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The Gift of a Grandchild

September 14, 2014

Every two or three weeks, I go to Brooklyn to visit Zula, who is now seven years old, and my daughter, Jessie. Sometimes they are able to come to Philadelphia to see me.

As a grandmother, I am one more adult figure in Zula's life that can offer her unconditional love. While her mother and father provide responsibility for her care on a day to day basis, I can help enrich her life in a way that is special and at the same time, vital. Becoming a grandmother offered me an opportunity, that I have happily taken, to love and give of myself to a growing child.

As a parent, and as a single parent from the time Jessie was 13, and my son, Charlie was ten, much of the business of running a household took way from the amount of quality time I had with my kids. This time around, I am fortunate enough to have the gift of time. Talk about smelling the roses!

Our time together is filled with games - conventional and created, such as our silly game of catch called "wicked ball," which involves more laughing than catching. Whatever we do, we make it fun and special.

Perhaps the most precious time I have with Zula is getting her ready for bed. Zula loves to hear the funny stories I tell her about myself as a child. She loves the one about how I tried to take a flying jump over a hitching post while forgetting that I had a skirt on until I was in mid-air. At the time, it ended with cuts, bruises and tons of embarrassment. However, in each requested retelling, it seems to get funnier for her. She also asks me to sing to her. Her favorite song these days is "Blue Moon."

I keep our connection strong by texting Zula a letter on a daily basis which includes a picture of a flower that I caught with my iPhone. Now Zula is sending me great shots of flowers. How about that!

 In conclusion, I  started this writing with my belief that I am making an impact on Zula. Then I had to go back and revise this writing with what I know for sure: My granddaughter, Zula, has and continues to make an enormous impact on my life!

How lucky am I!

~ Barbara White