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Welcome to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter includes the seven county metropolitan area that includes Ramsey, Hennepin, Dakota, Washington, Carver, Scott, Wright and Anoka.

For information on our new and growing chapter, please contact us at

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter is connecting women and helping them make the most out of their "50 years and forward" transition journey. While every woman's situations may be varied, we can all learn and find support from other women who are also experiencing change.

We are constantly reaching out to as many women as possible to make connections and planning as many events as we can.  We already have active Special Interest Groups and are now in the process of creating more Transition Peer Groups. For more information about the Minneapolis/St. Paul Group, please contact Steering Committee Chair Jill Goski at  

          Chair: Jill Goski  

February at a Glance  

Join us for upcoming chapter events ----

Wednesday, February 17 -Wellness Wednesday: Tapping

Thursday, February 18 - Get Connected

Wednesday, February 24 - Wellness Wednesday: Informational Meeting for MSP Caring Collaborative

Wednesday, March 3 - Wellness Wednesday: Tapping

     This is a second offering of the session offered on February 17 with Susan Temple

Wednesday, March 31 - Wellness Wednesday: Contentment and Joy


TTN Understanding Our Whiteness Program

TTN recognizes that 2020 was a year of heightened awareness of racism in our country. Individual TTN members and some of our MSP Chapter SIGs and TPGs have been working to educate themselves on issues of racism, unconscious bias, and white privilege and the role they play in a system that denies equity to all our citizens. In order to make change, we believe we need to acknowledge the impact of “white privilege” and the ways in which it is the foundation upon which systemic racism is built.

TTN, through the Boston Chapter, has initiated the Understanding Our Whiteness program, oriented to participants who identify as white, with the goal of enabling participants to explore and understand their white privilege in a non-judgmental environment and decide within themselves how to take action against racism. This program delves deeply into the origins of systemic racism and resultant impacts.

The workshops are two hours, once/week for 7 weeks. The size of the group is about eight participants with two facilitators. Each week is a different topic. The topics follow a sequence of learning and include:

  • Listening: The importance of listening respectfully to each other’s stories
  • White Privilege: What “white privilege” really looks and feels like
  • History: The history of systemic racism in the United States 
  • Microaggressions: Understanding the harm caused by micro-aggressions and how to stop them
  • Language: Language that creates barriers to understanding and productive action
  • Allyship: How to be an ally in the fight against racism
  • Reparations: Current thinking about reparations, and how to consider options

Between meetings, the participants are provided a variety of materials to read and listen to that may take 2-3 hours. Although that may sound like a lot, the materials are engaging and impactful and are mixed media.

The workshop was originally developed in 2015 by members of a church in Massachusetts who were involved in racial justice work. The group designed the ground rules and agreements that are what make the workshop effective and unique. The focus is on reading and listening to a variety of materials week by week on the 7 specific topics, processing them together as a group, and really listening to each other's stories and thoughts in a structured format. It is NOT a discussion group or circle. It is about listening and learning together. One of the members of the original group brought the workshop to Tufts University where it has been offered over the past few years. 

Because we believe the program will have positive impact to our community and great value to our members, we are offering this program free of charge.

The Understanding Our Whiteness Program is currently offered by National TTN for cross chapter participation. In December, when the program was opened for registration, six groups filled within two hours. Two groups were added to accommodate some of those waitlisted. All eight of these groups began meeting in late January. A similar number of groups are planned to begin in March. If you are interested in more information about the Understanding Our Whiteness Program contact Jill Goski at To get on the waitlist for this program contact Ginny Kiefer from the Boston Chapter of TTN at

Three of our MSP Chapter members are trained as facilitators for the Understanding Our Whiteness Program: Ginny Jacobson, Janis Weller and Jill Goski. Additionally, a new chapter SIG on Race and History is targeted to begin this spring. Stay tuned for more information.


Farewell, Best Wishes, and Special Thanks to Susan Collins for her Leadership as TTN Executive Director for the past seven years! Susan has decided to step down effective January 31.



Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter

February 18, 2021
Get Connected February
On February 18, ten women gathered for a fun Get Connected Event.  After checking in with each other to see how we were doing, we opened the discussion with “What was your favorite vacation?”  Members shared memories of their favorite vacations which ranged from international and statewide travel either with family and friends or traveling alone.  We all agreed that our favorite vacation brought such richness into our lives.
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On February 17, fifteen women met for a lunch and learn session on Tapping, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).
Due to demand, a second meeting is scheduled for 6:30 on March 3.
Register on the TTN website or Meetup and invite a friend!

After a few member jokes about needing tap shoes or a bucket for maple sap, Susan introduced herself and then gave a brief history of the technique.We then learned, practiced and discussed our reactions to the technique and how it helps people.

Susan also shared a couple quotes:
“As soon as we become aware of what is, what is changes.”    Fritz Perls

“There are only 2 mistakes one can make along the road to truth:not going all the way and not starting.”  The Buddha
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On February 10, thirteen women gathered via Zoom to participate in a meditation and mindfulness session led by TTN member and Yoga instructor, Barbara O'Sullivan. Barbara expertly guided the participants in breathing and stretching techniques to help us manage the physical and mental impact of hours spent on Zoom and the stresses of pandemic life. Thanks to Barbara for sharing her expertise with us.Read more...

On Wednesday, January 27, 22 women got together and talked about wellness. Jan Weller led a discussion about the many dimensions of wellness including Physical, Emotional, Financial, Social, Spiritual, Intellectual, Occupational, and Environmental. We utilized the Wheel of Life to document our satisfaction with each of these areas in our own lives. It was an energetic and enlightening discussion.Read more...

On Tuesday, January 19, 33 women gathered via zoom to hear local author, Laura Gilbert, share the concepts from her new book, Enough: A Retirement Life that Works for Me. This is a short and very interesting book that looks first at the retirement life one wants and then layers on the financial resources required to support that life. Laura shared that the question is actually not "Will I have enough?", but "Will I be ok?" where each individual defines what "ok" is for them. It turns out money is only one of the tools to be “ok” in retirement. 
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January 13, 2021
Get Connected January
On January 13, ten women gathered for an enjoyable Get Connected Event. After checking in with each other and sharing our experiences during the holiday season we opened the discussion with “What is the best thing you consumed lately?” Members shared titles of books,
movies they had watched, foods they had tried, and ideas for intentions for the New Year.
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December 30, 2020
Wellness Wednesday: Humor
At the December 30 Wellness Wednesday, twenty women got together to share stories and laugh together. Marilynne provided some insights about why “Laughter is the Best Medicine” is actually true as there are many wellness benefits from laughing. We learned that humor can be enhanced with practice! So, we practiced! We laughed at pictures, cartoons, and videos of people and animals. We told personal stories and laughed together.

We ended the evening with a quote by Dr. Seuss:
“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living; it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities."

Thanks to Jean and Marilynne for hosting.
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December 21, 2020
Winter Solstice Party
Although clouds prohibited live viewing of The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the early night sky on December 21, there was plenty of darkness on the Solstice to precipitate the need for a party. Read more...

November 18, 2020
Wellness Wednesday
In November, the Wellness Wednesday program welcomed TTN member and LAc, Melissa Cathcart, to teach a class on Bladder and Pelvic Floor Health. Thanks to Melissa for sharing her expertise with us.Read more...

November 16, 2020
Fall Recipe Challenge
During November, 13 TTN members participated in the Fall Recipe Challenge which was sponsored by the Exploring Food SIG and led by Chef Maggie Wescott of the Alternative Dish. Participants were asked to cook with vegetables they may not have tried before and even varieties they had tried but were sure they didn’t care for. During the 2 weeks, via a Facebook page, the group shared their successes, adaptations, and mishaps and Chef Maggie coached the group each step of the way. The group explored the use of eggplant, spaghetti squash, fennel, mint, beets and other seasonal produce and agreed they learned new techniques and expanded their cooking repertoire. You can see a few of the group's flavorful and colorful creations in the pictures. (Some of the recipes the group tried are available at Chef Maggie’s website:
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November 12, 2020
November Get Connected
On November 12, ten women and hosts Pat Burgraff and Jan Reisch met for an engaging Get Connected event.
After our check-in everyone shared a memory about when they “Felt at Peace.” Interestingly, most of us talked about family and being in nature.  “It’s the little things.” We ended with a discussion on other TTN events that had been attended by some of the group and the upcoming winter and how we plan to survive and thrive!
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October 28, 2020
Wellness Wednesday
On October 28, the new Wellness Wednesdays program started with a lively session on balance and preventing falls. Facilitated beautifully by Kathleen Peterson, the thirteen women in attendance covered a huge range of relevant topics, speaking from sometimes painful experience of past falls, both inside and outside and with many great suggestions for prevention of falls and improving balance overall.Read more...

Karen West, a fellow member of TTN, shared her skills in legacy writing via Zoom workshops for two evenings. She is a teacher of conscious aging and sage-ing with legacy writing part of her training by her mentor, Rachael Freed, who has written several books on legacy writing.Read more...

February 8, 2020
Home Sweet Home
Twenty-one women attended the winter quarterly program and learned valuable information from Della Johnson, TTN member and realtor, and Laurie Wrobel, Senior Move Manager and owner of Clutter 911.Read more...

On Saturday, September 7, fifteen women enjoyed a lovely morning at Debra's home in Circle Pines. Debra had invited Mary Jo Meadow to talk with us about mindfulness. Mary Jo is 83 years young and has been engaged in teaching mindfulness for over 30 years. She was a delightful woman and helped us understand the benefits of practicing mindfulness. We also enjoyed a potluck brunch and shared wellness tips. Thanks to Debra for hosting this lovely event.Read more...

On Saturday, July 13, 19 women gathered at Terri’s home in St. Michael for a Garden Party. It was a warm summer day and we sat in the shade of her backyard. Terri, Deb and Grace had organized a party with an Italian theme and everything planned matched the theme. This included the activities, the food, the online cooking demonstration, the decorations – even the wine and non-alcoholic beverages were from Italy. We appreciated the stimulating activities and the opportunity to connect with women we know and others who were new to us. It was a relaxing yet engaging event to savor. Thanks to Terri for opening her home and hosting this event.Read more...

We were honored to have TTN Executive Director, Susan Collins, join us for our May 18 Celebration and get to know the wonderful women of our chapter better. We also were very excited to have Lorna Landvik join us for the afternoon and be our keynote speaker.Read more...

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