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Don’t miss two upcoming events critical to the Giving Circle’s mission to improve the lives of women, children and youth in Philadelphia

Register TODAY for the TTN Giving Circle’s Annual Fundraiser!

Poverty and Homelessness in America - Philadelphia, a Case Story
Date / time: WED, June 9 at 3pm EST
Registration: $35, Register here 
TTN Giving Circle Fundraiser

Philadelphia suffers from the highest poverty rate among the 10 largest cities in the US, with nearly 26% of Philadelphians living in poverty. Yet, it has one of the lowest number of unsheltered persons among those cities. Learn what is being done in Philadelphia, why it is working, and what you can do to help alleviate chronic street homelessness. 

Join an inspiring conversation with visionary and changemaker Sister Mary Scullion, co-founder Project HOME.  As one of today’s leading social activists - an advocate of helping low-income persons to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty, she was recognized as one of the “World’s Most Influential People in 2009” by Time magazine. Meet Sister Mary Scullion HERE.

Moderated by Renee Chenault Fattah, Director of Pro Bono Action for Community Impact in Pennsylvania with SeniorLAW Center, renowned lawyer, filmmaker and broadcast journalist who co-anchored NBC-10 evening news for 25yrs, and member of the Philadelphia Broadcast Pioneers Hall of Fame.

To support TTN Giving Circle’s mission, click HERE to donate and type TTN to navigate the Philadelphia Foundation’s website, which supports our donation logistics. 

To support Project HOME’s mission, donate Project HOME

Spread the word! Invite a friend!  The more money we can raise through our Annual Fundraiser, the more we can help our fellow women and children rise out of poverty.

Make Your Vote Count ~ TTN Giving Circle Grant Selection 

TTN Giving Circle Grant Selection Meeting
Thursday May 20 at 5:30pm EST

Register HERE

Attention TTN Giving Circle members, and TTN members even if not a Giving Circle member – it’s time for the TTN Philadelphia Giving Circle members to vote to select its annual grant recipients! The agenda is simple, we’ll hear directly from a final slate of Philadelphia nonprofits who will describe their mission and need, and then TTN Giving Circle members will vote to select the TWO nonprofits to receive our $25,000 grants. We started with 52 applicants and the Grants Committee has focused us to 8 semi-finalist nonprofits for virtual site visits. We are very excited about the impact of the nonprofits identified. For 2021, we broadened our grants criteria to include general operating needs, with the goal of increasing the diversity of potential recipient nonprofits and providing our grant recipients with more discretion about the use of our grant.

So join us on May 20th – learn about Philadelphia’s needs from innovative nonprofits – and Giving Circle members, exercise your vote to help select our 2021 grant recipients.

Please note: Only those who joined the Giving Circle in 2020 will be able to vote to determine the 2021 grant recipient.

TTN Philadelphia Giving Circle Joins PHILANOS

The Giving Circle continually focuses on ways to improve its reach and impact. With that in mind, the TTN Philadelphia Giving Circle recently joined Philanos, a national network dedicated to supporting collective giving organizations and whose members have collectively granted over $140 million in their local communities. Philanos’ members engage in a new, exciting and collaborative style of community-based philanthropy that empowers women to pool their financial and intellectual resources to annually award multiple, high-impact grants ranging from $5,000 to $100,000.

Our Philanos membership will provide us with useful information on Giving Circle activities, trends, issues, and best practices. To learn more about Philanos, click here.


Listening to TTN Giving Circle Members

Thank you to all the Giving Circle members who were able to attend our virtual “reception” on March 15th. It was our way to express our gratitude for your support of the Giving Circle and to hear directly from you on how we can grow our impact.

On March 15th we heard from Rachel Falkove, the Executive Director of PIHN (Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network) where she described for us the impact of our donation on PIHN's mission and the ongoing challenges of homelessness it is facing, especially during the pandemic.

We then had breakout sessions to engage with other members, make new connections while gathering suggestions about additional approaches the Giving Circle might take to impact women and children in Philadelphia. 

To further understand your idea, the Giving Circle recently collected ideas from a survey to all of its members. Thank you to all who responded; we received some wonderful input and suggestions that we will be looking to implement in the near future. Two-thirds of respondents indicated they are interested in volunteer opportunities.

Other ideas included:

  • Top six topics for programs of interest:
    Criminal and/or social justice concerns
    Food insecurity
    Housing issues

  • Desired types of programming
    A series of speakers on a particular topic over a period of time
    Ongoing programming on a particular topic
    Study groups


In case You Missed It ….

"An inspiring demonstration of hope. Thank you" "Excellent!!! Looking forward to any volunteer opportunities (TTT) that I participate in through TTN." Just a couple of the 5 star (*****) comments and ratings of the joint TTN Philadelphia and Giving Circle program “Successfully Transforming Women’s Lives After Incarceration: A Conversation with Reverend Dr. Michelle Simmons”.  Reverend Michelle and 3 of her graduates provided inspiration and practical insight into the lives of women transitioning from incarceration to community.


Reverend Michelle Simmons
Founder, Why Not Prosper




Faith Bartley
Why Not Prosper graduate

To support Why Not Prosper, click HERE

Want to Do Good and Make Someone Else Feel Good?

Send a Tribute Card, created to support the Philadelphia Chapter TTN Giving Circle. It’s a personal and heartfelt way to say Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Happy Holidays, Thank You, Congratulations or Sorry for Your Loss. 

All funds raised will help the Giving Circle’s mission to improve the lives of women and children in Philadelphia. 

The cost is $25 for a packet of five. To purchase, contact Lori Krain


About Us

Please join us. The TTN Giving Circle is the philanthropic arm of TTN Philadelphia. We are a dedicated group of individuals who pool our giving dollars to support our mission to improve the lives of women, children and youth in Philadelphia. Passionate about making a difference, Giving Circle members not only pool giving dollars, but also conduct educational programs and other initiatives to raise awareness of the significant needs in the city. We also use our annual grant review process to learn and raise awareness of the areas in most need of assistance. Members understand that this method of collective philanthropy increases the impact of each dollar given. This is the POWER OF COLLECTIVE GIVING.

Since its founding in 2013, the TTN Giving Circle has provided more than $135,000 in grants to nonprofit organizations in Philadelphia. Based on the generosity of our members, we plan to award an additional $50,000 in 2021, through two grants of $25,000 each. 

To learn about the nonprofit organizations we have supported, read about our past recipients.

The TTN Giving Circle is also working to increase the scope and diversity of our grant applicants. We believe that organizations that prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) create environments that respect and value individual differences. Inclusive organizations foster cultures that reduce bias and make decisions better able to address systemic inequities. We are committed to equity, diversity, collaboration, inclusiveness, transparency, and accountability.

The TTN Giving Circle is overseen by an Executive Council. The Executive Council defines the Giving Circle’s vision, strategic direction and oversees its general management and operations.  Meet the Executive Council here.  The Executive Council includes five Committees, described below under “Volunteer”, that you may find of interest if you have the time and would like to volunteer your time.

The TTN Giving Circle is pleased to be a member of PHILANOS, a national network dedicated to supporting collective giving organizations. Our Philanos membership will provide us with useful information on Giving Circle activities, trends, issues, and best practices.


We welcome everyone to join us in our mission to improve the lives of women, children and youth in Philadelphia.  The Giving Circle appreciates donations of any amount. This is the Power of Collective Giving. Together, we all make a difference.  If you are not a Giving Circle member, please consider joining today.

By making a donation of $200 or more, you become a Giving Circle Voting Member, which gives you the opportunity to vote to choose our final grant recipient(s) at our Annual Meeting in May, as well as participate in other membership events. 

To our current members, if you have not yet done so, please renew your membership now, and invite your friends to join you. 

All contributions made in 2021 will support our 2022 grants cycle. 


TTN Philadelphia Giving Circle uses The Philadelphia Foundation, a community foundation, to administer its donor program. The Philadelphia Foundation has been at the forefront of receiving funds to support the residents of Philadelphia during this pandemic.  

To make your gift by check, please complete this Donation Form and make your check payable to The Philadelphia Foundation. Send it to: TTN Philadelphia Giving Circle, 2401 Pennsylvania Avenue, Unit 15C51, Philadelphia, PA 19130. The check and donation form will be then forwarded to the Philadelphia Foundation. 

Because The Philadelphia Foundation, which is at the forefront of supporting nonprofits during COVID, is currently experiencing delays in processing the gifts, you can help us learn of your gift more quickly the following way:

To make your gift by credit card, join us now with ONE EASY CLICK!

When you make your gift by credit card, you will receive an acknowledgment from The Philadelphia Foundation in a few minutes. Please forward the acknowledgement email to us at:


The power of our Giving Circle is the generosity of our membership, including those who share their time and talent to ensure our impact in Philadelphia. Regardless of how much time you have to share, one of our committees will be happy to accept your helping hand. Please join us. 

TTN Giving Circle Committees:

Grants Committee – reviews the grant applications, plans and conducts site visits for potential finalists and recommends the final applicants for vote among the Giving Circle membership. The Grants Committee meets between JAN – MAY, and requires a commitment to a number of meetings needed to fulfil the review cycle. The 2021 Grants Committee is filled. To support the 2022 grant cycle, please contact the Giving Circle at the email below.

Development Committee – dedicated to increase the number of new members and donors, retain its existing contributors, and encourage higher levels of giving. It works most closely with the Membership Engagement Committee to welcome new members and create a rewarding experience for its full membership.

Membership Engagement Committee – recognizes the value of our members, building relationships with our growing membership and donor base, and working most closely with the Development Committee.

Program Committee – organizes and conducts compelling educational programing to further the TTN Giving Circle’s mission to our community through our understanding of the challenges facing women, children and youth in Philadelphia. 

Public Relations Committee – designs and implements communications that build awareness of the Giving Circle’s activities and achievements, drives attendance and engagement, and educates the broader TTN community on the needs of Philadelphia’s women, children and youth.

Help us harness the Power of Collective Giving! 

To learn more, contact and one of our committee leads will get back to you.


Contact Carol Cunningham, Giving Circle Chair, at

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