The Transition Network

From the September 2021 Newsletter


Please Welcome Patty Petersen and Marilynne Roberts as Co-Leads of the Member Liaison Program. 

The Transition Network aspires to connect and build authentic relationships with actively engaged women. Under current conditions, due to the coronavirus, it may be more difficult for new members to experience the camaraderie the group offers. So, the MSP Chapter has been piloting a Member Liaison Program for the past year. Thanks to Debra Dorgan for serving as our first liaison for a new member and for outlining some guiding practices to make this an ongoing program of our chapter. Patty Petersen and Marilynne Roberts are the first co-leads for the Member Liaison Program and will contact new members and pair them with current members to serve as liaisons. The liaison can share TTN’s resources, her experiences, and discuss activities the new member might enjoy as she navigates this new adventure.

Please read more about Marilynne and Patty in the Leadership Team folder.

From the August 2021 Newsletter

Submitted by Jill Goski

One goal of TTN is to have community impact. TTN believes in challenging conventional thinking about aging and acknowledge our responsibility to contribute our wisdom, experience, and influence in service to the greater community. One way to do this is to partner with local nonprofit organizations to support and volunteer. During the pandemic, the methods for us to have community impact have been more limited. Our hope is to expand our chapter community contributions in the coming months. One recent chapter contribution was of arts and crafts supplies and cash to Harriet Tubman Summer of Peace Program.
Summer of Peace is an exciting and unique opportunity to provide positive enrichment and mentorship to kids and families. Summer of Peace is all about keeping kids active and engaged through the summer. Child Specialists and interns plan activities to give individualized attention every week to children in shelter. With themes and lots of creativity, staff blend educational and recreational programming to create fun and engaging learning opportunities. Sue Scott, one of our presenters at the Women Weaving Words event suggested donations to this program. Thanks to contributing chapter members for their generous donation of cash and a wide variety of arts and crafts items reflected in the photo.

From the July 2021 Newsletter

Thanks to Caring Collaborative Planning Committee and Welcome to Tracey Baker and Kathleen Peterson as Co-Leads for newly Launched Caring Collaborative Program
Submitted by Jill Goski 

In September 2019, as Chapter Chair, I convened seven MSP TTN members to explore the Caring Collaborative Programs in other TTN Chapters to determine whether to create a Caring Collaborative for our Chapter. This committee met monthly and consulted representatives from other TTN Chapters who had created Caring Collaboratives. A special thank you to Janet Mandelstam from San Francisco, Carol Lioz from Long Island, and Barbara Stahura, Barbara Alpern, and Sally Dougan from New York who generously provided wonderful information and resources from over two decades of experience with their Caring Collaborative Programs. Based on these resources and our own resourcefulness, we planned to launch a pilot for our Chapter Caring Collaborative in May/June 2020. However, the pandemic changed our plan and timeline.

We recognized we needed to go back to the drawing board and reconsider what type of services would be safe to offer during a major global health challenge. Our contacts in New York and Long Island were generous to share with us how their Caring Collaborative services were adjusted during the pandemic and we had the opportunity to meet with representatives from the Santa Fe and Chicago Chapters who were also exploring the development of Caring Collaborative Programs in their chapters.

We began with offering Health and Wellness programs in the summer of 2020. These programs were well-attended and increased the visibility of the Caring Collaborative efforts. On May 1, 2021 we launched the MSP Caring Collaborative Service Corps and Member Information Exchange (MIX) with 30 members. This could not have been accomplished without the contributions of the entire Caring Collaborative Planning Committee. Please join me in thanking committee members who worked with me: Tracey Baker, Nancy Bargsten, bj Christy, Julie Efta, Jean Forrey, Kathleen Peterson, Marilynne Roberts, Janis Weller, and Karen West. Karen and bj resigned about a year ago and Marilynne and Jean joined shortly thereafter. 

Since the Caring Collaborative is a Service Program requiring response to member requests within a short period of time, it is critical to ensure the program operates as expected. The continuing members of the Caring Collaborative Planning Committee, Tracey, Nancy, Julie, Jean, Kathleen, Marilynne, Jan and I will continue supporting operations of the Caring Collaborative as the Caring Collaborative Advisory Committee. Tracey Baker and Kathleen Peterson have graciously and generously agreed to serve as Co-Leads for our Caring Collaborative Program. Please read more about Kathleen and Tracey in the Leadership Team folder.

We Need YOU–Please Complete Upcoming Survey
Submitted by Terri Evans, Jill Goski, and Debra Dorgan

Soon you will see an email from our Programs Committee seeking your thoughts via a short, but important survey. We’ll ask for your input regarding the signature TTN program titled Women in Transition (WIT) workshop. WIT is a highly interactive half-day program designed to allow participants to explore transitions, new possibilities, and to create their own “next steps”. The workshop includes a review of the concept of transition as opposed to change, and structured discussions to encourage personal reflection and interactive learning.

WIT was most recently offered by our Chapter three years ago. You can help the Programs Committee determine current membership interest in attending this program, preferred timing, whether you would prefer virtual or in-person attendance, and whether or not you participated previously. After all, new changes happen all the time, and the pandemic added an entirely new set of challenges!

Beyond asking about WIT, this survey will also ask you about other planned and potential topics for special events. As a member of our vibrant MSP chapter, your ideas, experiences, and connections can make an enormous difference.

When you receive the survey, please open and complete it right away, and thank you in advance!

From the June 2021 Newsletter

Submitted by Erin Campbell

Think about what you enjoy about TTN. Is it the connection with other women? The challenge to learn and grow through books, podcasts, conversations, communing with nature or exposure to art? Have you tried new things like jewelry making, cooking or learning a language? These are just some of the benefits of TTN and part of the reason you are a member. How about sharing these opportunities with a friend and help them to enrich their life?

It’s time to rev up our membership! We have had and will continue to have ZOOM activities that are a fantastic way to meet other women while learning and growing. Now that the snow has melted and many have been vaccinated, we will have some activities outside and in-person. And on May 1 our Chapter launched our Caring Collaborative services which are designed to provide a safety net and to promote the healthy independence of our chapter members. What a perfect time to be a member.

Did you know that 67% of associations report that word-of-mouth recommendations get their organization the most new members (Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report, 2020). That means in order for us to thrive and grow, we each need to recruit women that would benefit from TTN. Most of our events and activities are restricted to members but there are always activities to bring a friend and introduce them to TTN. Our Chapter has over fifteen active Special Interest Groups and three Transition Peer Groups which non-members may attend twice prior to becoming a TTN member. Wellness Wednesdays and Get Connected are always open to nonmembers. It’s simple! Watch for a Wellness Wednesday that you would enjoy and ask a friend to join you. Or signup for any Get Connected and bring a friend.

From the May 2021 Newsletter


Dear Fellow TTN Members,
This is a quick note with wonderful news. Darla Hastings, who has been our interim ED for the past few months, will become TTN’s permanent Executive Director as of May 1st.
The Board of Directors and I are thrilled to welcome Darla into this mission-critical role. Darla brings to the job more than 30 years of experience in leading highly complex organizations and helping them grow. 

Darla has been on the executive leadership team of some of the most highly respected companies in the world. She also founded and ran a successful consulting practice whose client base included a wide range of corporations and non-profit organizations, from JP Morgan Chase and Viacom to the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation. You can learn more about Darla’s background in her Linkedin profile.
Darla will hit the ground running. She already has a deep understanding of TTN’s strengths and the enormous opportunities that lie ahead of us. And after working with her closely for more than a year, I know that she cares deeply about TTN and has a personal commitment to helping us bring the benefits of membership to more and more women.
I couldn’t be happier! Please join me in welcoming Darla as our next Executive Director.

Carol Oswald
President, Board of Directors
The Transition Network

From the February 2021 Newsletter


TTN Understanding Our Whiteness Program

TTN recognizes that 2020 was a year of heightened awareness of racism in our country. Individual TTN members and some of our MSP Chapter SIGs and TPGs have been working to educate themselves on issues of racism, unconscious bias, and white privilege and the role they play in a system that denies equity to all our citizens. In order to make change, we believe we need to acknowledge the impact of “white privilege” and the ways in which it is the foundation upon which systemic racism is built.

TTN, through the Boston Chapter, has initiated the Understanding Our Whiteness program, oriented to participants who identify as white, with the goal of enabling participants to explore and understand their white privilege in a non-judgmental environment and decide within themselves how to take action against racism. This program delves deeply into the origins of systemic racism and resultant impacts.

The workshops are two hours, once/week for 7 weeks. The size of the group is about eight participants with two facilitators. Each week is a different topic. The topics follow a sequence of learning and include:

  • Listening: The importance of listening respectfully to each other’s stories
  • White Privilege: What “white privilege” really looks and feels like
  • History: The history of systemic racism in the United States 
  • Microaggressions: Understanding the harm caused by micro-aggressions and how to stop them
  • Language: Language that creates barriers to understanding and productive action
  • Allyship: How to be an ally in the fight against racism
  • Reparations: Current thinking about reparations, and how to consider options

Between meetings, the participants are provided a variety of materials to read and listen to that may take 2-3 hours. Although that may sound like a lot, the materials are engaging and impactful and are mixed media.

The workshop was originally developed in 2015 by members of a church in Massachusetts who were involved in racial justice work. The group designed the ground rules and agreements that are what make the workshop effective and unique. The focus is on reading and listening to a variety of materials week by week on the 7 specific topics, processing them together as a group, and really listening to each other's stories and thoughts in a structured format. It is NOT a discussion group or circle. It is about listening and learning together. One of the members of the original group brought the workshop to Tufts University where it has been offered over the past few years. 

Because we believe the program will have positive impact to our community and great value to our members, we are offering this program free of charge.

The Understanding Our Whiteness Program is currently offered by National TTN for cross chapter participation. In December, when the program was opened for registration, six groups filled within two hours. Two groups were added to accommodate some of those waitlisted. All eight of these groups began meeting in late January. A similar number of groups are planned to begin in March. If you are interested in more information about the Understanding Our Whiteness Program contact Jill Goski at To get on the waitlist for this program contact Ginny Kiefer from the Boston Chapter of TTN at

Three of our MSP Chapter members are trained as facilitators for the Understanding Our Whiteness Program: Ginny Jacobson, Janis Weller and Jill Goski. Additionally, a new chapter SIG on Race and History is targeted to begin this spring. Stay tuned for more information.


Farewell, Best Wishes, and Special Thanks to Susan Collins for her Leadership as TTN Executive Director for the past seven years! Susan has decided to step down effective January 31.

From the January 2021 Newsletter


Happy New Year! We are glad to welcome 2021! We anticipate the words that will characterize this year may be “Vaccination”, “Hope”, and “New Normal”.

2020 started with much fanfare. It was a new decade and a really fun number – and 2020 could be associated with 20/20 (perfect) vision. TTN MSP had a clear vision for fun and educational events that would contribute positively to the lives of participants. In January, JeNell Jacobson organized a fun Get Connected and Della Johnson spoke about Housing and Downsizing at our February educational event. We had TTN author, Joy Loverde, scheduled to speak about Active Aging in April; a Garden Party hosted by Terri Evans planned for June; the TTN Signature Program: Women in Transition (WIT) targeted for September; monthly Get Connected events; picnics; and so much more. It was going to be a great year for TTN MSP.

However, in March, the pandemic resulted in a Stay Home Minnesota order followed by a Stay Safe order that required/encouraged us to stay away from others to reduce the spread of the virus. Our world and way of life changed overnight requiring a major transition in how our members connect. TTN MSP purchased a zoom subscription and encouraged meetings to be held virtually. One unexpected opportunity was that we have been able to attend interesting events offered virtually by the other 13 TTN chapters and National TTN.

Many chapter women stepped up to start, lead, reframe, and participate in new Get Connected events and SIGs. We don’t want to risk missing anyone so won’t list all their names here – but thanks to each of you! Our three TPGs grew in membership and attendance. Through all these small groups, women were able to connect with each other in engaging and meaningful ways during this time when we are so distant from one another. These groups have been a lifeline for many.

After exploring the creation of a Caring Collaborative since Fall 2019, we launched the Health and Wellness component this summer by reaching out to inactive members, hosting discussion groups, sponsoring a Legacy Writing program with Karen West, and launching Wellness Wednesdays. Facilitators for the first three Wellness Wednesday sessions were Kathleen Peterson, Melissa Cathcart, Jean Forrey, and Marilynne Roberts.

TTN MSP continues to thrive because of our wonderful members. We appreciate the way our members have stepped up to offer their expertise and lead activities. Your collective contributions and efforts enabled our chapter to pivot and quickly embrace new methods and means for staying connected and created many silver linings throughout the year.

As we look at 2021, we will continue to monitor the community health situation and are hopeful that we will be able to have in person events sometime later in the year. Until then, we will continue to meet and support each other via Zoom. Look at our website to find out what events and groups you might be interested in attending. We wish all the best for you in 2021.

We invite anyone to send us their thoughts about 2020 and 2021. We will include in next month’s Member Contribution section.

Warm Regards from your 2020 Steering Committee: Jill Goski, Cyndy Nelson, Grace Bartholet, Erin Campbell, Barbara O’Sullivan, and Julie Efta.

From the December 2020 Newsletter

Submitted by Erin Campbell

The Steering Committee has been reviewing and developing action steps based on the Member Survey and Focus Groups. Here are the top items that we are working on:
  1. Exploring a Marketing/Communications Committee – if you are interested in joining please contact Jill at
  2. Holding Wellness Wednesdays – if you have an idea for a presentation or discussion, please contact Julie at or Jan at .
  3. Utilizing Meetup as a resource for recruiting new members by posting selected chapter-wide events open to nonmembers such as Get Connected and Wellness Wednesdays. And, most importantly, to make Meetup a successful marketing tool, we need your involvement! Please go to Meetup and join “The Transition Network Mpls/St. Paul Professional Women 50+” Group. It’s easy and free. Once you are a member, please register for events, post pictures or comments. This will bring it to life and encourage nonmembers to attend an event. Any questions, please contact

From the November 2020 Newsletter


Please Join Us In Welcoming Julie Efta to our MSP TTN Leadership Team!

Our Leadership Team is excited that Julie Efta is bringing her time, creativity and abilities to our team. Julie has been a member of TTN since we first began creating a chapter and has been an informal leader and strong contributor all along. Julie participates in the full spectrum of TTN activities and events. She has been a regular attendee at quarterly programs and social events. Her welcoming and approachable presence have served as a catalyst for new members getting more deeply involved in TTN. She is a member of two Transition Peer Groups (TPGs), numerous Special Interest Groups (SIGs), our Chapter Caring Collaborative, and is always game for new events and activities. Julie is very creative and wins the award for the most ideas for new SIGs - I’ve stopped counting how many she has launched! She is also a good listener and can synthesize multiple perspectives into innovative opportunities. Our recent member survey identified our SIGs and TPGs as the most important components of our organization for connecting our members. Julie will be joining Erin Campbell to co-lead our SIGs. Our Chapter is truly fortunate to have this team of extremely talented women guiding our SIGs!

Please read Julie’s personal statement in the Leadership Team section of our website to learn more about her and her perspective which will be assets to her work on our Leadership Team and for our Chapter Community!

Submitted by Erin Campbell

As a follow-up to the survey, two focus groups were held with fourteen active members attending. Each had rich conversations and excellent ideas for the TTN MSP Chapter. The list filled out two pages and can be viewed here! Here is a brief summary of the suggestions:

  • Find a core project because it gives us common purpose and a reason to be active and unified. This could be a fund raiser or a volunteer project.
  • More successfully conduct marketing and ideally, we would have a Marketing Committee.
  • Retain and recruit members. The Caring Collaborative has called inactive members and are sending postcards. We could also have ambassadors, one-on-meetings, and a buddy system.
  • Expand our online offerings to include programming that would address health and be of interest to Meetup or working members.
  • Improve our ability to utilize ZOOM

It was stressed that we shouldn’t be afraid to fail, but to stretch and take chances. There are many wonderful ideas but to implement them, we need your help! Please contact Jill Goski at if you would be able to help our Chapter.

From the October 2020 Newsletter

Let's Stay Connected!

Submitted by Erin Campbell

And the Survey Says!
With 28 women taking the survey, we have been able to get a deeper understanding of our member’s preferences. Initially we wanted to know how members are reacting to the quarantine, but we learned even more!

The top question (during COVID-19 times) was would you attend in-person events and 61% said they would attend with 10 or less people, 24% said no, and 15% said yes. We also wanted to know what is the most important thing TTN should be doing? The top responses were to focus on recruiting and retaining members, as well as, continue to provide and support the existing SIGs and TPGs. There were many comments and further information which will help in developing future steps.

TTN’s success is driven by the members. Although the survey was anonymous, many women offered to provide help and we are hopeful that they will get in-touch with Jill Goski at to get more involved.

From the September 2020 Newsletter

Let's Stay Connected!

New Lifelong Learning Chapter Resource
Focus: Social Justice

 As mentioned in our July Chapter Newsletter, we have initiated a Lifelong Learning Resource page focused on Social Justice on our chapter website:  This Social Justice page is for members to share information, resources, and tools that may be useful in self-reflection and gaining deeper understanding of ourselves, our institutions, and our systems and how we can have positive impact as we navigate through transitions and changes to a more just community. Send your resources to Jill Goski at This lifelong learning resource will include all forms of information and resources including opportunities for those interested in going beyond the theoretical to engaging in action with the community. Thanks to Terri Evans for organizing the initial resources in an accessible format!

The 19th Amendment

 Thanks to Jean Forrey, some of our Chapter TTN members participated in the August 10–14 events sponsored by The 19th, a new nonprofit, nonpartisan newsroom reporting on gender, politics and policy. The 19th was founded to empower women – particularly those underserved by and underrepresented in American media – with the information, community and tools they need to be equal participants in our democracy. Here is an excerpt from their webpage ( and how to watch the August 10–14 recordings including an interview with Kamala Harris on August 14:.
A century ago, the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution made voting, our country’s most fundamental mode of civic participation, a right regardless of gender. But this watershed moment in our democracy excluded millions of women, including women of color, from the ballot box for generations.
From August 10–14, 2020, we commemorated the suffrage centennial with The 19th Represents, presented by Goldman Sachs and Intuit, a week of virtual events that raised the voices of women — past and present — who are reshaping the American story. Recordings of the five days of conversations with prominent women in politics, civic engagement, journalism and the arts have been recorded and are available to watch. Enjoy! 

Roseville Area League of Women Voters
Hope in the Struggle
Wednesday, September 16, 6:30–8:00 PM
Online event

Presenter, Carolyn Holbrook is co-author with Dr. Josie Johnson of Hope in the Struggle which chronicles Dr. Johnson’s illustrious life, including her dangerous role registering voters in the South during the Civil Rights Movement. Holbrook teaches creative writing at Hamline University, is the first person of color to win the Minnesota Book Awards Kay Sexton Award, and will also share her book Tell me Your Names and I Will Testify.
This is an online class offered remotely using Zoom communication software. Registration is required:  You must register in advance for this program.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. TTN Chapter Member Teresa Werneke has been actively involved in the Roseville Area League of Women Voters and the development of this program.

SAVE THE DATE: October 14 & 15
TTN 20th Anniversary Online Event

From the August 2020 Newsletter

Let's Stay Connected!

Over the past several months, TTN MSP has navigated through the transition created by the pandemic and the Governor’s stay at home order by offering many opportunities to stay connected through Zoom. Our members have shared our individual and collective journeys. While not the same as meeting in person, we found ways through this virtual platform to open-up, connect on an authentic level, laugh, commiserate, and even notice some silver linings. Our SIGs and TPGs have become very creative in developing new ways of actualizing their purpose through zoom meetings and some new SIGs have emerged during the past few months: Mini Golf, Gardens R Us, and On Being Podcast discussion SIGs. And a new Legacy Writing SIG is seeking members to convene beginning in the Fall.

Here is a brief chapter update:

  • Please complete TTN MSP Chapter Member Program Planning Survey by August 3, 2020 to assist us in making program planning decisions based on your feedback.

  • August Get Connected will be small gatherings at member’s outdoor spaces and a Zoom meeting on August 13 for those not comfortable meeting in person. 

  • Women Weaving Words Garden Party scheduled for August 29 is Postponed to summer, 2021, due to COVID-19.

  • Women in Transition Workshop originally scheduled on Sept 26 is Postponed due to uncertainty regarding facilitator travel from Santa Fe.

  • Active Aging Program is Postponed due to uncertainty regarding presenter travel from Chicago.

  • Lifelong Learning Resources chapter webpage with current focus on Social Justice is coming soon!

We know we cannot predict how the pandemic will play out throughout the rest of the summer and beyond, so we will continue to be responsive in our programming to our community health status. 

Visit our Chapter webpages for all events and updated information:

Enjoy August! 

From the July 2020 Newsletter

Let's Stay Connected!

The tragic death of George Floyd while in Minneapolis Police custody on May 25 put the Twin Cities at the center of conversations regarding racial justice.   This important issue has resonated throughout the world and many of our members have expressed interest in engaging in dialogue and educating ourselves on relevant topics such as racial inequity and disparities, implicit bias, white privilege and more.   An important value of TTN is lifelong learning and one of the things we can offer immediately is information and resources as well as opportunities for dialogue through our programming, our TPGs and SIGs and our communication methods. 

Please see on our Events Page the Legacy Writing Workshop we are offering the evenings of July 20 & 27 which will highlight the importance of Legacy Writing during times and situations like we are experiencing now. Legacy Writing facilitator and TTN member Karen West submitted for our Member Contribution Section her writing on White Privilege which she created as part of a development program with author Rachel Freed.  

Additionally, we are creating a Lifelong Learning Resource Page on our chapter website so our members can share information, resources and tools that may be useful in self-reflection and gaining deeper understanding of ourselves, our institutions and our systems and how we can have positive impact as we navigate through transitions and changes to a more racially just community.  Send your resources to Jill Goski at The lifelong Learning Resources will include all forms of information and resources including opportunities for those interested in going beyond the theoretical to engaging in action with the community like:

  • A new racial justice initiative is being launched on July 1 by The University of St. Thomas that will involve research, engagement and partnerships to learn about how to rebuild the community and prevent racism.  The work is expected to be long-term and focused on the Twin Cities but also learning from other communities.  In the words of Yohuru Williams, University of St. Thomas College of Arts and Sciences dean, “Our country has never been a truly racially just society.  So we have to build something that’s never existed here, and that’s hard.  We have to come together across races to listen to one another and to nurture one another and then work side by side with one another.”

  • A new statewide book club “One Book, One Minnesota”  selected a collections of essays on race:  “A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota,” edited by poet Sun Yung Shin, for their second book for a statewide discussion.  “One Book, One Minnesota” began in April as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as a way to unite people across the state through books and common conversation.  More information can be found on the website for the Friends of the St. Paul Public Library.

Now that some of the restrictions are being lifted and Summer has arrived we are offering some face to face small group activities outside and we will continue to be responsive to our community health status in our programming.  We also want to hear from you so will be surveying our members in July to get your perspective on our organization, programming, and participation.  See our events calendar for all upcoming events! We look forward to “seeing” you soon, no matter whether it is via Zoom or a gathering outdoors.  

From the June 2020 Newsletter

Let's Stay Connected!

Our MSP TTN Chapter continues to provide opportunities to connect until we are out and about more and can meet in person. Most of our Transition Peer Groups (TPGs), Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and our Caring Collaborative (CC) Committee are meeting via Zoom. As the summer and fall progress, members of each TPG, SIG and the CC will determine their group’s method of meeting based on the community health at the time and the preferences of members. A couple SIGs that are outdoor activity based are beginning to plan outdoor meetings with social distancing. For larger chapter-wide events, we are planning in-person programs and gatherings for late summer and fall so we are poised to resume our more traditional methods of connecting when health conditions permit and our members are comfortable doing so. We will keep you advised as the local health conditions evolve and further impact our planning.
Please note:

  • The Women Weaving Words Garden Party originally scheduled for June 27 has been rescheduled for Saturday, August 29, at 11:00 AM. 

  •  Our Spring Quarterly Program, Active Aging with Joy Loverde, originally scheduled for April 30 and rescheduled to October 29 has been postponed again to early 2021. Joy is not local and there is some uncertainty about the pandemic and air travel in the Fall.  
  • Current registrations for both the Women Weaving Words and the Active Aging programs will be transferred to the new dates unless a registrant requests a refund.   

Remember, to check out the Virtual Programs and Events sponsored by National TTN and 13 other TTN Chapters that are open to all TTN members. Recent program topics include: Friendship, Finding Purpose, Mindfulness, Resilience, Reframing Aging, Science of Well-Being, How Seniors are Saving the World, How to Create Meaningful Connections and more. You can see these opportunities on our event page.

In May, we began additional forums for sharing and laughing together and connecting in new ways through our virtual Get Connected events and the Caring Collaborative Discussion Groups.  Please know that we are here for you and there are still ways we can keep ourselves from feeling alone and confined. Look at our calendar and join us. 

From the May 2020 Newsletter

Let's Stay Connected!

Thank you for being part of our TTN community! As we navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic, our primary concern remains the health of our members. Every decision we’ve made has been to support the safety and well-being of our community while staying committed to our mission to connect women during times of transition.

We continue to plan in-person events and gatherings for summer and fall so we are poised to resume our traditional methods of connecting when health conditions permit. Additionally, since our TTN population is considered high risk the Chapter Leadership is making some changes to how we deliver our programs and group meetings to honor social distancing and expand program delivery options for the future. We will keep you advised as the local health conditions evolve and further impact our planning.
  • Large group development programs and social gatherings:
    • Spring large group development programs are currently postponed through May:
      • NOTE April 30 Spring Quarterly Program Active Aging with Joy Loverde is rescheduled on October 29. April 30 registrations have been transferred to the October 29 event unless a registrant requests a refund.
    • Spring social gatherings are either postponed or offered virtually:
      • Get Connected gatherings are being scheduled on Zoom:
        • Cinco de Mayo Get Connected is May 5 at 5:00 PM.
    • Summer and Fall large group development programs and social gatherings will be case by case as health conditions require/permit. Stay tuned as plans may change.
      • June 27 Women Weaving Words. This event will be focused on women’s stories and hosted in a member’s garden
      • August Picnic in a City Park
      • September 26 Women in Transition Workshop
      • October 29 Active Aging Program with national author and speaker Joy Loverde
      • Winter or Spring Quarterly Program on Resilience with presenter Kathy Marshall, U of M Center for Spirituality and Healing
    • If you are currently registered for an event and wish to cancel, please do so at least 24 hours ahead. A refund will be processed, or you can donate the fee to TTN as some of you have already done.
  • Special Interest Group and Transition Peer Group Meetings:
    • Many SIGs and TPGs have made a resilient transition to Zoom meetings during this time of social distancing. Thanks to the goodwill, creativity, and hard work of group leaders!
    • The Chapter Zoom videoconferencing subscription is available for all SIG and TPG meetings. Check with Cyndy or Jill if you want to set up/need assistance with a TTN Zoom meeting.
    • As health conditions change, TPGs and SIGs should decide as a group their preferred method of meeting.
  • New: Chapter Caring Collaborative Program:
    • Informal Small Group Discussions are offered on May 20 & 21 via Zoom
    • Future programs on health-related topics are being explored
    • Piloting more Caring Collaborative functions is under consideration when circumstances permit.
  • Virtual Programs and Events sponsored by National TTN and 13 other TTN Chapters:
    • MSP TTN members are eligible to attend, at the member rate, any programs sponsored by National TTN.
    •  MSP TTN members may attend, at the member rate, any programs sponsored by another TTN Chapter and designated as ‘open.’
    • Recent program topics include: Friendship, Finding Purpose, Mindfulness, Resilience, Reframing Aging, Science of Well-Being, How Seniors are Saving the World, How to Create Meaningful Connections and more.

We are a self-directed, nationally and locally supported chapter that promotes enlightening programs, communications and connections that inspire our members and grow our membership. Like you during these unprecedented times, we are improvising. We are exploring ways to make the most of new opportunities and methods to grow and support our community of women in innovative ways.
We are an all-volunteer chapter and are continuously looking for women with a desire to engage in meaningful ways – we match your interests with our chapter needs. We invite you to create the Special Interest Group or Transition Peer Group you are interested in, collaborate on programs you want to see developed/offered and contribute your ideas for new ways to connect. Collectively, through our curiosity, wisdom, and talents we can create light for our community during these unfortunate times.

From the April 2020 Newsletter

First, we hope you are all taking good care of yourself and your loved ones. Whether you are a long-term member or new to The Transition Network you are navigating through unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic is requiring major transitions in how we live our lives. This is the type of changing life situation that leads individuals to seek new connections, resources and opportunities and it is the mission of TTN to provide opportunities to connect women during times of transition. Connecting has become more difficult as we attempt to distance ourselves from others to protect ourselves and “flatten the curve” to moderate the impact on our health care systems.
Our Chapter Steering Committee wants to share how we are operating under the circumstances while remaining committed to our mission: 

  • Large group programs and social gatherings are cancelled/postponed thru the end of April:

    • March 14 Get Connected was cancelled

    • March 21 Discover Paris is postponed to an undetermined date

    • April 30 Spring Quarterly Program Active Aging is postponed to October 29

  •  ZOOM videoconferencing is now a Chapter resource and a new method for connecting:

    • All SIG/TPG leads can arrange meetings via ZOOM. Transition Peer Groups and Special Interest Groups should decide as a group, at least a week before the meeting, whether the group should continue to meet, find an alternative meeting method, or go on hiatus until things settle down

    • Our Steering Committee meetings are currently conducted via ZOOM.

    • Our Exploring the Caring Collaborative Committee is considering hosting Discussion Groups via ZOOM.

  • Members can connect with and support each other by signing into your account on the TTN website. You will be able to find other member email addresses by clicking on the Member Directory link. You can contact them initially via email and decide together if you want to connect via email, phone, or any other technology.

  • National TTN will be hosting webinars to teach members how to sign up and use SKYPE as a way to stay connected not only with TTN contacts but with family and others in our lives.

  • Other tools that may be useful to stay connected with family and friends include:  Google Hangouts, Facebook, video calls, Facetime, Free Conference Call, etc.

  • We continue to plan great events for the upcoming year with adjustments as needed:

  • June 27 Women Weaving Words. This event will be focused on women’s stories and hosted in a member’s garden

  • August Picnic in a City Park

  • September 26 Women in Transition Workshop

  • October 29 Active Aging Program with national author and speaker Joy Loverde

  • Quarterly Program on Resilience with presenter Kathy Marshall, U of M Center for Spirituality and Healing.

We recognize that our chapter strength comes from our members and the breadth and depth of your collective wisdom. We welcome any ideas or suggestions from you especially for expanding our repertoire of methods for staying connected during these challenging times. Let us know your thoughts and Stay well! 



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