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RETIREMENT ROUTINE: Small Group  Discussion October Monthly Meeting

Monday, October 14, 2019
5:30-7:00 pm
Location: 50 California 10th Floor San Francisco (one block from the Embarcadero BART, reduced parking rates in Embarcadero Buildings)

Free at last!  You have retired or are anticipating retirement.  No more early morning wake ups. No more days filled with meeting after meeting.  No more weekends packed with endless errands that won't get done during the week. It all sounds wonderful and yet, how will you create fun, meaningful days, weeks and months? Join us for small group discussions around creating a retirement that has just the right amount of structure for you.  
 Already retired and made a successful transition? Join in to share what you have learned. 
Questions to ponder before the meeting:
  • What does your ideal day in retirement look like?
  • What is a satisfying mix of structured and unstructured time for you?
  • What level of connecting with other people makes you happy?  What types of interactions are satisfying to you?
  • What are activities or interests that you are interested in but haven't had time to explore? What are passions from your younger days that you might revive?

Thought provoking resources: