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TTN Member Marjorie Levine New Book ROAD TRIPS 

 A Hauntingly Lyrical Nostalgic Journey

Marjorie J. Levine wrote her first story, "The Long Wait," at the age of nine. She is greatly nostalgic and believes life's journey can be as beautiful as a memoir unfolding in an old silent movie. She is a standup comic, an actor, a blogger, an internet broadcaster, and poet. For thirty-five years she was an elementary school teacher. She lives alone in New York City.

In June 2021 she published ROAD TRIPS is a masterful debut collection of poetry divided into four parts. The poems in NAP TIME unfold as fantasies and reveal how memories shape a life.  In DELINEATIONS, pieces of lucid dreams push life along through time. SIX POEMS is a personal perspective next to views of other lives from different angles. The last part, STREET POEMS, comes from a place of reality which brings all roads to one place.

Melancholy, memories revisited, longing and wistfulness, are all part of this emotional ride. 

 “This life is now mostly all behind me pushing me to the  
Now where I stand on a precipice not sure which way to go:

To the detour or the curve in the road or a stop sign or 
Drive to the dead end or move miles away and live the  
Same way in the same life: this red lighted life.”

                           ~Excerpt from CODA

You can read more about it at the AMAZON page:



TTN Member Linda Brosterman’s Art Show at Anderson Contemporary, 180 Maiden Lane


Linda Brosterman is a member of New York Artists Equity, The Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, and the Art Student League of New York. Her latest Wave series of paintings is now on display at the Anderson Contemporary Gallery. Using 20-30 layers of paint, and the ironically precise placement of every color, splash and droplet, Linda’s abstract expressions remind us of the awe inspiring, infinite artistry of one of the great natural phenomena.

Each of Linda’s paintings utilize a range of different techniques and mixed media, including watercolor, acrylic, and gouache.

The finished work treats the viewer to a cohesive, unique, vision of the majesty of the subject. A millisecond of pure energy is preserved for all time.

Linda’s works are now on view at the Anderson Contemporary Gallery at 180 Maiden Lane. Appointments to view the works can be arranged by contacting Ronni Anderson at

You can see some of works of art on Linda's website and her instagram account @lgbrosterman.

Tours can be arranged for a maximum of 10 people at a time. Individual and group arrangements can be made through Ronni Anderson at


New Yoga Classes on Zoom by TTN Member Elizabeth Hansen


Elizabeth Hansen has been teaching yoga to older adults in NYC since 2008.  She says, “In this long period of COVID, yoga is really, really good for mental and physical relaxation, not to mention for maintaining our physical conditioning or relieving the pain and stiffness of arthritis.”
Since COVID Elizabeth continued teaching with the Yoga for Arthritis team at Integral Yoga Institute of New York (IYINY), and developed several new courses on ZOOM:
  • An ongoing meditation and yoga class for seniors at Union Settlement in East Harlem;
  • A gentle, introductory class for seniors
  • A 6-class series, Yoga for Relief from the Pain of Arthritis
  • She is currently planning Strengthen and Maintain, an 8-class series to help older women regain and maintain some of the muscle mass lost to COVID lockdowns and long hours on ZOOM.
A one-hour class starts with warm-ups and builds to an energetic peak that prepares students for a long, closing relaxation. Her style of teaching is slow and precise, so students have time to understand and to move into a given pose – and hold it – so she can see that they are doing it correctly and safely. Students are told at the outset that they may not do anything that causes them pain.  Poses are adapted to the students’ needs and limitations “No pain is no pain.”  Safety is paramount.
Class size is limited to between 5-10 people.
  • Strengthen and Maintain, series, Tuesdays, 9am, starting January 5;
  • Gentle Introduction to Yoga, series, Thursdays 4:30;
  • Yoga for Relief from Arthritis, series, Fridays, 9:30am.
  • Private classes on demand.
$15.00 per class if bought in a set of 6-8 in advance. Single class: $20.00
Please email or call 646-684-3484 for more information and to sign up for class. 
Your Teacher:
Before COVID most of her teaching was with private clients, but she also taught groups at senior centers and with the team that teaches Yoga for Arthritis and Chronic Pain at the Integral Yoga Institute of New York (IYINY). 
She has written articles on yoga for arthritis and for diabetes, and recently published Yoga for Arthritis? YES! in which she discussed the two principal types of arthritis, and the way in which yoga changes the nervous system from the stressed out “fight or flight” sympathetic system to the “rest and digest” para-sympathetic nervous system offering relief from anxiety as well as arthritic pain.
Elizabeth was among the first graduates of the ground-breaking therapeutic yoga programs Yoga for Seniors and Yoga for Arthritis. Yoga teachers like her were taught how to adapt classical yoga poses – or pieces of those poses – to address the specific needs of elderly students, and/or students with arthritis: how to lubricate and loosen an arthritic shoulder, or to raise the chest for optimal slow and relaxed breathing.  After an additional 300 hours of training she was certified as a Yoga Therapist by the International Association of Yoga Therapists.



TTN Member Josefina Lyons directs her first documentary 

Josefina Lyons, a documentary filmmaker and a TTN member, is
having an online  premiere of  her film Revival atthe Sarasota Film Festival that runs through Sunday, May 3. Tickets are available  at

The film is about mature, iconic, dancers and choreographers, many
of whom are Martha Graham alum, who talk about their experiences
and work with older dancers to create new work.  In the spring of
2017, four older women and men started the monumental task of choreographing dances with a diverse group of New York seniors,
most of whom had never danced on a stage before. Over a few
intense months, these choreographers, including the first black artist
to have won a Tony for choreography and a 92-year old former dance partner of pioneer Martha Graham, brought to life their ideas and sparked immense joy in the senior dancers. The film documents this unlikely event and, in the process, reveals the heroic dedication and determination of the choreographers and dancers, for whom age does not impede but molds.  

Josefina is directing her first documentary. Previously, she assisted Kathy Leichter with her documentary "Here One Day," and most recently Peter Rosen with his PBS “American Masters” documentary about architect Eero Saarinen. Josefina is a lawyer who transitioned into filmmaking in 2010. For years, she helped the arts community as a member of both the Executive Committee of the Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston and the Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts of Massachusetts. She studied filmmaking in Boston and New York. Josefina was born in Argentina and grew up there until she came to the United States for college.


Sarasota Film Festival                                           April 27 - May 3, 2020

deadCenter Film Festival                                       June 11 - 21, 2020​​

Newport Beach Film Festival                                August 6 - 13, 2020​

Victoria TX Independent Film Festival                 Fall 2020


TTN Member Phyllis Melhado authors her first novel

 The former Vice President of Public Relations for Estee Lauder, Phyllis
has had her work published in Town & Country, Cosmopolitan, and
  The Scarlet Leaf Review. She has also ghosted a best-selling beauty book as
  well as a nationally syndicated beauty column. She earned her Master’s degree
  in Communications from NYU and lives in New York City. The Spa at Lavender
, her first novel, will be released on May 7.

  Take a peek behind the curtain of wealth and glamour in Phyllis’s sassy and
   sultry beach read. The guests who arrive for a 10-day stay at the nation’s
   premier spa at Lavender Lane seem to have everything a girl could want:
   high-flying careers, social and financial prowess, access to the top fashions and
   beauty products, and even a dash of fame. Yet each woman is in need of
   rejuvenation from insecurities, flatlined business motivation, or failed relationships – problems that will require more than the spa’s renowned anti-aging quince cream to fix. As the women learn to trust one another, they each figure out how to take a second chance at life, and reclaim what’s most important.

“The Spa at Lavender Lane” (Black Rose Writing, May 7, 2020) follows Nadia
Demidova, legendary doyenne of the fabled Palm Springs getaway and her difficult guests: a burned out Fifth Avenue retail executive, a striking former model and Chicago socialite, an overweight Texas housewife and her beautiful teenage daughter, and a CEO who, unhappy with recent plastic surgery, remains secluded in her room. Fortunately, Madame Demidova can rely on her Assistant Director to help manage the herd – not knowing that this valued employee is poised to make an audacious move. And when an uber-eligible man arrives on the scene, lust, ambition, and competition for the spa’s ownership are thrown into the already gossip-worthy mix.

To learn more about Phyllis and her work, visit


TTN Member Ellen Hart is proprietor and namesake of the world-famous Ellen’s Stardust Diner 

Ellen Hart was first renowned in New York City as a Miss Subways in 1959, one of 200 women that held the title from 1941 to 1976.  Over the past few decades, Ellen has been hosting reunions for former Miss Subways at her Diner where the largest collection of Miss Subways posters hangs. For more information on these reunions, you can visit
Before Ellen’s Stardust Diner, with its celebrated singing wait staff, became a top bucket list destination on Broadway for locals and tourists alike, it was called Ellen’s Café and located downtown across from City Hall.  For more than 20 years it was the gathering place for the city’s mayors including David Dinkins, John Lindsay, Abraham Beame, Ed Koch, and Rudy Giuliani. 

A tradition soon developed where the Mayors would come into Ellen’s Cafe on their birthdays and she would donate as many pies as their age to the charity of their choosing.
Today, Ellen continues to contribute to NYC history as her Diner has served as the launching pad for future stars of stage and screen, with many of its alumni graduating to both Broadway and National Tours. 
For more on Ellen’s Stardust Diner, please visit


Find True Love at 70?  Longtime TTNer Mona Kreaden did.  Listen to how it happened to her on the Modern Aging YouTube Channel

Mona Kreaden 
was one of the original TTN Board members who helped bring TTN from a loose aggregate of women in NYC to a national member organization.  She also developed the Peer Group Program and worked with a group of TTNers in the San Francisco chapter to create TTN-HOME, a program for women over 50 looking for housing options.

Prior to joining TTN, Mona inaugurated the first university-wide faculty development program at New York University that eventually became its Center for Teaching Excellence. Concurrently, she was responsible for developing a Returning Adult Program for the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at NYU; started a university-wide Multicultural Initiative; and co-produced with Andre De Shields & Actor’s Equity the annual celebration of Black History Month that continues to flourish.
Before her work at NYU, she was Executive Director of the Jerusalem Women’s Seminar, an international, intercultural program for high-level women policy-makers from Canada, U.S., Israel and Egypt to promote cultural exchange and professional networking during the Camp David Accords. Mona also served as Vice President of Administration for an international trucking company in Canada and the U.S. in the 1960’s & 70’s.
Mona served on TTN’s Board from 2005 - 2012 and in 2008 she was the recipient of TTN’s inaugural Woman of the Year award, and the New York Women’s Agenda’s Galaxy Award for outstanding volunteer work.

Hear Mona and Paul talk about their relationship in a very candid discussion of what works and what doesn't.  Pick up some practical tips on how all this can happen later in life.  As Mona says, "It's a gift. Whoever thought at this age you could fall in love? It's amazing. Be open to it happening. And go for it!'

New TTNer Gayle Kirschenbaum photography exhibit -  STILL MOMENTS

Gayle Kirschenbaum is an Emmy award-winning filmmaker, television producer, TEDx speaker and coach. Currently, her photography exhibit STILL MOMENTS is in the Westbeth Gallery.

In STILL MOMENTS Gayle Kirschenbaum offers highly personal imagery of landscapes, faces of indigenous people, and emotionally charged glimpses of the phantasmagoria of reality. To join an exclusive TTN tour of  her Gallery Exhibit - STILL MOMENTS  and Studio private, click here.

Gayle created and stars in the film A DOG’S LIFE: A DOGAMENTARY, which premiered on HBO. She also created the reality shows that aired on TLC and Discovery. Gayle co-created the television series JUDGEMENT DAY: SHOULD THE GUILTY GO FREE, whose pilot aired on HBO. She is the founder of the forgiveness movement called NO MORE DRAMA WITH MAMA inspired by the humbling reaction to her film, LOOK AT US NOW, MOTHER!  Called the “Nora Ephron of documentaries,” Gayle turned the camera on herself in this deeply personal film about the transformation of a highly charged mother/daughter relationship from hatred to love.

She has written several screenplays in is in development on several TV series including OUT OF THE COFFIN, WHAT NOW, MOTHER! and BODY PARTS. Gayle has been featured widely in the media including the New York Times, NBC’s Today Show, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and Psychology Today. She founded the Writers on Hudson, is a member of Producers Guild of America, National Speakers Association, Women in Media, New York Women In Film & Television, Film Fatales and a judge for the Emmys


RESERVE YOUR COPY TODAY - The Present Abandoned by Harriet Shenkman

Harriet Shenkman
is a Professor Emerita at City University of New York. Her awards include the Women’s National Book Association Annual Writing Contest in Poetry, the Women Who Write International Poetry and Short Prose Contest and Raynes Poetry Competition finalist. Her poetry has appeared in national and international journals. About her first chapbook, Teetering, the poet Jennifer Franklin wrote, “ these poems mine painful and weighty topics – abandonment, the Holocaust, divorce, disability, dementia– with great sentiment, without being sentimental.”




Dr Jeri Fink's NEW Blog on After Fifty Living  (Website)

Author Dr Jeri Fink is a featured blogger on Check our Jeri's new blog  – the first one in the new decade and a positive way to see climate change. Visit to view her collection of blogs.

Dr. Jeri Fink, author, photographer, traveler, and family therapist, challenges the creaky myths of aging. She believes that now is a creative, exciting time to grow and explore new ideas, people, and places. Visit Dr. Jeri at,,   or to enter her world of discovery, fun, and insights. Her fiction project, Broken, is a series of seven thrillers that defy tradition. She is presently working on Book Web Minis – a series of fun, fast and positive mini books (50-70 pages long) where readers partner with the experts. Check it out at

She tells us: “I challenge the art of writing by merging fact, fictional elements, interactivity, and photography into nonfiction mini books. I draw from my training in social work, experience in individual and family therapy, professional research, and passion for exploring positive psychology. My 32 published books, hundreds of articles and blogs, speaking engagements, and active online presence all reflect who I am today.


Support Longtime Member & Former Chapter Chair Linda Sicher's
Art Show of her Latest Collages

At The Dental Partners of Fifth Avenue, 11 East 86th Street
(between Madison and Fifth Avenues, entrance  to the left of the grey awning)
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm


 Encouraged by my fellow TTNers I began my second profession
while rediscovering my love of studio art.  I am following my dream
to become a professional artist, incorporating my own digital
photography in creating collages.  Since 2007 my works have been
included and won recognition in several group art exhibitions, such as the 92nd Street Y juried student art show and the Mt. Sinai       Hospital Art show.

  Please come see and enjoy  20 of my newest collages. 

  Linda Sicher



Reflections on an Italian Jewish Family and Exile
By Eleanor Foa

* Book signing December 9th (6pm) - Rizzoli Book Store in New York (between 25th and 26th Street and Broadway)

Growing up in New York City, Eleanor was confused and frustrated by the mixed messages she received from her parents: her mother, a refugee from Nazi Germany, turned her back on everything from her homeland; to her, it was okay to be Jewish as long as you didn’t look, sound or act Jewish; her parents believed “family is everything” but distanced Eleanor and her sister from the extended family; her father insisted money wasn’t important but eventually wound up with a seven-figure portfolio; her parents’ marriage, admired by many, seemed so unhappy inside their home; and her father – an economist and intellectual, though proud of his family history – shared so little of it.

Was it a generational clash or a cultural one? Did Europeans view marriage, money and family differently from Americans? Or was it because the central drama of their adult lives – World War II, the Holocaust, emigration and exile – bound her parents together but set their daughters apart? These were questions Eleanor pondered. After her parents died, Eleanor felt compelled to learn more about her past and sort out these mixed messages. It was time to do her own investigating and, in 2006 she asked her sister to join her on a journey to Italy in search of their family history.

In MIXED MESSAGES Eleanor retraces the footsteps of her ancestors through northern Italy (Soragna, Cortemaggiore, Parma) and discovers the remarkable story of I Fratelli Foa, the publishing house that flourished in the mid-1500s in Sabbioneta, a walled city with a unique history, whose citizens continue to honor her ancestors. She reconnects with living relatives in Turin, Naples, and Rome and through visits to synagogues, Jewish cemeteries and even the grave of her father’s sister, Paola, pays homage to her Italian relatives who died. What initially begins as a trip to understand who her parents were and how their legacy shaped who she is, eventually becomes a way to reconstruct her parents’ journey and, by doing so, empathizing with their struggles and contradictions. Eleanor uses her photographer’s eye and dry sense of humor to bring her journey to life. Readers will feel like they’re traveling along with the Foa sisters, sharing delicious meals and family secrets.



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