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On Balance
"Signals from the Universe: Mastering the Art of Well Being"

January 13, 2014

Live Wild. Live Wise. Heal Like Crazy.
Remember a time when you had space in your life: within your body, within your thoughts, within your feelings? Or perhaps you can't remember a time that you ever felt a sense of total freedom and at the same time you have a longing for it. Either way access is at hand. We will explore our body with a sensory experience called Somato-Respiratory Integration (SRI) that will help you tap into this unbiased wisdom within. It introduces you to your sacred wound that each of us carries inside, connection-disconnection.  Within that wound is a most precious gift for you: presence. Your true voice and true self emerges from here unadulterated, wild, yet harnessing the wisdom of the ages.

As a wellness expert I give presentations, workshops and retreats and this past October I presented the topic above at a talk at our local TTN group in Santa Fe, NM. There were approximately 35 women in attendance for the Monday night meeting and 50 women present for the Tuesday gathering. The group was composed of both members and non-members checking out the group including those individuals who came specifically to hear my talk.

The power of the TTN group is multi-faceted and a hub of opportunity, exploration and support.  By giving my presentation, others get to learn new tools for healing and empowerment.  This gives TTN members options for exploring different healing choices.  Many have taken it upon themselves to look into what we do at my Wellness Center and opt to receive further Network Care (Network Spinal Analysis and SRI are two of tools we utilize) directly.  In having others hear my expertise, it created new possibilities for future speaking engagements elsewhere.  As TTN member Sedena C. Cappannelli
Co-Founder of AgeNation stated,  “I was very impressed with your presentation and that I believe the work that you do is essential and in alignment with the work of AgeNation and I will be talking to you in the near future about collaborative projects.” 

This is what Meryl Leiberman, PhD had to say, who attended the Tuesday group to hear me speak and who wasn’t a member of TTN at the time of my talk and has since joined: “In October, I attended my first meeting of the Santa Fe Transition Network to hear Dr. Judy Scher speak about well-being and SRI.  As a transformational psychologist, I’m aware that brain re-patterning, currently at the forefront of clinical research, is key to restoring mental health. The clarity with which Dr. Scher spoke- and the authentic connection she engendered – informed me that she lives her values. (This is paramount in choosing allies in my self-healing). I noticed myself leaning forward in my chair, as if to more readily absorb her calmness and energetic balance.  Excited to respond to her invitation to allow change by tending to what works, rather than by trying to focus and fix what’s broken, I decided to visit the Scher Center for Well Being recently. After my first visit there I noticed subtle changes in posture, musculature, and breathing patterns.  I look forward to enhancing my physical well-being through continued exploration of Network Care at the Scher Center for Well Being.”

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Dr. Judy Scher has been the Director of the Scher Center for Well Being in Santa Fe since 1992. The Scher Center won first place in the Best of Santa Fe Reporter poll in 2012.  She is a highly respected instructor of Network Care for over 22 years - a leading edge, researched integrative chiropractic method. Live Wild. Live Wise. Heal Like Crazy.

Judy started Scher Presence Coaching & Mentoring in 1999, providing one on one transformational mentoring as well as classes and workshops and retreats. Her extensive background in healing arts spans over three decades. She serves on the Board of the Association for Reorganizational Healing Practice (ARHP), an organization committed to empowering human resourcefulness. You can reach Dr. Scher by email or by going on the website: