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Getting Your Share:
Starting a Business

October 15, 2014

  1. Choose a Business You Are Passionate About:  
    Obtain the best education, credentials and experience to operate your business successfully.

  1. Create a Good Business Plan:
    A good, solid business plan will be your road map to successfully developing the business you have in mind. 

  1. Get Professional Help:
    Choose professionals who can help you with writing the business plan, finding financing, selecting a great location and find a good business attorney and accountant.

  1. Location, Location, Location:
    Find a great location that is going to work for your target customer.

     5. Find the Best Financing:
         Look for venture capitalists, research government backed loans and grants. 

  1. Decide which form of Ownership is Right for You?
    Speak with an accountant and/or attorney and discuss the pros and cons of a Limited Liability Corp, S Corp, Sole Proprietorship, Profit or Nonprofit.

  1. Register Your Business:
    Choose a business name and register your business name to the state in which you live.

  1.  Obtain your Tax ID Number:
    Contact  the state you live in to obtain a tax identification number.

  1. Get the Appropriate Licenses or Permits:
    Research the type of license or permit you will need to operate your business.

  1. Advertising and Marketing:
    Develop a strong marketing plan using the power of the internet and social media to find your perfect client.

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    Affectionately referred to as “The DIVORCE Doctor” Lois Brenner is a Divorce Attorney for over 30 years, an accredited Mediator, and a licensed Physician Assistant with training in Psychology. Lois Brenner is the Author of Getting Your Share, a book on divorce published by Crown. She has written for and has been quoted by The New York Times and New York Magazine. Lois Brenner has been interviewed on national television programs such as “Oprah,” “Good Morning America” and CNN as a family law expert. Ms. Brenner is in private practice with offices in New York and Connecticut.

    To reach Lois Brenner call 212.734.1551; send her an email at  or visit her website at