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Philadelphia Chapter Committees

Philadelphia Chapter Steering Committee

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Vice Chair

Chair Fatima Class
Co-Chair Alice Milrod
Secretary Anita Brazill
Chapter Support    
Lorraine Gordon
Member Experience    
Member Services
Nancy Gordon
Member Groups
Marcia Goldstein
Barbara Kessler
Sally Mazzarella
Activities & Programs
Lorraine Gordon
Marion Blow
Jean Brubaker
Marsha Yankelev
Philanthropy & Community    
Carol Cunningham
Pat Nelson
National Board Liaison Chrissa Merron

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The Events Committee coordinates a wide variety of social events held in a mix of interesting and diverse historical, cultural and artistic venues throughout the Delaware Valley.  The Committees' goal is to offer two or three events per month that provide an opportunity for members to discover new places and to get to know one another in an environment of mutual interest. 
Committee Members email
Marion Blow (Chair)
Jean Brubaker (Vice-Chair)
Cate Silver

Foodie Group

The Foodie Group arranges dinners for our members and guests at local restaurants that have excellent food from different cultures.  If available, the chef also speaks to our group.
Committee Members email
Lorraine Gordon (Co-Chair)
Adrienne Derenzo (Co-Chair)

Giving Circle

The TTN Giving Circle raises funds to be pooled for philanthropic purposes to benefit women, children and youth in the Greater Philadelphia area through an annual grant to a non-profit. We work together to choose the non-profit that we fund each year.  There are frequently volunteer opportunities for those who are interested.  
Committee Members email
Carol Cunningham (Chair)
Elayne Bloom
Julie Currie
Kathy Gosliner
Karen Roggeman
Mary Klein
Ann Lipshutz​
Barbara Lissy
Laura Regnier
Sharon Segal
Susan Vineberg

Analysis & Solutions

Analysis and Solutions works in partnership with Chapter Steering Committee members in analyzing data, identifying and monitoring solutions and providing support in implementation;  A&S is also responsible for engaging leaders throughout the Chapter.
Committee Members email
Pam Rudman

Marketing & Communications

Marketing and Communications is responsible for the Chapter newsletters and notifications, the Chapter web pages and TTN's face to our members and guests.18
Committee Members email
Open (Chair)                                                   


The Membership Committee welcomes new members to our chapter and works to improve and enhance the member experience. 
Committee Members email
Open (Chair)  
Cheryl Bensvides
TTN Talks:  
Sherry Shapiro
Ronnie Green
Member Experience:  


Mingles are regularly scheduled events open to all so members can socialize and meet with other member and learn more about TTN.
Committee Members email


The Programs Committee is responsible for TTN Signature and other educational programs on topics that offer opportunities to learn, discover, rethink and engage about personal growth and issues impacting our lives and community.  
Committee Members email
Marsha Yankelev (Chair)


The Secretary is responsible for accurately recording chapter Steering Committee activities. She assists with and maintains records for Steering Committee and, in conjunction with the Chapter Chair, communicates with the full Steering Committee on issues related to Steering Committee meetings.
Committee Members email
Open (Chair)                                                 

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) bring together members who share common interests, activities or goals. SIGs are member-driven:  members initiate them, decide how they should be run, and provide leadership and organization.
Committee Members email
Sally Mazzarella (Chair)
Susan Levin

Transition Peer Groups 

The Transition Peer Group Committee develops and implements best practices for successful peer groups and partners with new groups to support their ongoing success.
Committee Members email
Marcia Goldstein (Chair)
Barbara Kessler (Co-Chair)
Joan Applegate
Barrie DuBois
Elise Freed
Judith Kurnick
Amy Sabsowitz
JoAnne Tarnoff
Janet Widra


The Treasurer is responsible for managing the finances of our chapter.
Committee Members email
Lorraine Gordon (Chair)

Volunteer Opportunities

The Volunteer Opportunities Committee coordinates several successful volunteer relationships, sponsors volunteer opportunities and identifies members engaged in satisfying volunteer experiences who are willing to be contacted by other members exploring volunteer options.
Committee Members email
Pat Nelson (Chair)​
Mary Clifford
Debbie Earle
Patty Kaiser
Myrna Sherman