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Walk Confidently Through 2021

Santa Fe Chapter Event: Monthly ProgramMonday, Jan 25, 2020, 6‑7:30pm MDT
Location: Online via ZOOM LINK
All Attendees: FREE 

2020 was a year that knocked most of us out of our usual routines and invited us to contemplate the big questions: What do I stand for? What do I want? If I could have my life back the way it used to be, would I even want that? And if not that, what?
As we begin 2021, some of us will be forging ahead in (possibly new) ways that are deeply satisfying, while others of us will still be caught in a place of waiting and wondering. However, all of us can have thought deeply about our values and wants, and codified them into something that will guide us through the coming year. 
Come participate in an activity that will help you not only identify your values and wants, but also help you see which are the most important, the ones you can comfortably rely on to guide your choices and actions in 2021. 
- Make sure you have at least 25 tiny Post-It Notes to write on. If this is not possible, you can cut 25 small pieces of paper, each approximately 2 X 1½ inches in size.
- Have a pencil or pen, a blank sheet of 8½ X 11” paper and something on which you can write some notes 
Rhoda Mitchell, M.Ed., is a coach and wisdom teacher, helping individuals find their deepest desires, own their power and live their best lives. She brings a playful approach to “serious” subjects and puts her more than 35 years of insights and experience at your disposal. You will enjoy the interaction with her.

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