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Inward Bound December 16, 2020
Not Bah-Humbug
Welcome back to Inward Bound, our curated list of sites and activities. We hope to lift your spirits and make your holidays cheery.

Before you say “Bah, humbug,” here are some ways to find fun and celebration this holiday season.
Make Delicious Holiday Favorites
Crispy Ginger Scallion Latkes
Make ANY Cookie with THIS Recipe (Linzer/Sugar/Gingerbread/Chocolate/Butter/Holiday Cookies

Holiday Cookies
ENJOY HOLIDAY MUSIC --- The Classics, and Some With A New Spin

Nat King Cole - "The Christmas Song" (1961)
ON CHANUKKAH - A Stevie Wonder holiday mash-up - Chanukkah 2020
On Chanukkah - a Stevie Wonder holiday mash-up - Chanukkah 2020
PENTATONIX -12 Days of Christmas
[OFFICIAL VIDEO] 12 Days of Christmas - Pentatonix
New Hope Oahu: HANDEL -"HALLELUJAH CHORUS" - Silent Monks
New Hope Oahu: "Hallelujah Chorus" - Silent Monks
Leonard Cohen -HALLELUJAH

Be warned.
This is not his traditional take.
It's a very sexy and sad song.
Don't be shocked. 
Inward Bound December 2, 2020
Celebration of Joy
We are living in a chaotic, confusing world, but we are flexible and capable of joy. Moments of joy and celebration make us pause and be mindful, and that boosts our well-being. They sustain us. According to social psychologists, when we stop to savor the good stuff, we buffer ourselves against the bad, and we build resilience.

This Inward Bound is a celebration of joy and happiness through different musical mediums, classical and pop. So, grab a cuppa tea or something stronger and enjoy. But please, if you cannot resist the impulse to get up and dance, DO IT, but just be careful!
Everlong by the Foo Fighters Drum Cover
Nandi Bushell  - 10 Years Old
Kool & The Gang - Celebration 
Kool & The Gang - Celebration (Official Music Video)

We’re sure you know the words to this one

A passionate and gorgeous duet celebrating the joy that can follow suffering. (Sound familiar?)
Russian Dance from The Nutcracker presented by Frisch's Big Boy
A little magic, a lot of energy equals fun 
The Most Beautiful Firework Show Ever!

A GRAND SHOW to Tune of The Lone Ranger Rides Again 

Pharrel Williams. Just try to sit still through this one --  
Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)

Check out this golden oldie, Martha and the Vandellas. Relevant these days.
15 Beautiful Public Artworks That Contribute to Collective Happiness
Inward Bound November 18, 2020

It's NOVEMBER, and who thought we would STILL be in quarantine? But here we are. So, we decided to go all out for an eclectic, zany mixture for this INWARD BOUND; and end with a thrilling joyful noise.
The history and future of Jell-O. YES, Jell-O!  
Paint like Bob Ross  

Millions learned to paint lovely landscapes from this iconic art teacher. Would NOW be the time for you?  

From the editors: Our very own Victoria Weill-Hagai actually painted a landscape using Bob Ross's techniques. The result is quite lovely! Vic says it's worth a try. 
God knows we HAVE the time!!!!

The Painting
November is Pomegranate season  

So difficult to de-seed UNLESS you know the tricks. This way is fast and easy, and is great for dealing with aggressive feelings during quarantine. 
Make a Covid Pinata 

and then do like these kids and smash the heck out of it!


Toilet Tissue Issue  

How companies managed a 500+% increase in demand for TP 

Banksy's comment in the London Underground on the value of wearing masks 
Name the Panda  

Name the new baby Panda at the National Zoo 
And finally - such a joyful noise! 
Inward Bound November 4, 2020

Welcome back to Inward Bound, our curated list of sites and activities. We hope we will lift your spirits and make you smile.
In this issue of Inward Bound, we invite you to relax and unwind. Leave the stress behind and walk along the beach, take in art and just have some fun.
Let's walk along a beautiful beach  

Relax | 5 minutes of Sand and Sea | Sounds of Nature 
Watch a masterpiece being created  

Watch Picasso Make a Masterpiece  

You have to see it to believe it....  


Beethoven Sonata for 80 Year-Old Elephant 
Celebrate Mickey and Minnie Mouse's 92nd birthday with this classic  

Locked in Love | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts 

Mark National Happy Hour Day 
(November 12th)

3 Fall Cocktail Recipes 
Pumpkin Spice Old-Fashioned, Apple Cinnamon Toddy and Rosemary Gimlet 
In the mood for a soothing hot drink?  

How To Make French Hot Chocolate At Home 


Cats and Dominos 

Inward Bound October 21, 2020
Distraction by Funny Bone

Welcome back to Inward Bound, our curated list of sites, information, and more. 

Because the times are so stressful, we felt that we could all use some - no, Lots - of distraction. 

So this edition of IB is devoted to distraction by funny bone. We hope our selections will help to raise spirits and get you laughing. It's great for the body and soul.
A New Perspective on Cats!  

Courtroom Quotes  

True Courtroom Quotes. Yikes. 
What's Your Favorite?  


Too True!  

A New Way of Parisian Dining 
Out of Mouths of Children. . .   


Well Observed  

Flowers that Amaze    

 Marvel at Mother Nature 
Not Everything is Cancelled    
Inward Bound October 7, 2020
"Truly Inspiring Individuals

Welcome back to Inward Bound, our curated list of sites and activities. 
We hope will lift your spirits and make you smile.
During this time of uncertainty and chaos, we realize how important it is to look to people who inspire us with their humanity and creativity. An exemplar was our beloved RBG. She was a bright ray of hope and will live long in our memories.

In this issue of Inward Bound, we present a cross section of truly amazing individuals -- young and old, professional and amateur, men and women - all of whom have made contributions to our world and our collective psyches.
Eleanor Roosevelt ...  
pushed the envelope of what it means to be a first lady.

Mrs. Roosevelt served as a U.S. delegate to the United Nations, where she oversaw the drafting and passage of the Universal Human Declaration of Rights. 
Mae Carol Jemison ...  
is an American engineer, physician, dancer and former NASA astronaut. 

She became the first Black woman to travel into space when she served as a mission specialist aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour. 
Philippe Petit   

Twelve people have walked on the moon, but only one man - Philippe Petit - has ever walked in the immense void between the World Trade Center Towers 
Child Prodigies  

We couldn't select the cutest or most talented child, so here are TWO prodigies:






Vivaldi Violin Concerto played by a child 3 years and 9 months.  


Six- year old heads to Carnegie Hall 

Top Ten Street Performers ...  
human and otherwise and specially uplifting for those days of quarantine: 
Compassion and Communication between Species  

Rescuing a Humpback Whale 

Inward Bound  September 16, 2020
"Hello Fall!"

Welcome back to Inward Bound, our curated list of sites and activities. We hope we will lift your spirits and make you smile.
With Summer winding down, our thoughts turn to Fall. The crisp air and the changing color of the leaves evoke a new beginning. Click the links below to enjoy colorful foliage, music of the season and simple recipes for your bountiful supply of tomatoes and zucchinis. Don't forget to check out "Have a Good Laugh" at the end.
Marvel at Nature's Colorful Show  

Awesome Autumn
- New England Foliage 
Remember Going Back to School  

  School Dress Code 1950s  
Cook Tomatoes and Zucchinis  

Shakshuka - The Best Way to Use Your Ripe Tomatoes  

  Crispy Fried Zucchini 
  with Giada DeLaurentiis | Food Network  

Enjoy Music of the Season  

Leslie Odom Jr. - Autumn Leaves  

Vivaldi: Autumn from The Four Seasons
Have a Good Laugh  

Six Months Later: The Holderness Family 

Where the Hell is Matt
Here's more information about this video. 
Inward Bound  September 2, 2020
"Summer Time Reminiscing"

Welcome back to Inward Bound. Summer is coming to a close - and what a Summer it has been - or not!

In this edition a little Summertime reminiscing, and some nice make-believes to entertain us, help us escape from it all, and make us laugh. Also. . .words of wisdom for our times -- and all times.

Click on these terrific links to see what we mean
Coney Island of long ago  

First up:
Coney Island Baby- All the parts of the barbershop song sung by one talented guy: 
Make-Believe in Hollywood   
 Rita Hayworth as a great tap dancer 

We knew her as famous actress and femme fatale in the 1940's and beyond, but didn't realize that she was a terrific dancer as well. She was talented in ballet, ballroom, Spanish dances -- and tap! Look at this great piece with Fred Astaire from You'll Never Get Rich 1941. She does it with such grace and ease!
Excerpt from Wikipedia:
"Her stardom was solidified when she made the cover of Time magazine as Fred Astaire's new dancing partner in You'll Never Get Rich (1941), and immediately received rave reviews: "she was the best partner he had ever had."  "She learned steps faster than anyone I've ever known," said Astaire. "I don't know
how she does it, but she learns routines at lunch."    Hayworth was actually hand-picked by Astaire to dance with him. "He came to Columbia to make a picture," Hayworth remembered, "and told Harry Cohn he needed a dancer to be his partner. Cohn said, 'We don't have one.' Astaire said, 'Yes you do. Eduardo Cansino's daughter. I know her father's work, and, if she's danced with him, she must be all right.' " 

She co-starred with him again in You Were Never Lovelier (1942). Although Astaire was more than pleased with Hayworth's dancing and considered her an excellent partner--he said that she was his "favorite"  dance partner--he declined to have her appear in any more pictures with him. He did not want to be linked up with a single partner again, as he was with Ginger Rogers and earlier with his sister Adele Astaire

If you want to know more, here's Rita's full bio in Wikipedia 
A Bit of Humor For Our Covid Times   

It is hard to find much to smile about during the Pandemic, but here is a bit of wry wit as an attempt.

(A spoof, not real)
More Delicious Make-Believe From Hollywood  

American Film Institute's 100 Years
100 Quotes From the Movies We Love! Talk about trips down Memory Lane. Great quotes. 

Note how many are from Casablanca. No surprise there. . . (Might make you go back and watch some again on Netflix, Amazon or other streaming platform.)

WORDS of WISDOM for REFLECTION in THESE TIMES -- and all times  

Words of Wisdom

No one got it right in 2015 when asked, 
"Where do you expect to be in 5 years' time?"
Inward Bound for August 19, 2020
"From the Archives"

Welcome to Inward Bound, our curated list of sites and activities. We hope we will lift your spirits and make you smile.
Over the months you have sent us many wonderful items that belong in an Inward Bound.

Here are some that, for one reason or another, didn't make it into an issue, but are, nevertheless, not to be missed.
Keep 'em coming.
ODD THINGS from the archives  

How one teacher is handling Online Teaching 

Ya just gotta see this! 

Photographer Spent Days Waiting for Museum Visitors to Match the Artworks They Observe  

Broom craft 
Ya gotta see this, too.  
MUSIC from the archives  
One Day More parody from Les Mis
by Matthew and Emily Woolever.

A-Mazing singer
He sings all the parts including the women's 

Nessun Dorma
beautiful and touching - Leszek Swidinski sings for Hospital staff and patients in Warsaw 

Change your virtual background on Zoom  

A LITTLE LEVITY from the archives

The Adley Show explains
What We Should ALL Be Doing Right Now! 
This is SO right on.... 
Yonatan Gruber
Gets Mom on Zoom

Watch guy in background
Watch the guy in the background
Inward Bound for August 5, 2020
"Chasing the Blues Away"

Welcome to Inward Bound, our curated list of sites and activities. We hope we will lift your spirits and make you smile.
Sometimes when things start looking a little bleak, it's good to get away from reality. 
So, let's go ... way, WAY over the top. 
Here are some fun, beautiful, goofy links - good for chasing the blues away. Have fun.
Bathtub Ballet  

For sheer goofiness, you might want to start with BBC's
Swan Lake Bathtub Ballet!! 
Virtual Choir  
For more beautiful voices than you have ever heard, click the picture below:
Here's more information on Eric Whitacre and making a virtual choir
Bubbles and Penguins  


Who doesn't love bubbles? Who doesn't think penguins are the cutest goofies? Now, put them together and what do you have? 

Because it feels like we will never again be at a seated dinner party, take a look at these gorgeous floral arrangements and table settings, which give new meaning to over the top. 

Simply the most beautiful butterflies in the world:

Finally, it you want to gasp with delight and grab the sides of your chair - check out these
amazing Cirque du Soleil aerial exploits: 
Inward Bound for July 22, 2020
"Time Travel"

Welcome to Inward Bound, our curated list of sites and activities. We hope we will lift your spirits and make you smile.
In this edition, we invite you to time-travel with us. Let's leave today's uncertainty behind and travel back in time. Let's leave the stress behind while we laugh, cook a classic dish, and take another look at amazing fashions we loved.

 So, click on these terrific links to explore a selection of opportunities! 
Let's Laugh  

Best Groucho Marx Jokes, Puns & Ad Libs #2 {10:03) 

Birds clips in the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson (6:01) 
The Candidates' Wives from The Carol Burnett Show (4:41)  

Sid Caesar- Health Food Restaurant (7:20) 
Let's Make A Classic Dish 
(Hint: It's all the rage again).
How to make classic cheese fondue recipe video (2:02)   

Let's Take Another Look at 1960's Fashion  

Sarah Jessica Parker Narrates the 1960s in Vogue | Vogue by the Decade (2:45)  


1960s Fashion and Its Contemporary Influence (5:34) 
After Your Time-Travel Journey, Theater Lovers Mark Your Calendar  
Classic Broadway Shows Coming to PBS
All performances at 9:00 PM EDT.

She Loves Me --- July 24

Present Laughter --- July 29
  • In the Heights --- August 7
  • Much Ado About Nothing --- August 14
  • Rogers and Hammerstein's The King and I --- August 21
PBS programming will be available for streaming on all station-branded PBS platforms, including and the PBS Video App, available on iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast. PBS station members will be able to view all episodes via Passport (check your local PBS station for details).
And, because we can never get enough Hamilton:  

Jimmy Fallon, the Original Hamilton Cast & The Roots Sing "Helpless" (At-Home Instruments) (4:13) 

Hamilton A Chorus Line Celebration (9:17)   

Inward Bound for July 8, 2020
"Things to Do"

Inward Bound is at it again, now coming to your Inbox every other week. It is our "curated" list of sites and activities which we think may interest and engage you.

This week we feature Things to Do
We bet that members are yearning to find new ways to occupy time usefully -- including doing puzzles, cooking new things, making toys for nieces/nephews/grandkids, learning a new language, sophisticated coloring projects, learning a new dance, volunteering, and so on.
 So, click on these terrific links to explore a selection of opportunities! 



Easy Flatbreads 

40 Of The Best DIY Toys To Make With Kids
Homemade toys packed with design and engineering challenges for the whole family!


Put all those wine corks to use: 
How to make Wine Cork Planters,  and more....
or brush up on one: 

Here are loads of downloadable 
coloring pages:

Always wanted to Shuffle? 
Here's how: 
AARP offers opportunities to explore: 
Silly signs which only needed a comma or a period . . . .
Inward Bound for the week of June 24, 2020

We live challenging times that leave us feeling stressed and uncertain. This week's Inward Bound is designed to offer a counterpoint. So, take a deep breath, sit back, relax and enjoy some cultural high points of the amazing world in which we're privileged to live. And, at the end, a soupçon of inspiration.

Click on the terrific links for the Inward Bound adventure! 


Inspiring Architecture on Fogo Island, on the easternmost point in Canada 

David Hockney on Vincent Van Gogh: The Joy of Nature 


Magic is Everywhere....  
Watch to the end; You'll really be surprised

The Queen Video
Magic and Rock Music


Queen of the Night: Mozart's Magic Flute 

A Visit to Top Ten Amazing Places

Watch Carol Burnett's Self Described "Favorites"    

Best known as the theme song for the Harlem Globetrotters,
here is "Sweet Georgia Brown" with Ann Bancroft and Mel Brooks dancing as only they can ... in Polish!!! 

Watch "America" from the Broadway play Hamilton 

 Inward Bound for the week of June 17, 2020
"Expanded Perspectives"

Inward Bound is TTN-NYC's special initiative while some of us are in Covid 19 sheltering-in-place restrictions. Every Wednesday we send you an Inward Bound email featuring a "curated" list of links for items we hope you will find interesting and engaging. 
Many of us are in lock-down mode, but it doesn't stop us from thriving!

In an effort to be mindful in this complex time, we looked this week for links that will bring us closer to the issues, expand our perspective, and also provide solace and comfort.

Click on these terrific links for the Inward Bound adventure! 

BRYAN STEVENSON CONNECTS THE DOTS in his interview with Christiane Amanpour 

Addressing the root causes of racial injustice in America is fundamental to achieving lasting change. Bryan Stevenson has dedicated his life to doing just that.

VESSELS, by Dance Theater of Harlem, in support of BLM. 

CAROUSEL THE MUSICAL an extraordinary, highly touted production with a multiracial cast: 
BEETHOVEN'S 9TH SYMPHONY - CELEBRATING THE FALL OF THE BERLIN WALL Conducted by Leonard Bernstein:  (long but so wonderful)



Inward Bound for the week of June 8, 2020
"Get up & Do It"

Inward Bound is our special initiative during the stay-at-home period. Each Wednesday we send you a curated list of links we hope will interest you. With Inward Bound, we have traveled far beyond our homes --- visiting wonderful exhibits, enjoying performances and touring the great cities of the world. We hope along the way we have lifted your spirits and given your day an extra spark.
This week it's time to get up and do it! Make an elegant (and easy) lunch and take it outside for a socially distanced picnic. Learn the gentle movements of beginning hula and tackle things you may have been putting off --- does your favorite plant need a new pot? Always wanted to try basic yoga poses and see what it's all about?

Click on these terrific links for the Inward Bound adventure!

Make a Perfect (perfectly easy) Outdoor Lunch  

Thinking of inviting friends or neighbors for a socially distanced lunch outside? We've got you covered with a refreshing cocktail, delicious appetizer and main course.
Salmon and avocado Mousse:
Ina Garten's chicken salad:
Get Up and Move: Learn the Hula  

Before you start the next chapter of the book you're reading ... get up, stretch a little and start learning gentle hula moves. You'll feel great!

Learn the hula:
Read about someone from our age cohort experiencing hula for the first time. Interesting article with another how-to video:
Plants, Pens and Poses   
It's a good time to learn ... what to do when a plant has outgrown its pot... how to make your handwriting more elegant ... basic yoga poses that just might get you hooked.


How to Transplant 
a Plant from Nursery pot:
5 Steps to Improve 
Your Cursive Handwriting:
7 Minute Yoga Workout for Older Adults:
Inward Bound for the Week of June 3
Worlds of Culture 

Inward Bound is our new initiative for keeping TTNers up-to-date and in-the-picture for life outside of our apartments! Each Wednesday we send you a "curated" list of links for items we hope will interest you and add value to life in lock-down mode. We may be Inward Bound -- but TTNers are never daunted by such impediments to thriving! 

This week we are heading out into the worlds of Culture - from Music, Dance, Art, Books to Archaeology, Gustatorial history, and more
Click on these terrific links for the Inward Bound adventure!


Stairway art from around the world. Who needs canvas when you can paint stairs?!
So imaginative! Stunning images.

Dorothea Lange exhibit at MOMA. Her haunting hardscrabble photos tell poignant tales of hard times during the Depression and Dust Bowl days.

New discoveries of ancient Roman home unearthed beneath vineyard in Italy. 
Beautiful and evocative!

A trip down Memory Lane from City Center Encores -- The Telephone Song from Bye Bye Birdie. 
Now it's cell phones, but the theme is the same! Click here to view

Friday, June 5 -- 8:00pm 
Center for Fiction Conversation about the
new film - ShirleyClick here to view
Gustatorial History  

Did you know about these peculiar wine glasses and "sprezzatura" in Italy in the 1500s? 
Tricky sipping skills needed! 
Books and Art  

Guggenheim Museum Books -- You can now download over 200 art books from the Guggenheim for free! Searchable exhibition catalogues dating back to 1936. A treasure trove and feast for the eye and the soul! 
Impressive Mechanics   

Big Ben is amazing. Not any old clock this. You probably never thought about it, but here's your chance to see Inside Big Ben. Click here to view

Theft from the Louvre parody. 
Tres amusant!

Toasting your neighbors in times of shutdown  

Viva Italia!  
Neighbors defy isolation via long range toasting! 
Viva Italia
Viva Italia

 Inward Bound for the Week of May 25th

The Natural World
 The Natural World enriches our spirit and gives us hope.
This week we focus on the majesty of a rainforest and the beauty of flowers, trees, and a rainforest. Selections come from our SIGs, committees, and you. 
So, if you have a posting that you think TTNers would enjoy, please send the link to:

The Energy of Nature  

Gorgeous Photos of our NYC Adorned in Flowers:
A Marriage of Nature, Art and Music:   
"I don't know anything with certainty, but seeing the stars makes me dream." 
(Vincent Van Gogh)
Starry Night:
The Magnificent Rainforest  
Amazon: Under the Canopy:
Angel Falls, Venezuela:
Drag your mouse around the video for a 360 degree view. For an immersive experience, expand the video to full screen.
Poetry and Nature  

Mary Oliver: "When I am Alone Among the Trees" read by Amanda Palmer.  
Wordsworth: "I wandered Lonely as a Cloud" sung by Pete Lashly
Dance and Nature  
Agile Dance Galaxy-The Four Elements:
At One with Nature:
The Dance of the Trees - The Magic Of Nature: 
What About Me?  

14 Store Bought Vegetables & 
Herbs You Can Regrow:

Inward Bound for the week of May 17, 2020


Paris Ballet dancers in quarantine keep dancing…joyful and exuberant.

 Paris – If you think NY’s High Line is new and different, take a walk along Paris’s Promenade Plantee:



Ghent   The exhibition of the famous Ghent altarpiece and other paintings by Jan Van Eyck was closed by the Corona virus.  However, we can take a virtual tour of that exhibition which we now know will not reopen when the quarantine is over.


Beijing  The Forbidden City: Over an hour, but absolutely fascinating.

Hong Kong
Chinese Ballet Dancers perform another wild version of Bolero. It’s crazy fun.


Florence: Models created from Leonardo da Vinci’s extraordinary drawings demonstrate his genius. 


Petra: fascinating video about the secrets of Petra Bit weird at the end – but really good look at an amazing place 


34 Ballerinas from 14 countries dance the swans in Swan Lake -
 15 Unbelievable places that actually exist: 


And, just in case you think you’ve seen it all: you have not!


Inward Bound for the week of May 11, 2020


Ride the Cyclone on Coney Island 
(3 minutes)
 Visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Enjoy Spring Flowers (18 min.)

 A few minutes of Central Park
(For the best experience of this video, click Full Screen on YouTube)

See Audubon’s Birds (

 and Tiffany Lamps (

Seneca Village (8 min.)
Alexander Hamilton’s New York – A Slideshow
Book excerpt: Murals of New York: The Best of New York's Public Paintings from Bemelmans to Parrish (Rizzoli): Monkey Bar, Hotel Elysée
Masterpiece Murals
Wondering How New York Became New York? The Big Apple” A Short History of New York City  (22 min.)


How to Add a Background to Zoom

Adding a background with a New York Public Library Theme  
Bolero Julliard (9 min)
The piece is a virtual collaboration with Juilliard’s community of artists, bringing together dancers, instrumentalists, singers, actors, and alumni. Bolero Juilliard showcases the talents and creativity of the Juilliard community “in a portrait of art-making and shared experience amid physical isolation and uncertainty,”… and to the power of art-making to bring us together.”

 This MET produced film was inspired by the Costume Institute's 1982 exhibition "La Belle Époque," organized by the legendary Diana Vreeland. This outrageous and slyly self-aware documentary takes you on a journey from the heights of decadence in fin-de-siècle Paris through the global pandemonium of World War I, starring Diana Vreeland and Douglas Fairbanks. (1 hour)
Barbra Streisand Reminds Frontline Workers They’ll ‘Never Walk Alone’ | Playbill

What A Wonderful World 
From the Chicks with Dip gang of friends

Inward Bound for the week of May 4, 2020

All week –
From the Chicago Sinfonietta Something light, fun and musically harmonious to brighten your day. (3minutes)
All week
Salon Salut: Competitive Foursome A brilliant, talented, snappy and fun female musical performance!
(3 Minutes)

All week

Frick Museum Cocktails with a Curator
Streaming now: Constable’s, White Horse
May 8 5:00pm Turner’s, The Harbor of Dieppe


Nureyev & Fonteyn – Swan Lake Rare footage of Nureyev and Fonteyn dancing Act 3 of Swan Lake (4 ½ minutes)
Ballet Hispanico CARMEN. maquia (1 hour)
A contemporary take on Bizet’s classic opera.
Followed by CLUB HAVANA, (20 minutes)
featuring Latin-inspired dancing at its best.

May 7, 8-9 pm
JCC Manhattan presents Authors in Quarantine – Literary agent Julie Barr talks with author Ann Napolitano about her most recent work and how hard times affect creativity.

 All week

If you would like to get a glimpse of Spring outside of the City watch this.
New York Botanical Gardens Video Journey Through Spring


May 5, 7:00 pm –
The Thought Gallery -- Cinco-de-science -- The Science of Taste – A panel of scientists discuss food production, whether taste takes place on the tongue or in the brain, and how the body responds.

May 6, 7:00 pm
The Thought Gallery -- National Humanities Center, The History of the Afterlife. Professor Bart D Ehrman recounts where our ideas of the great-beyond come from. 


May 6, 10:00-10:30 am
Morning stretch at Senior Planet. Stretching and breathing exercises to reduce anxiety and stress.

All Week
Spanish Facebook Group has People transforming themselves into Artwork
All week
Ministry of Silly Walks. Video (1 minute) Michigan family ask all passersby to do “Silly Walks”
As from the Monty Python sketch.

Inward Bound for the week of April 27, 2020
Get Moving; Guaranteed You’ll Feel Better Try different forms of movement to find what feels good to YOU.

Instruction for simple balance exercises.

40 Minute Home Yoga Workout

For focus, balance, flexibility, breathing. Different and fun Daily Qigong Routine (17 minutes)
Heaven and Earth Qigong for Respiratory Health
Richard Simmons (Remember him?).
Aerobics: a 20-Minute Energizing Workout 


Big Apple Circus at Home: Contortion, Juggling and Balancing Tutorials. Seriously goofy. Be very careful!


Dances for a Variable Population: a variety of dance forms for mature dancers:


Echoes of the Ages
An extraordinary program of lute songs and solos from 16th & 17th century England, France and Italy. Recorded at THE TANK, an acoustical wonder in Colorado, with vocals and echoes of soothing, calming sounds. (20 minutes)

Viktoria Mullova Plays Bach
Recorded live from London’s Milton Court Concert Hall. This lovely joyful program also includes Haydn and Grimani. (1 hour 30)

An American Musical: Full Soundtrack with Lyrics


Gerhard Richter…exhibition at the MET


INWARD BOUND week of April 20, 2020


“At Home” GALA CONCERT with the Met. Saturday April 25, starting 1pm available thru Sunday evening.      (3 hours) Featuring more than 40 artists including Anna Netrebko, Jonas Kaufmann, Renee Fleming performing from their homes and live streamed on the Met’s website:

MOZART’s MAGIC FLUTE has been recomposed by ShakeUp Music into a colorful bird aria that is so endearing! Check out the Papageno/Papagena duet here.  


OUR BRILLIANT FRIENDS After Dinner Book Club and Watch Party featuring HBO’s Movie Series of Elena Ferrante’s My Brilliant Friend, which speaks to the strengths of female friendships.  (1 hour)


SWAN LAKE Cygnets doing their charming syncopated dance!  (2 minutes)
ALVIN AILEY  Night Creature  LIMITED RUN April 23-26  (17 minutes)

COCKTAILS WITH THE CURATOR, The Frick Collection - April 24, 5:00pm  
Van Dyck's Sir John Suckling (15 minutes)

SHAKESPEARE !! Unlimited podcasts exploring the work of the Bard
NOTE: April 23 is his birthday!
FILMthrough Thursday, April 23

FILM at Lincoln Center will be streaming THE BOOKSELLERS (99 min), an entertaining documentary, providing a lively tour of New York’s book world, past and present, from the Park Avenue Armory Antiquarian Book Fair; to the Strand and Argosy book stores, and beautifully crammed apartments of collectors and buyers.  The $10 fee goes directly to support Film at Lincoln Center.



INWARD BOUND week of April 13, 2020

All week -- From the Love of Dance SIG:
NY City Ballet.
Two short inspiring YouTube clips from choreographer Christopher Wheeldon. 
This Bitter Earth with Tiler Peck and Tyler Angle is beautiful!  (7 minutes)

After the Rain (New Beginnings) with Maria Kowroski & Ask la Cour, performed on the rooftop of a building near Freedom Tower, honoring 9/11, gives us hope about the rebirth of the arts and the city once we’re through (3 minutes)

Tuesday, April 14, 3:00pm -- TTN Webinar - Register today!
Lydia Denworth discusses her new book on Friendship. $5

Tuesday, April 14, 12:30-1:30
Senior Planet
Chair Yoga Featuring poses and breath awareness. Develop better
alignment and mind-body connection.
Click or tap to join this class by Zoom:
Meeting ID: 170 361 931
Thursday, April 16, 7:30
The Center for Fiction – 
Online Event: Free
Blonde 20th Anniversary Celebration with Joyce Carol Oates and Jonathan Sandlofer

Friday, April 17, 5:00pm   
"Cocktails with a Curator | Rembrandt's Polish Rider” Xavier F. Salomon, Peter Jay Sharp Chief Curator
Monday, April 20, 8:00pm-
92nd St Y FREE – 
Sofia Coppola on Filmmaking: A Talk and Q&A with Annette Insdorf


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