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"New Year-New You!"

January 10, 2014

New Year - New You! 

Career changes in our fifties and sixties are very different from those career choices we made in our twenties and thirties. Hopefully, by now, we have learned a few things.  What we like and what we don’t like.  We are now comparing our reality or what we have done with the lost dreams we once had.  We realize how fleeting and how important living a fulfilled life really is. We all hope to live the second half of our lives with more passion and meaning.  Status, power, money and success have a much different meaning at this time. 

During the second half of our lives, we get the chance to review where we have been and where we really want to go in life.  Many of us chose a career earlier in life out of lack of direction, fear or necessity, instead of following our passion.  Well, here’s your chance to turn that all around.

I expanded my career to finally include my passion a few years ago, and I am very happy I did.  I grew up as a physician’s daughter.  My own daughter became a physician.  I dreamt of becoming a musician, but my journey took me in a different direction.   A few years ago, I found a w path to follow my new dream.  I returned to school and received my degree as a Physician Assistant.  I now have the luxury of practicing both law and medicine. Making this change has proven, for me, extremely rewarding both personally and professionally.  I am proof it’s never too late to follow your dreams!

Since I have successfully taken this leap myself, I suggest that you take inventory of your life
and a close look at yourself.    Are you bored?  Unsatisfied?  Have you really used your talents in life?  Are you doing what you love?  Has your work life met your expectations?  Have you made a difference in the world?  Does your work life’s work coincide with your abilities, your values?  Have you really explored what your talents are?  If not, maybe it’s time! What we do in life is a reflection of who we are. 

First, I recommend you take a look at your accomplishments and pat yourself on the back as you review your successes and all the valuable experience you have gained.  You finally have permission to brag.  Use this knowledge to move you closer to your passion.  Ask family and friends to share their thoughts on your strengths and abilities.  Are you a great organizer?, do you have a skill for handling finances?,  are you a good listener and advice-giver?  Write down all your strengths, talents, and interests. 

Second, ask yourself, what do I love to do?  Decorate?  Raise money for charities?  Plan great parties?   Take care of others?  Organize travel adventures? 
Now that you have lists of all your accomplishments and passions, start researching.  The goal here is not to pick a new career, but to explore all the possibilities.  Go on a journey.  Talk to different people doing the type of work you think you might like to do.  Go online and look at sites of professionals doing the kind of work you are interested in.  Look into what education or training is needed.   After you have explored all the possibilities, then you can focus and select a direction.  You will find as you gather all your information, you will start to narrow your focus. 

It’s exciting, it’s challenging, it’s scary, but changing direction in life can also be very exhilarating and fulfilling.   If you don’t do it now, then when?

I finally followed my passion and I am happy and fulfilled to do what I love.  If I can give you any words or wisdom, give it a try. 2014  is a New Year, Isn’t it time for a New You?

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Affectionately referred to as “The DIVORCE Doctor” Lois Brenner is a Divorce Attorney for over 30 years, an accredited Mediator, and a licensed Physician Assistant with training in Psychology. Lois Brenner is the Author of Getting Your Share, a book on divorce published by Crown. She has written for and has been quoted by The New York Times and New York Magazine. Lois Brenner has been interviewed on national television programs such as “Oprah,” “Good Morning America” and CNN as a family law expert. Ms. Brenner is in private practice with offices in New York and Connecticut.

To reach Lois Brenner call 212.734.1551; send her an email at  or visit her website at