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DC Chapter Event - Growing During Times of Unpredictability and Loss

Tuesday, July 7, 2020, 11:30am‑1pm EDT
Location: Online
Contact: Debbie Eshelman

In modern history, personal resilience has never been called upon as it is now. The combined stresses of an unpredictable economy, long-standing social injustice, and the pervasive consequences of the COVID pandemic are subjecting us to a high degree of anxiety and uncertainty in our homes, businesses, and minds. 
Yet even when we are in the midst of loss and grief, there are ways to move beyond simply coping with it to becoming more resilient, and when we are more resilient, our overall well-being improves.
Join us for a 90 minute workshop where we will look at building our resilience.

TTN’s On Resilience designers and facilitators, Barbara Beizer and Nancy Reller will guide our conversation toward a greater sense of self care and the creation of personal resilience practices. Barbara and Nancy have been researching Resilience for several years now and have facilitated dozens of sessions on this topic for a variety of participants. They hold a deep respect for honest sharing and credible data while offering appreciative guidance and practical tools.

As coaches, they draw upon and leverage their professional experience in communications, leadership development, change and transitions. With intentional self-reflection, they create a space where learning from these purposeful conversations is possible. We will share our experiences, tools and tips for greater resilience.

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