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Philadelphia Chapter Event: Telling Time – The History of American Timekeeping

Tuesday, August 18, 2020
10:00 - 11:30 AM ET
Location: Online via Zoom
Contact: Jean Brubaker

The history of timekeeping is incredibly fascinating! This is a rare chance to hear from expert Bob Frishman as he provides a great overview on this topic. Keeping track of time was one of mankind’s earliest developments and it has come a very long way since antiquity. The measurement of time was one of man's earliest obsessions, and the desire for ever greater precision in time-keeping has inspired generations in the fields of mathematics and science. Each advance has produced accompanying works of great craftsmanship that have turned objects of sober function into things of outstanding beauty.

Our expert host and lecturer, Bob Frishman, is founder of Bell-Time Clocks (1992). Throughout his career he has repaired 7,000 clocks and sold 1,700 vintage timepieces. In addition, he writes and lectures about the history, culture, and technology of horology - the science of timekeeping.

“Telling Time” is an overview of clock and watch history, styles, makers, values, collecting, repairing and cultural importance. More than 100 projected images will illustrate familiar and unusual timekeepers from Mr. Frishman’s own and museum collections and those that he has repaired.

NOTE:  Information regarding the connection to this Zoom lecture will be emailed to all those who have registered, 24 hours in advance.