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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: I'm ready to join The Transition Network. How do I get started?
  • Click here or go to the JOIN tab on the top of the website. Don't forget to indicate your zip code so you'll be registered as a member of our Boston chapter. You'll have access to everything The Transition Network offers on a national basis in addition to all the benefits and programs geared to our Boston-area members.
Question: I'm interested but not quite ready to join. Can I get on the TTN Boston mailing list for now?
  • Sure! Click here to send us an email and we will add your to our mailing list.  We hope you'll join our chapter and help us shape TTN Boston in exciting new directions!
Question: What’s the difference between a Transition Peer Group and a Special Interest Group (SIG)?
  • Participation in Transition Peer Groups and SIGs are alike in that both are available only to women who support TTN as active members. The two are quite different.
    • A Special Interest Group (SIG) is an activity- or topic- oriented gathering that brings together members who share similar goals, interests or activities. Any member can propose a new group and get help starting it (see related article elsewhere in this newsletter). To learn more about SIGs, click here.
    • A Transition Peer Group (TPG) is an ongoing group of eight to 12 members who meet over time (generally, monthly) in group members’ homes. Topics can range from dealing with career transitions, to changing family relationships, to the issues of aging...or whatever else the group wishes. New TTN Boston Transition Peer Groups will be organized as members express an interest—including a preference for day, time of day, location, T accessibility, and so forth. To learn more about TPGs, click here.
Question: How do I learn about Transition Peer Groups or SIGs that may be starting, or joining an existing one?
  • New Transition Peer Groups are starting all the time. To learn more these groups, click here!
  • You can join as many SIGs as you have passions you’d like to explore! Find out more about existing SIGs, or how to start a new one geared to your specific interests and curiosity. To learn more about SIGs, click here.
 Question: How does TTN Boston relate to The Transition Network?
  • The Transition Network is the premier national organization for women over 50 in transition, and a voice for women who continue to change the rules. We define transition not only as significant life events but as the everyday changes we all experience.
  • Local chapters of this growing organization connect women who want to learn from each other and meet others who will inspire and support us as we continue our lives of learning, engagement, and leadership in the world.
  • TTN Boston became an official chapter in October 2013. With your energy, support, and enthusiasm, we'll continue to grow. Spread the word!
Question: How do I check when my TTN membership will expire?
  • Go to the TTN home page. Enter your username and password in the Member Login section, in the upper right corner. After logging in, the "My Account" page will appear. Click on "Renew My Membership" on the left side. The first paragraph on the "Renew My Membership" page includes the expiration date of your membership. If your membership is about to expire, you can renew by following the instructions on that page.
 Question: How do I get the most out of my TTN membership?
  • The more involved you are, the more you’ll meet new women, use your talents, and have fun! Here are just a few of the ways you can get more involved and enrich your TTN experience.
    • Are you coming to a TTN event? You can greet members and guests, help with set-up, or take pictures.
    • Can you spare an hour a month? You can call and welcome a new member, make follow-up calls to a guest after an event, or write an article for our next newsletter.
    • Got more time to give? Join our Membership team and help us grow. Join the Communications and Marketing team and help get the word out. (Social media mavens? Graphics gals? We want to meet you!) Join the Program Committee and help plan great gatherings and interesting speakers. (And if you’re willing to open your home to an event or know of a great location—ideally, a free space!—we’re all ears.)
  • Contact any member of the TTN Boston Steering Committee to learn more about any of these opportunities, and more. TTN is your organization, and you can make great things happen!

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