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Special Interest Groups 

Special Interest Groups or SIGs are a unique members-only benefit.
TTN SIGs are small groups of women who join together in a member's home, or other mutually agreed upon location, to engage in informal discussions on topics of mutual interest. They are composed of 8-12 women who share an activity or topic for discussion that they want to explore in more depth than the regular monthly TTN meetings might allow.  Below you will find descriptions and contact information for our existing Special Interest Groups.
New Special Interest Groups: 
Don't see what you're looking for in our exiting groups?  If you have an idea for a special interest group, please contact us. When there is enough “critical mass,” new SIGs will form.
Existing Special Interest Groups                                                                       


The Writers Special Interest Group is for women who have a passion for writing. You may have written a book, or want to explore writing one, or have in interest in writing in general. Every month the group gets together and writes to a given "prompt". The group is led by the members on a rotating basis.

Movies & Theater

This Special Interest Group is led by Mary Hiland. The Movie and Theatre Peer Group will try to attend at least one movie, play and/or concert each month.  The events are included in the TTN newsletter as all members are welcome to join the peer group at a movie or a play. The group has seen a number of movies and several plays and enjoyed dinner afterwards with a discussion of the movie or play, including several plays where our own TTN member Leslie Robinson is performing.  Mary welcomes your suggestions! 

Contact:  Mary Hiland (

The Wellness Special Interest group will be delving into the many aspects of how we stay healthy and vital - including exercise, food, meditation, bodywork, and many more. 

Contact: Roberta Kayne (

Women in Transition

We will be forming another Women in Transition peer group after our next "Women in Transition Workshop". Stay tuned for more information about this workshop.
Contact: Carol Oswald at ( 


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