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Our members are the heart and soul of The Transition Network.  Our chapters are born, nurtured and grown through the vision and energy of these exceptional women. And they come to TTN with wonderful life stories of successful careers, diverse families, and plentiful life experiences to share.  

Browse through our Member Profiles to learn more about what brought our members to this point in their lives, what they are hoping to accomplish next and how they view their impact on the world.

Sheila Eby

Sheila Eby, who joined TTN after retiring from a communications role at JPMorgan Chase, recently had her first published piece of fiction, Line of Sight, appearing in the esteemed on-line publication Flash Fiction Magazine.  Take a look!
“Fiction is a challenging departure from my professional writing,” Sheila says.  After leaving JPMorgan, she launched her own company, Eby Communications, serving dozens of financial services companies and non-profits. "Writing for a business client, you are persuading people to a specific point of view.  The writer is absolutely sure of her conclusion, and provides the research and analysis to convince everyone else, too."
But the power of fiction is in uncovering layers of uncertainty.  "There is so little we can be sure of.  Line of Sight deals with my mother, the complexities I saw in her as I grew up, and my final acceptance of things I couldn’t comprehend as a child."
What is helping her make the transition to fiction?  This fall she joined the MFA in Creative Writing program at the City College of New York.  “The feedback and encouragement of Mark Jay Mirsky, my workshop instructor — and of the other class participants — has been tremendously helpful.”  
           Perhaps it’s given her a whole new line of sight.

          Click here to go to Flash Fiction Magazine to read Line of Sight.