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Philadelphia Chapter Event: Taking Charge of Your Breast Cancer Screening: Effective New Technologies You Need to Know About

Wednesday, May 12, 2021
3:00PM to 4:30PM EST
Location: Virtual Event via Zoom
Contact: Emily Keshner

Mammography alone (including 3D) may not be enough for many women.  Are you one of them?  Learn about new additional breast screening technologies that can find up to 250% more cancers in women with dense breasts.  Attend this session and learn why and when this is true and what you can do about it.  Be the Boss of your next breast cancer screening. This could be life saving information!

"I learned more about breast cancer screening in one hour from Leslie Yerger than I had known in my entire lifetime."      Jill D   

Leslie Ferris Yerger was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer in November 2017 two months after an "all clear" mammogram and ultraound, eperiencing first hand the failings of our current breat cancer screening technologies.  

While receiving treatment at Mayo Clinic, Leslie learned about a new breakthrough screening technology, Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI), that detects up to 2 1/2 times more breast cancers in women with dense breast tissues when used in addition to mammography.  Nearly one half of all women have dense breast tissues and 71% of all breast cancers are in women with dense breasts. Other newer technologies such as  Abbreviated MRI (or Fast MRI) and contrast enhanced mammography (CEM) also report similar findings when used in addition to mammography.

After treatment, Leslie vowed to change her life and use her diagnosis to educate others and help advance the next generation of breast cancer screening technologies. 

From this session, you will learn how to ASK, LEARN, INSIST and PERSIST:

  • ASK - how to find our your own breast density

  • LEARN - what your supplemental breast cancer screening options are and how to advocate for them

  • INSIST - how to talk with your doctor about density and screening

  • PERSIST - until you get the breast cancer screening you deserve

During the Q&A discussion, Leslie will be joined by Dr. Michael Kinney, retired breast surgeon and founder of The Center for Advanced Breast Care at Northwest Community Hospital in the Chicago area. 

We are very fortunate to have these new technologies available to us in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and Fox Chase Cancer Centers. Your doctor may not even be aware of the new technologies and availability in our area.  Leslie's advocacy is changing this situation as more states and cities implement the new technologies and more doctors are informed.  

​Join us as we learn about Leslie's transformative journey, these new screening technologies, and what you can do to advocate for yourself.


About our Speaker:

Leslie Ferris Yerger is a TedX speaker, first time author of "Probably Benign", and a women's advocate with a laser focused mission.  She is now determined to advance the next generation in breast cancer screening, so that her story does not beome your story.

Armed with humor and wisdom, courage and grace, knowledge and scientific data, Leslie speaks and writes in order to empower women everywhere to ask, learn, insist and persist in order to get the the breast cancer screening they so much deserve.

Leslie draws on the stamina and conficence she gained walking the 500 mile Camino de Santiago pilgrmage in Spain to fuel her passion to expedite changes in breast cancer screening, so that more women with breast cancer become survivors.

For more information about Leslie and the work she is doing, visit these websites:  and

Note:  Leslie has set up a coupon code "TTN" for members and others who are interested in buying her book at a discounted rate of $12.  This offer is effective now through May 31, 2021 at

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