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NYC WEBINAR with STEVEN TAIBBI, author of GRATEFUL GUILT: Living in the Shadow of My Heart

Tuesday, March 2, 2021
3:00 – 4:00 pm EST
Location: Online Webinar - Zoom link sent 72 hours prior to the event
Contact: Barbara Alpern

The Registration fees will help to cover operating expenses of the NYC Chapter's Caring Collaborative.
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TTN-NYC's Caring Collaborative invites you to a special webinar to hear Steven Taibbi, author of GRATEFUL GUILT, discuss his remarkable medical journey.

Surgeons have been cutting into Steven Taibbi since the day he was born, and they haven't stopped. According to the doctors, Steven should have died years ago—and several times since. Born in 1953, he was cyanotic—doctor-speak for “blue baby.” He was also born with three birth defects, requiring three operations—with many more to come. Over time, he needed not one, but two heart transplants, each accompanied by feelings of immense gratitude and survivor’s guilt. 

In his recent memoir, Grateful Guilt: Living in the Shadow of My Heart, Steven shares his remarkable story, without self-pity but with lots of humor. His inspirational journey is one filled with physical and emotional pain, but also personal fulfillment and professional accomplishments he only dared to believe could happen. 

The one constant that Steven credits with his still being alive is devising strategies so that medical professionals wanted to help him, and in turn, he was able to be part of the team advocating for his own best outcomes. In his upcoming talk, Steven Taibbi will offer a detailed discussion of how, to a large degree, he saved his own life with these strategies, as well as what the responsibilities are for every patient to become a part of their own team.


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This Zoom webinar will feature a conversation between an author and a moderator. The audience will NOT be seen or heard. Questions and comments can be submitted by typing them into the CHAT function.
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