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***Thanks for all the great, creative things the Steering Committee is doing for TTN. You must be working really hard to put it all together. I’m impressed how I still feel connected to my TTN friends, even without being able to be together in person. 
***Thank you and the rest of your steering committee for coming up with such a variety of programs.  I'm sure it's not an easy task.
***I just wanted to thank the three of you for the excellent resilience program yesterday.  It was apparent how much time and effort went into planning the event.  Thank you so much for gathering us to share such a timely topic.  The presentation and discussion were both wonderfully done and much appreciated. The entire program was a gift and I am very grateful!
***Thank you so much for all your hard work and efforts. I really enjoyed yesterday’s resilience workshop. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate what all of you are doing for us!!! 
 ***I joined TTN in February of this year and attended a new member tea and received a lot of useful information and was warmly welcomed. There are so many resources to take advantage of despite the Pandemic; it’s amazing how much effort is put in.
***I want to thank all of you for the fabulous job you’re doing keeping us all connected during this crazy time. I know how hard you and Claudia and others are working and I want you to know how very much I appreciate your efforts!!!!
***Thank you for all your endeavors on behalf of the members of this organization.  I am sitting here calm and happy.  I am remembering how lost and alone I felt six years ago, before I joined.  I made it my job to email everyone who was the contact person for each group that interested me.  They were all closed at the time so I requested to be on the waiting list.  One by one opportunities to join opened up for me.  Today I am a member of five SIGs/TPGs.  I have made some wonderful friends as well as very nice acquaintances.  I am writing to let you know that what you do MATTERS to many women. It certainly matters to me.
***I have often questioned where all the money goes that our chapter collects. I now see the value of having a "rainy day fund" for unexpected expenses.  Having the use of TTNs Zoom capacity for committee meetings and for SIGs and TPGs is well worth the price of our dues and the money the organization makes on events.
***TTN has provided me with many opportunities and options.  Thank you! 
***I want to thank you and the committee for all your hard work in providing such great programs for us during this pandemic. I especially liked going into the rooms when we did resilience. The people in my 2nd room really expressed the issues we are facing and we realized we are not alone. I hope we can have another similar program and we can breakup into small groups for a longer period of time.
***Again I know many of the people in my groups are thankful for the variety of programs you have given and are continuing to give us.  
Please let everyone involved know that their efforts are appreciated.
***Thanks again and I believe TTN is doing a wonderful job keeping its members engaged during this terrible time.

***Thank you so much for providing these events. You have ‘stepped up’ during stressful times. Very much appreciated."

***I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all you have done for me/us during this time. Many blessings to you.

***Thank you so much for all you are doing to keep us connected.  The programming has been wonderful.

***Just want to thank you and the committees for the time and effort put into TTN for the programs during this pandemic period.These events really make a difference for the members! It helps us be more connected in these isolating times, especially for those of us that live alone.
Hope to get back to the SIG events once the NY region gets safer.

It is almost time for me to renew my membership, which I will do with a smile on  my face."