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Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for Members-Only focus around a specific passion or interest that all group members share.  Many are discussion groups (e.g., book groups, political discussion groups) that meet in members' homes, usually, monthly.  These groups fill up quickly due to space limitations.  A new type of peer group has recently evolved, in which members sign up to be part of a network of women who are contacted when someone is looking for a companion or a group of women with whom to do something.  These groups focus on a variety of interests such as those listed below.  Membership is often open-ended and meet-ups occur at members' apartment, theater, museum, restaurant, etc.  Some of these groups also meet either regularly or on an ad hoc basis in a member's home and, due to the size of their membership, attendance is on a "first-to-respond" basis, with a waiting list generally maintained.
We have groups that discuss books or magazine articles, go to movies, attend theatrical performances and opera, walk together, dine out, cook in, travel to places near and far, discuss politics and current events, or photography, or financial matters, or dating... the list goes on.  

If you don't see a group listed below that interests you, or you have an idea for a new TTN Special Interest Group (SIG) - your own passion - and would like to take the lead in organizing a group, or just participate in it, you can contact the SIG committee chairs.  

They can help you publicize the group on the TTN website and in the Chapter's e-newsletters and provide resources to launch the group successfully.  Organizing a group is really easy.  Just send a description of the group to the chairs.  Then keep track of the people who respond to your request.  Once you have enough people interested, contact us, and we can help you get it started. Click Here for More  Information  (TTN member password required) 

Please scroll down to see a list of SIGs that are looking for additional members.  Please note that these groups are for NYC Chapter members only. Click Here for  SIG Contact Information  (TTN member password required) 



Magazine Salon #5 – New 

Evening online monthly salon forming. We will meet virtually every 2nd Wednesday from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. Per the current salons, discussions will revolve around the usual suspects from liberal thinking publications and whatever members find of interest. Progressive pieces welcome. Rotating monthly member format consists of article selection, group notification including article link and/PDF and discussion lead. Members attend prepared to openly discuss their thoughts and feelings. Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

Mystery Book Lovers NEW - Wait List Only

Attention Mystery Book Lovers.  Myself and 2 other TTN members would like to form a new Book Group where we will read mysteries of all kinds.  The group will meet (via Zoom) the 3rd Wednesday of the month, 3:00pm - 5:00pm.  We are looking for 5-7 members to join our group.   Once we have enough interest, I will form the first organizing zoom meeting and we can discuss what we’d like to read first and how we’ll organize our group. Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

Canasta Group for Intermediate Players NEW

Looking to start a Canasta group, with intermediate players who are interested in playing on Monday or Tuesday afternoons. Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

Mah Jongg Group for Experienced Players NEW

Looking for 5-6 experienced Mah Jongg players to meet twice a month, the first and third Tuesday afternoon at 1:00 PM  for a friendly and relaxing  game. Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​


Eleven passionate knitters have gotten together to form this Special Interest Group, which meets the second Tuesday of each month from 3:30 to 5:30 pm to work on their individual projects and develop friendships around multicolored wool.    We would love to welcome another two members who live in Manhattan and are able to take their turn hosting the group, which we do alphabetically.  Since it's rare for all members to be able to attend any given meeting, hosting usually involves eight at the most.  If you would prefer to sew, needlepoint, crochet, or do crewel embroidery, no one will judge you!  All levels are welcome as we work on individual projects.   Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

BOOKSURFING SIG: Mingling, Munching, & Making Deeper Connections! NEW

What do Tel Aviv, Seattle and Barcelona have in common? They are all home to vibrant BookSurfing communities.  In fact, BookSurfing is now happening in 15 countries. Join us as TTN jumps on the BookSurfing wave!
What is Booksurfing? BookSurfing is a fun, new way to make connections --- providing an opportunity to learn more about people you know a lot, people you know a little or people you may not know at all. It uses any kind of text as a springboard to lively discussion. 
How does it work?  Group size is limited giving each participant the opportunity to read aloud from their selection of 1 1/2 pages - (about 400 words) from a book, a magazine, a poem or another source, even something you have written yourself. The text you choose will help others learn about you. Reading is followed by a discussion that may take us in directions we never expected.
What takes place? This is a gathering bringing TTN members together to meet and explore through texts. The only moving force behind BookSurfing is curiosity and the ability to listen to others (and a love of reading). 
Quote from a Booksurfing participant:
“From literature we learn and explore, we reach different dimensions and discover new frontiers. Surfing invites freedom, it is flexible and enjoyable. BookSurfing is the mix of both, inviting people to learn and explore about each other in a comfortable and limitless environment.”
We are looking for 20-25 members who want to meet bi-monthly on the third Wednesday of the month from 6-8PM. Only 8-10 members will have the opportunity to attend any meeting, on a first come first served basis. 
Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

All That Jazz! NEW

A new Jazz Special Interest Group (SIG) is being formed which gives members the opportunity to visit a variety of venues around New York City.  These include clubs, concerts, restaurant "jazz brunches," etc.; and the events selected will be reasonably priced. Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

Laughter is the Best Medicine NEW

If you have a good sense of humor and can enjoy a raunchy joke, then come  meet like-minded members.  We will plan to attend  various venues in the city -clubs, shows, movies, lectures,etc., which have a comedic theme.  Remember, Laughter Is The Best Medicine. Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

Arts and Crafts

 Artists’ Group NEW
We are looking to form a group of artists to share ideas and practices. Any studio art form is welcome. The artists will determine the group’s goals and interests when we meet. Looking at art together at specific shows and galleries is one area of interest. Sharing and critiquing work is another area to explore. We are hoping to find 8 to 10 women to form this new SIG. We will meet monthly on a day to be determined. Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​


Book Groups

Book groups are always popular with TTN members.  New book groups are formed often, and sometimes existing book groups need new members.  If you are interested in being in a being in a day or evening Book Group, we  will help you find a group, and possibly, some new friends. Click here to contact the book group coordinator (TTN member password required) ​


Fourth Friday Book Group

Our congenial group of 4 is looking for new members.  We enjoy good literature and discussion, and not necessarily contemporary works.  We concentrate on the literature rather than the social aspects, although we might have dinner afterwards.

Meetings are the 4th Friday of the month at 4 PM in a member’s home or office, and we rotate book choice among the members monthly. Recent authors include Vivian Gornick, Muriel Barbery, and Kazuo Ishiguro. Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required)

Thursday Evening Book Group  NEW 

Our book group meets from 6 to 8 pm on the third Thursday of the month, either at a member's home or a restaurant.  We read both fiction and non-fiction  and  are looking for new members. Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

Third Monday of the Month Book Group

Are you a curious and critical reader, interested in contributing to lively discussions of a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction?  We meet the 3rd Monday of the month, after dinner, from 7 to 9 PM, at members’ homes.  New members will be expected to host at least once a year.  Among the authors we’ve enjoyed are Chinua Achebe, Diana Athill, Edwidge Danticat, Edmund de Waal, Alice Munro, Christopher Hitchens, Joseph O'Neill, Sonia Sotomayor and Kyung-Sook Shin.  Favorite reads range from The Violin Maker to Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other.  Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​



 Arias ‘r Us
Do you love opera but have a hard time finding friends with the same passion? Then this group may be for you. There are many ways to see opera without the sky-high ticket prices for orchestra seats at the Metropolitan – HDTV broadcasts, last minute ticket lines, smaller opera companies. And there are opera lectures all over town. The idea is to listen to gorgeous music and then discuss what we have seen and heard. Join us and let’s discuss what other musical adventures we can plan. Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

The Class Band

Can you sing, play an instrument? A new group is starting that will perform regularly at various Chapter events. It is an enjoyable opportunity to use your talent!  Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

Culture Mavens

Culture Mavens provides a forum to find others who share your passion for theater, film, dance, music, museums, and other cultural activities.  We meet every other month on a weeknight for a lively discussion about what we’ve seen or done that we recommend (or NOT!), upcoming events, and discount opportunities. Meeting attendance is on a first-to-respond basis. The first 12-15 members to reply to a meeting invitation are confirmed to attend (based on the host’s living room seating capacity), then responders go on a waiting list. Detailed meeting minutes are e-mailed afterward to all group members.  All Culture Mavens have access to the large mailing list and communicate via email. So, if there’s something you want to do, see, or listen to you can send an e-mail to find like-minded women to join you.  You could also suggest a meal or a drink at either end of your event, and get to know your new friends. Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

For the Love of Dance

As Martha Graham said, "Dance is the hidden language of the soul!" By watching exciting dance in styles from all over the world, you can feel that language come to life! There are engaging performances, rehearsals, conversations and lectures about dance all over our city. This is the group for people who are interested in seeing that array of dance styles, going with people of like enthusiasm, and discussing what we've seen. From ballet and classic, to modern and jazz, to Tango and Kabuki, come join us as we enjoy the joys of dance! Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

Museums & Galleries 

Love visiting the museums and galleries New York has to offer? It’s more fun with a friend. This group gives you the opportunity to enjoy the experience with others who share the same passion. It is an“open ended” group with no actual group meetings, using instead a “Members List Format”. How this works: if you’re planning to visit a museum, art gallery or any other related venue, send an email to the group asking if anyone would like to join you. After the exhibit you can discuss what you’ve seen, perhaps, by sharing a cup of coffee, lunch or dinner. Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

Dining Groups

Culinary Explorers WAIT LIST ONLY

From pot stickers to patisserie, NYC has it all. This is a group dedicated to exploring and learning about all things culinary -- cooking classes, visits to purveyors, restaurant experiences and other food adventures that take us to the core of New York’s rich and diverse food culture. Not just an eating group, each member is required to partner with another to conceptualize, plan, and run one event a year. We meet the 1st Wednesday of every month.Let’s take the lid off the most delicious melting pot in the world! Gelato anyone?  Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

Ethnic Eats: Food with a Story to Tell WAIT LIST ONLY

Our group will meet for lunch the third Friday of the month from 1:00-2:30 to experience interesting, tasty, good value ethnic cuisine at a variety of places. There will be an occasional dinner meet up as certain intriguing spots do not serve lunch. Whenever possible, we will learn about the people, passions, and places behind the cuisine. Sharing of dishes is encouraged. Bills payable by CASH only. Each monthly announcement will state the venue along with the number that can be comfortably accommodated.   Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

Food Network

Have a passion for food, interest in new food trends, recipes, restaurants all to inspire cooking great meals? Connect with a group of 5-6 members to create a 5 - 6 course lunch to be enjoyed in someone's home with the appropriate wines once a month. The host makes the main and each person is responsible for another course. Most prep work is done at home and brought to the lunch. Last minute prep, mixing or heating etc, is done on sight. It is a great opportunity to bond and have interesting conversation as well as share food. We currently have 3 groups of 5 or 6 people in each and we are always looking for new members. If you are interested, Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​ 

Holiday and Special Occasions Dining Group Wait List Only

This group is for you if you happen to be solo for traditional "family" holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's or simply want to enjoy fun outings like Chinese New Year with others in the same situation.  Dining events will be held at restaurants in Manhattan and, when possible, in a member's apartment. Cash is required in case the restaurant will not accept credit cards. Our first event was a Thanksgiving dinner (2018) at Serafina. Christmas was celebrated with Chinese food at restaurant that also featured Latin specialties.  A group got together for a New Year's Day brunch and Chinese New Year.

Monthly emails go out with a list of those celebrating birthdays that month so they can get together and celebrate their joint birthdays for brunch, dinner, drinks or anyway they prefer. The point is, you don't have to be on your own during important holidays or your birthday.  Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

Let's Lunch Group

Are you a “foodie” at heart? Do you want to try hot new places in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan … along with the next generation? Are you curious about unfamiliar cuisines? Do you have a taste for spice and a budget for the “Underground Gourmet?”   Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

Table Talk 

You are invited to participate in "Table Talk", a new dining group, to share good food and lively conversation with other members.  We will dine on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:00pm at restaurants around the city.  Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

Weekend Brunch

Our group is made up of hungry, enthusiastic and proactive members. We meet on the 2nd weekend of each month, alternating between Saturday one month and Sunday the next month. Restaurants are selected by two-member teams, rotating among the membership every 2 months. Time and place are sent to all approximately 2 weeks in advance.  Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

Movie Groups

The Film Group NEW

A new Special Interest Group, The Film Group, is forming.  Beginning in February, we will meet on the first Thursday of each month at 5:30 PM to discuss a movie we have all recently seen.  About 2 weeks prior to our Film Group meet-up, our group administrator will provide the name of the selected movie and our meeting place.  At our meetings we will choose a person to select the next month’s movie and meeting place (a favorite restaurant, Diner, apartment, et cetera). This should give us a wonderful variety of tastes and preferences. The member who selects the movie will provide her personal insights into the movie and what made her choose it.   Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​ 

Thursday Movie Group

For those who love “Arty” movies - foreign and independent films and documentaries -  we meet monthly on the last Thursday afternoon (except for November and December when we meet the 3rd Thursday). After the movie, we go for dinner nearby, usually in the East and West Village neighborhoods where most of the Art cinemas are located. We take turns selecting the film and restaurant.  Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

The Movie House Wait List Only

If you love movies and also enjoy the format of a book club we have the perfect SIG for you.  Here you will meet a group of interesting women who enjoy seeing a good movie. Members will rotate the responsibility of selecting a movie for the group and facilitating a discussion. Members will view the selected movie in the luxury of their home anytime during the month.  Movies will be selected that are readily available on Netflix and other television channels.  At our first meeting we will discuss full details.  Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

Travel Groups


Are you looking for a companion or group with whom to travel -- either domestically or internationally, on short trips or longer ones, planned independently or with existing travel groups, to a local area resort or to more faraway lands? Then this group is for you! Open to all TTN members, we communicate primarily via email and Facebook by offering trip destination suggestions, types of travel options such as specialty tours, and any other relevant travel information. We meet up occasionally to share ideas, but the primary focus is to connect with others interested in your trip idea and then go from there to do your own planning and travel!  Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​


All Other Groups

Caregivers Support Group (for members of TTN's Caring Collaborative)

There are times in our lives when contact with like-minded individuals can make a profound difference. The group is open to TTN members who face the daunting challenge of dealing with loved ones who are seriously ill or are frail elderly. Our support group will offer a safe place to talk with others in the same situation. Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

Civic Action Group

This group was formed to help mitigate the anxiety levels many members experienced after the Nov. 8 election votes were counted, and to identify ways members could become active as responsible and involved citizens.  Some of the issues we have explored are women's rights, reproductive health, hate crimes, the environment, interfaith tolerance, immigration, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, fake news and ageism.  Individual members research a particular issue, then identify steps we might choose to take on our own to influence public policies, legislation, or candidates.  Their research often identifies organizations that have similar interests and might like to share programs or projects with TTN, such as the League of Women Voters, the American Association of University Women (AAUW), or the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).  Members share contact information for such organizations, as well as news items and comments, at occasional meetings and via email or postings on the SIG’s Facebook page, which can only be viewed by CA members. All TTN members are welcome to attend SIG meetings and to become active in its Civic Actions. It's a way for TTNers to have their voices heard. Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

Magazine Salon 4 WAIT LIST ONLY

TThis special interest group, which will meet the first Wednesday of each month from 2 to 4 PM, will discuss thought-provoking and timely articles from print and digital sources such as The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Quartz, Slate, etc. We are looking to discuss a wide range of topics:  women's issues, the environment, health, education, current national, local and international events. Each month one member of the group will select an article for discussion, send the article to the other members of the group at least one week before the meeting and will moderate the discussion. Members will be asked to read the article and be prepared to discuss it. Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

Magazine Salon 2 WAIT LIST ONLY

The "Magazine Salon" provides an opportunity for TTN members to discuss thought-leadership articles from print and digital magazines such as The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic, Quartz, Slate, etc. Each month, one member of the group will select a thought provoking article, send the article link to members of the group, and moderate the discussion. We are looking to discuss a wide range of topics which could include health, the environment, education, women's issues, as well as timely current national and international events. Members will be asked to read the article prior to the meeting and come prepared to discuss it. Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

Members’ Writing Group

We are reactivating a Memoir Writing Group for those of you who love to put into words “little stories” of your past (other types of writing projects also are included) that you’d like to share and get and give feedback on. Whether you are writing for your own pleasure, or just for family and friends, or would like to get published, this group is for you. Join us in our monthly meetings at one of our homes, from 3-5 pm. Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

Mind Your Business, Please

This Special Interest Group (SIG) is for members who currently own a business, ran a business or are considering starting a new business.  Maybe you’ve been downsized out of your company or left on your own accord and are looking to reinvent your circumstances. Or it could also be that you would like to build a business based on your skills that could supplement your IRA, pension or medicare?   

Come share what you're doing or hope to do, come to discuss small business owner challenges, come to help/advise others, come to explore ideas to get back into the game, your own game. Together we can identify and resolve common interests and needs: skills sets, processes, business models, online tools and software, hiring and just plain brainstorming ideas.   

​The group currently meets the first Wednesday of each month from 5pm to 7pm at a member's apartment or a restaurant.  (The day and time can be adjusted to meet everyone’s preferences.)   The value of the SIG can extend beyond that by finding ways to share resources, learning opportunities and partnerships.  Click Here to
Contact This Group
 (TTN member password required) ​

Mindfulness - Learning to Love What Is   

Do you want to live your life with more ease, vitality and enjoyment? Do you want to reduce stress, cope better with anxiety, and improve concentration? And what about meeting women who “speak your language”? Then this new group forming in “mindfulness” invites you to join us. We plan to discuss topics such as loving kindness, living in the present moment and not judgmentally. Mindfulness meditation and mindful movement are additional options to explore. Please consider participating in this exciting new group! Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

SLO Walkers 

For walkers who walk a bit more slowly than in-shape seniors. Actually it should be called "the not-so-fast walkers."  We walk once a week, either Sat. or Sun starting at 10 a.m., weather permitting.  The walk is about an hour, at varied locations.  We finish with a brunch near our end point.  Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​


The Snowbirds Peer Group is for TTN members who fly South to Florida in the winter. The East and West Coasts of Florida are represented. The group meets in New York City and Florida. It focuses on important issues faced by Snowbirds, such as where to go for the early birds, where to get the best buys and, most importantly, forming new and lasting friendships at this time of life.  Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

Wisdom Circle

Wisdom Circle provides the opportunity to share thoughts about some of our internal awareness and experience. We have explored intuition, divination, our purpose in life, ways of activating new sources of power and the place and quality of love in our lives.  We have touched on the wisdom of aging, the ideas of elderhood, and the use of the word "crone" to describe older women. We are interested in learning and exploring new ideas, new ways of being and new ways of knowing. Click Here to Contact This Group (TTN member password required) ​

Organizing a group is really easy.  Just send a description of the group to  the SIG committee chairs.  Then keep track of the people who respond to your request.  Once you  have  enough people interested, contact us, and we can help you get it started. Click Here  (TTN member password required) ​