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Getting Your Share:
Taking Control of Your Finances

July 15, 2014

"Take Control" of Your Finances
When women have knowledge about their individual or families financial assets, it empowers them to manage personal finances in the event of death, divorce or other difficult times.

It is important for women to develop a healthy relationship with their money.  Our financial lives (mortgage payments, credit card debts, emergency savings fund, monthly budget, etc) should be a comfortable part of whom we are as women.

Whether you are single or married, divorced or widowed, busy raising children, helping with grandchildren or living alone, you have unique financial needs and managing your money and obtaining financial control of your life is imperative.

It is important to know where the family assets are invested, what your debts are, do you have enough savings for retirement, can you pay for your child’s college education and are you making smart decisions about your money going further in order to weather today’s volatile economy.  My advice?  If you don’t  know where your money is, start today and obtain the necessary tools for financial security.  This will give you peace of mind that can last a lifetime. 

In my divorce practice I've come to learn that everyone needs some financial independence, especially women, and often, that comes in the form of having your own  accounts.  Do you have your own checkbook, savings account or credit card?  In your name only?  Women should always consider having a savings account or checking account and a credit card in just their own names. 

Having control over your finances will insure you are prepared financially in case of an emergency or if money should be needed in the event of a separation, divorce or death.  I always suggest establishing an emergency fund.  It is necessary to make sure you have enough money to pay your bills and to have a cushion should you lose your job, get divorced or if you should become widowed.  More and more often I encounter a client who wants to get divorced but doesn’t have access to the funds to do so.  She’s trapped.  Don’t let this happen to you. Start planning now!

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Affectionately referred to as “The DIVORCE Doctor” Lois Brenner is a Divorce Attorney for over 30 years, an accredited Mediator, and a licensed Physician Assistant with training in Psychology. Lois Brenner is the Author of Getting Your Share, a book on divorce published by Crown. She has written for and has been quoted by The New York Times and New York Magazine. Lois Brenner has been interviewed on national television programs such as “Oprah,” “Good Morning America” and CNN as a family law expert. Ms. Brenner is in private practice with offices in New York and Connecticut.

To reach Lois Brenner call 212.734.1551; send her an email at  or visit her website at