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1.      I already have a lot of friends and belong to several organizations? Why should I join TTN?  TTN is specifically organized to meet the needs of professional women 50+. You’ll find new friends here who share many of your concerns and interests.
2.      What kind of women can I expect to meet in TTN? Most TTN members are 60 or older (83%) and a big majority are retired or semi-retired, typically from professional/managerial positions. All have college or advanced degrees. About one-third of our members are still working full or part time or are self-employed. Over 60% live alone, with one-third married or living with a partner.
3.      I'm somewhat shy. If I go to a TTN event, will it feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t know anyone?
We make a huge effort to welcome new members and help them feel comfortable.  When you arrive, please introduce yourself to the event organizer or one of the Committee members (usually wearing identifying nametags). They will introduce you to other members.
4.      Once I join TTN, what can I expect as the first steps? New members are all invited to a special New Member Reception. Go! You’ll meet Steering Committee members and other newbies and learn a lot about how TTN operates and all that we offer. The best way to get to know other Members is to participate in some of our events. So, get acquainted with the TTN-NYC section of the website and especially our Events Calendar. Depending on your interests, join a Peer Group or a Committee.
5.      What do TTN members say are the biggest benefits of being part of TTN?  TTN delivers on the key benefits of providing opportunities to engage in interesting social activities and to meet new people that share your interests. Transition Peer Groups (TPGs) and topic-oriented Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are often cited as the core of TTN membership. The Caring Collaborative, which focuses on health and wellness, is a major reason why some members join and is considered one of TTN’s unique benefits.  Members see CC as providing an innovative, much-needed reciprocal service in NYC. 
6.      What are the main activities of TTN? See information about the two kinds of TTN Peer Groups (#s 7 & 8), our Caring Collaborative (#13) , Special Events, and Explore NYC (#12).
7.      What is a Transition Peer Group?  Transition Peer Groups (TPGs) provide a supportive environment for TTN members to have candid and confidential discussions on managing the myriad transitions we experience at this stage in our lives.
8.       What is a Special Interest Peer Group?  Special Interest Groups (SIGs) generally start with a TTN member who has a passion and is looking for other TTNers to share it. There are currently over 40 SIGs – focusing on everything from beading and bridge through politics, opera and zoology.
9.       How do I join a Peer Group and find one that is right for me? Go to the Peer Group web pages to see the lists of groups that are open to new members. Then send an email to the listed contact person indicating your interest in the group.
10.   What if the group that I am most interested in gets filled up before I get to join it? Write to the peer group coordinator to get on a waiting list. New groups are organized by the Peer Group Committee when a sufficient number of TTN members (usually 10-12) are available at a mutually convenient time.
11.   What if I have an interest, but there’s no Peer Group or SIG for it?  Keep checking our website to see what groups ARE open or new. If you don't see one that fits, you may be inspired to start your own. The SIG coordinator can help you get a new one started and guide you through the first few meetings.
12.  What are the 3rd Thursday, Special Events, and Explore NYC meetings about?
THIRD THURDAYS:  The Program Committee presents a meeting on the third Thursday of each month that provides our members a chance to socialize and take part in programs designed to appeal to the multiple interests of our members. Topics have included retirement, health and wellness, finances, technology, Encore careers, arts and culture, politics, fashion, and so much more.
SPECIAL EVENTS: The Special Events Committee presents a series of diverse programs and small gatherings on an ad hoc basis around topics of specific interests. These have included topic-focused potluck dinners, special workshops, theatre events, and wine tastings.
EXPLORE NYC: Explore NYC finds special excursions that help members enjoy the company of equally interested and interesting women while discovering the diversity of NYC's museums, galleries and cultural institutions. 
13.   What is the Caring Collaborative? The Caring Collaborative (CC) enables TTN members to build a network committed to empowering and supporting each other in remaining healthy and energetic. CC members help one another when medical issues arise, and provide assistance in periods of temporary disability. They offer personal support with health practitioner visits, and an extra set of hands for errands when a member is confined to home.
14.   How does the Caring Collaborative work? To join CC, you will be asked to participate in a short but important orientation to learn about our:
·         Assistance Network - Assurance of companionship and non-medical assistance in time of need
·         Member Information Exchange (MIX) –Timely, valuable information from fellow CC members
·         Neighborhood Groups –Location-based groups that build friendships and provide mutual assistance in times of need.
·         CC Presentations - Programs on health and wellness issues, presented by expert practitioners.
·         Health and Wellness Directories –Resources for information on health-related topics and for obtaining additional services such as food delivery, home care, transportation, etc.

15.  If I currently have support in my life, would I benefit from joining CC? Yes! Over 300 CC members are ready to help you if your support is not available. It’s an easy way to make new friends. There is so much to be learned through our MIX program, our Neighborhood Groups, and our CC Presentations.

16.   I have been retired for a while and have made that transition. Why should I join TTN? Retirement is not the only transition that we make at this time in our lives. We face health and aging issues. Many of us deal with aging parents and/or adult children facing their own difficult times. There are pesky changes in our financial and insurance needs as well as in our living conditions. The list goes on…it’s good to have TTN friends to share with.
17.   Can TTN help me find worthwhile volunteer work?  TTN NYC members can take advantage of several ways to volunteer in their community:
·         Ongoing volunteer activities with organizations that are making a demonstrated difference in their fields -- e.g. The Fortune Society and Reading Partners. These organizations have a TTN member "champion" to help you get started and make the most of your volunteer experience.
·         One-time volunteer events that are meaningful and fun, such as flower arranging with nursing home residents, a holiday gift wrapping party for families in need, etc. 
·         A lively Volunteer Committee that explores potential volunteer opportunities and plans activities for our members. Join us!
18.   Can TTN help me find full or part-time regular work?  TTN members can post or look for employment opportunities in a variety of professions here:
19.   It is difficult for me to come to weekday evening activities.  Do you have daytime or weekend programs?  Most Explore NYC excursions are day-time events. Many Peer Groups meet during the day. We are also testing weekend programs. If there is sufficient interest, we will institute regular weekend events.


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