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  • Are you looking for women that you could count on if you needed shopping or meals delivered after surgery?

  • Do you live between El Cerrito and south Oakland?

  • Are you already a TTN member or would this benefit inspire you to join?
The Caring Collaborative, a service provided to TTN members of our chapter, is based on the premise that most of us are determined to remain independent as we age. Though we may have family and friends, we either do not wish to, or cannot, rely solely on their help in times of illness or crisis.

The goal of the Caring Collaborative is to create a supportive safety net to preserve and promote healthy independence by helping each other in times of short-term health needs or other personal crises.
  • Caring Collaborative members make a commitment to each other to provide mutual assistance.
  • We are free to choose the kind of assistance we are willing to provide.
  • Sample services include attendance at medical appointments, assistance with household chores such as grocery shopping, dog walking or providing meals. 
  • A secondary Caring Collaborative component encourages members to seek and share resources and information related to medical conditions and health providers.
  • The Caring Collaborative is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or counseling services, nor can it replace daily home care when that is needed. 
If you are interested in finding out more about the Caring Collaborative component of TTN, please contact: 

Janet Mandelstam