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Philadelphia Chapter Event


Creativity in the Time of COVID-19: Part 3 Workshop

Tuesday, May 26, 2020
2:15PM - 3:30PM
Location: Online via Zoom
Restricted to members only
Contact: Marsha Yankelev

 We are all endowed with a creative brain.  How do we release our innate Creativity when a new world is rewriting itself ?  How do we cope with our anxieties and fears creatively so that it works for us?  In this Workshop, you will learn about the seven essential brainsets associated with creativity that can serve as a vital resource for meeting the challenges, dangers and opportunities of today's COVID-19 world. 

This is Part 3 of a series of four virtual workshops taught by Aili Pogust.  This session is limited to those who attended Part 1 on May 12th.   

In Part 3 of this Workshop series, you will learn about and practice the brainsets of REASON and EVALUATE.  We will use Zoom breakout rooms for small group interactions that will expand your ability to access these brainsets more readily.  

Creativity isn't exclusively used by artists, writers and musicians.  If you've planted a garden, arranged furniture in your living room or office, deviated from a recipe, driven a new route to the shopping mall, or figured out how to calm a crying child, you've demonstrated your creativity.  And you can build on that creative process or claim your creativity if you've been denying it.  By developing your creative brain, you can not only adapt to the changing world, but you can make a contribution to that change.   

Scientists have peeked into the brains of highly creative people to see how they unconsciously manipulate their brainsets at various stages of the creative process.