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Using dashed lines and dash boxes

You can make a dashed line across the current page, column, whatever, by inserting a horizontal rule: Picture of button between two horizontal rules:

The lines will appear as dashed orange lines 94% of the width (centered, so 3% gap on either side).

The dash-box creates a stylized box to grab attention.  It gives special treatment to heading one (in the editor is the big dark blue heading), and unnumbered lists.  To make it, you create the box with the heading, text and list:  Here is the example:

It's Really Great to have a DASH-BOX!

This is some more text describing its absolute greatness:

  • The heading looks great.
  • The bullets are strong and upbeat
  • The whole thing is eye catching

Once you have created that text, highlight all of it, and hit the div button:

Enter "dash-box" in the class box.  Then check it out in the front!

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