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New York City Chapter Event

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NYC Chapter Event: Ideation Workshop: Finding New Ideas and Focus During And After COVID

Tuesday, October 20, 2020
2:00 – 3:30 pm
Location: Virtual Event - link & password will be sent to you after registration.
Contact: Betty Newman

What direction is your life taking now that we've all had to put so much of it on hold with the pandemic? Perhaps an old passion is resurfacing or you're discovering a new purpose? Maybe a new business idea or career change has crystalized. It all starts with an idea and your own personal pursuit!

During this forced isolation have you been reassessing your personal goals and what you want to do with  your life now? What's that something that would give you complete satisfaction for yourself or delight in helping others? Is it something that results in some civic action or engaging with or starting a non-profit? Maybe a passion or hobby of yours is ready to share within your world or ripe for becoming a business or opening your own company.

Join us for this Ideation Workshop, sponsored by TTN in partnership with New York Women In Business, that will help us find answers to what we want to do next with our lives. An Ideation Workshop is just that, having you work through the process of coming up with an idea and seeing how to take it through to fruition.  

- Do you want to leverage your current knowledge?
- Do you want to live a comfortable life and not work all the time or start your own business?
- Do you want to change the world or perhaps just make a small change?
- Is there someplace or people you want to help?
- Is there something you can do at home because you have grandkids or parents to care for?
- Is there something you have always wanted to do and can do better than others?
- is there something that is needed at your coop, local food store or sports club?
- is there something that you can do to help your parents, children or grandchildren?
- Is there something you are "dying to fix"?
- Is there a hobby you can perfect or turn into a business?

This workshop will help you find some answers to these questions and clarify a pathway to get you on your way.

(If you have a business now and need to generate ideas to expand your markets and more, NYWIB's Uncovering Opportunity Conference September 16 is something to also consider.)

About your Facilitator:

  Betty Wong is Co-founder of Stage2Startups and a serial entrepreneur with  a new products and marketing focus, bolstered by a background in consumer packaged goods marketing. In addition to Stage2Startups, a resource for professionals embarking on entrepreneurship as second careers, she also created to introduce life in the US to international students and their families and to help companies solve their marketing and operational challenges, including identifying line extensions and new products.

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