier program designed for those who are considering or has already left their career path to successfully found and grow their own business or nonprofit. Whether you are a Baby Boomer or a Gen X founder or aspiring founder, you will be able to learn from and interact with other successful founders while making the business connections you want.

Daily programs are streamed online for 3 hours each Wednesday throughout October. The program consists of a keynote address given by a recognized, successful entrepreneur, panel discussions and networking opportunities.

* JUST ADDED - Three Ted Talk Speakers*

Ashton Applewhite, ageism activist and author of "This Chair Rocks"

Jeanne Pinder, founder of Clear Health Costs.

Elizabeth Isele, UN advisor and founder of the Global Institute.

Noon - 3:00pm (EST)

From Concept to Market: Founders Who Start From Scratch
  • 12:00pm - Keynote address by Elizabeth Isele
  • 1:00pm  -  Panel discussions
  • 2:15pm -  Networking with fellow attendees

Moving from an idea to marketplace success can be a challenging journey. Learn from fellow entrepreneurs that have successfully navigated this process.

Noon - 3:00pm (EST)

Buying & Building a Business: Founders Who Build From Others
  • 12:00pm - Keynote address
  • 1:00pm -  Panel discussions
  • 2:15pm -  Networking with fellow attendees
Many entrepreneurs have found success by buying a franchise or small business. How can you decide if this is the right career move for you? Learn what it takes to succeed from other entrepreneurs who have grown a business started by others. 

Noon - 3:00pm (EST)

The Brandpreneurs: Founders Who Are the Face of the Business

12:00pm - Keynote address
1:00pm -   Panel discussions
2:15pm -  Networking with fellow attendees
Can being the face of the company hinder your company’s growth? Hear how entrepreneurs have navigated the transition from startup to established business.

Noon - 3:00pm (EST)

Driving Social Change: Founders of Nonprofit Organizations
  • 12:00pm - Keynote address
  • 1:00pm -   Panel discussions
  • 2:15pm -  Networking with fellow attendees
Is founding a nonprofit your path to personal fulfillment and success?   Listen to these entrepreneurs talk about the differences between founding a for-profit and nonprofit organization.  Hear how they succeeded in making a social impact by taking the nonprofit route.

At the Unconference, you can:

Topics will include:

  • Learn What Trends May Help You Succeed

  • Hear from Founders About What It Takes To Launch

  • Learn About Available Resources

  • Identify Support Networks

  • Understand Why You Need a Transition Plan

  • Learn What Skills You Need

  •  Understand What Nonprofits Have in Common with For-Profits Startup

  • What Does It Take?

  • What Are The Options?

  • How Do You Start?

  • Create From Idea or Buy?

  • Finding your Team

  • How Do You Plan?

  • How To Raise Capital or Attract Investors

For more information on the programs and speakers click here, BUT PLEASE return to this page to register so we can capture your name to add to our own TTN Founder Community!

As an additional BONUS

We'll be compiling a list of attendees and their companies so you can find each other to purchase each other’s services and products. By joining the list, the Founders Over 40 Unconference will be totally tax deductible as it is a promotional tool for your business. We hope that you will give us permission to share your information.

Join the community of founders who have forged a new life path after working for others! Live your passion today!


Tickets Start at $30
( 20% Discount Ends Soon)



  1. Buy your  October 6,13,20,27 2021 Admission Single Day or Multi Day Pass Here
  2. Registrants will receive an e-mail from Stage2Startups with the log in directions and links

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