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September 3, 2019
September 16 Meeting - Members' Travel Adventures

Monday, September 16, 2019
6:00pm to 8:00pm
Location: Quest Conference Center, 8405 Pulsar Pl, Columbus, OH 43240

Travel is one of those things many of us do more of once we’ve retired (or if we have earned a lot of accrued vacation in our day jobs).  If you’re looking for where to go on your next travel adventure, enjoy tales of members who have traveled recently.

Anna Crooks and Leslie Robinson and their “On D'Road in Alabama”.

Pat Hurley will share travel tips with “AZ on the Cheap.”

Roberta Kayne and Donna Owen will share their trip to Israel.

Kay Porr with Galapagos and Quito, Ecuador adventures.

All of our intrepid travelers will bring some pictures to share as they recount their adventure for us.

You are also invited to gather for dinner at 4:30 pm at Polaris Grill on Polaris Parkway before the program meeting at Quest.

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September 2, 2019
Letter from the Chair – September 2019

We’re moving toward the end of another year and I find myself disappointed again because summer is leaving us.  You can feel the changes all around as “everyone” goes back to school.  What will be new for you this fall?

For our chapter, we have two new Transition Peer Groups meeting this fall.  The Single Women’s Group and an East Side Group, women whose zip code is on the east side of town will both meet in September, October and November.  

The Transition Peer Group is one of the TTN Signature Programs only available to our members.  The Peer Groups are small groups of our members who come together monthly to explore topics of their choice in depth. 

Unlike Special Interest Groups, membership in a Peer Group is consistent from month to month.  They add new members only when the existing group decides to do so.  Frequently meeting in smaller groups fosters the deeper connections and intimacy that attract women to TTN.  

In Central Ohio, Peer Groups are a new offering.  Later this year we’ll examine the results and consider next steps.

The Chapter has also begun planning for the 2020 year.  In August, a group of members volunteered to take on the planning of programs for 2020.  We have a tentative slate of programs and will be meeting again on October 1, to confirm meeting topics, speakers and locations for the 2020 year.

Membership growth and retention will be the next topics to tackle when we come back together.  If you could not make the August meeting and will take on some tasks to help with the 2020 year, mark October 1 on your calendar and watch for further details.

I look forward to seeing all of you on September 16, our next monthly program date.

Make it a great day!


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August 27, 2019
Special Interest and Transition Peer Groups – September, 2019 and Future Events


Wellness Group: 

Women's Self Defense Class - Wellness Event Series:

Westerville Police is sponsoring a free Women's Self Defense Class. The last class is scheduled for Oct 19th. You don't have to be a Westerville resident to sign up. The sign-up website is here

For information on the Wellness Group, please contact Roberta Kayne at or Maureen Severns at  And if you would like to plan an event or have an idea for a wellness event, please contact Roberta or Maureen.

Sleuthin’ Genies Genealogy Group

Contact Karen Linnenkohl for information about the "Sleuthin' Genies" Genealogy Group at  

Movie and Theatre Group

Instead of a movie night in September, Mary is suggesting that we see the musical, Chicago, which will be performed at Otterbein, September 26th-29th. If you are interested, please contact Mary at with your choice of date. 


Writers Group

Our next meeting is on September 20th, Friday. Our group is still capped at ten. 

If we lose members due to attrition, etc., our cap will decrease. At the same time, we encourage other interested TTN members who would like to join or lead another writers group to start a second group. One of our members would be happy to attend a meeting to help you get started.  Please contact Anna Crooks at 

Fact Gatherers Group

This group has reached its limit of 10 members. Contact Mary Greenlee at for the next meeting date.

Welcome New Members!

Please welcome new members, Heather Gross and Elizabeth Kuhn. If you are a new member and would like to introduce yourself through the Newsletter, please contact Mary Hiland at

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August 25, 2019
“Health, the Ultimate Form of Wealth”

At our TTN Central Ohio Chapter meeting on August 18, 2019, Susan Fehl spoke about the energy centers or chakras in our bodies, and discussed how to eliminate energy blocks and get things flowing. This is all backed up by a growing body of evidence. Chakras are the emotional, mental and spiritual energy centers. Illness results from blocks in the flow of energy. 

First, she told us about her story of pain starting in high school, her journey to eliminate that pain, and how she came to study energy. She sang the praises of TTN’s workshop, which helped Susan realize her goal of working with energy.

She provided a handout to follow along as she went through each of the chakras, their names, the element associated with them, their color, the stones and crystals associated with them, and the energetic realm they rule.  Susan also discussed what happens if any of your chakras are blocked. For example, your intuition can be lost or you could have headaches if your Third Eye Chakra is blocked.

There are many ways of unblocking your energy for each of the chakras, she explained.  For example, some techniques to unblock, ground and balance the Third Eye Chakra are sunshine, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, and sound healing.

Some resources are as follows:

- Sound healing Free on You Tube. Google: healing music hz.

- Heal and align the seven chakras with Tibetan Singing Bowls sound therapy. Learn more at
- Dr. Sandra Solano: Sound Bath at Radiant Yoga and Wellness (many first Sundays @ 7:00-8:00 p.m.)

There are too many other wonderful resources to list here, including yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, HeartMath, Reiki, acupuncture, and more.  Two of the lasting questions she had were “What are we going to do to achieve our definition of Health?” and “Do you recharge yourself every day?” 

- Donna Kayne Owen

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August 25, 2019
Chautauqua Institution 2019 Update

Five TTN members, Pat Hurley (Weeks 4 and 5), Ann Fox (Week 4), Mary Hiland (Weeks 5 and 6), Jeannette McDonald (Week 5), and Anna Crooks (Week 5) attended Chautauqua (CHQ) Institution in Chautauqua, NY in July and August.

Week 4 Program title was “The Longevity Opportunity: How Longer Lives Are Changing the World”; Week 5 was “The Life of the Spoken Word”, and Week 6 was “What’s Funny? In Partnership with the National Comedy Center.”

Pat also taught a class during Week 4.  All members brought back interesting stories to tell. You can read more about Mary’s own CHQ experience by visiting her blog, Sharing some photos of our CHQ weeks….

Photo 1: Pat Hurley, Mary Hiland, Dora, Jeannette McDonald, Anna Crooks enjoying their last evening on the porch of the Athenaeum Hotel

Photo 2: Mary Hiland, Dora, Jeannette McDonald, Anna Crooks with carillon keyboardist in the 1911 Miller Bell Tower

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