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long island chapter TRANSITION PEER GROUPS (TPGs)

TPGs are small groups of women who meet on a regular basis to discuss topics that range from career transitions to changing family relationships to benefits and challenges of aging.  Members share personal perspective and listen as others express their views.  The intention is for women to share and learn from each other.  Members are encouraged to speak freely and listen with an open mind.  TPGs have a facilitator and a timekeeper and typically have some structure for the discussion.  While TPGs are meant to create a supportive environment, they are neither support nor therapy groups and cannot substitute for professional help in a crisis situation.
Discussion Groups (* = Open)

Have something to say?  Enjoy sharing your opinions, interests and concerns by contacting a group listed below that coincides with your availability to find out if an opening exists or if they have a wait list.  If that is not an option, contact Debbie Fox, Membership Services Committee Chair at to find out how new discussion groups are formed.  Perhaps you will gain new insights hearing someone else’s point of view or it could be the start of a beautiful friendship!
*CHRYSALIS– 2nd Monday – Roberta Monat –
THE MIND SQUAD - 3rd Monday - Rhoda Berkson
NEW HORIZONS – 1st Tuesday – Marsha Ruback –

LET’S TALK TUESDAYS - 1st Tuesday - Barbara Greenberg

TUESDAY TALKERS – 2nd Tuesday – June Amoroso –

*OPEN FOR DISCUSSION - Exploring Today's Current Issues - 2nd Tuesday (1-3pm) - Phyllis Weberman or Linda Greenbaum

THE ORIGINALS – 3rd Tuesday – Dania Smith –

LI PEER SISTERS (LIPS) – 3rd Tuesday – Linda Roslow –

*SHARING WISDOM -4th Tuesday - Susan Solz
DISCUSSION DIVAS - 3rd Tuesday - Toni Allen
CAN WE TALK – 1st Wednesday – Arlyn Wasserberg –

*CONSTANT COMMENT – 3rd Wednesday – Barbara Sosne –

SERENDIPITY - 1st Thursday - Betsy Hirsch

*TBD - 3rd Saturday - Donna Buthmann

THE FORUM- 4th Thursday - Barbara Bornstein  or Bobbi Brown

*MINDS AND MOUTHS - 1ST Tuesday - Karen Frankel –

*WORDS MATTER - 3rd Monday at 6:00 pm - Judy Kislik or Terry Kaufman 

*GLOBAL GALS - 3rd Monday – Barbara Mehlman –
*KINDRED SPIRITS 4th Monday – Arline Rotavera –

FEARLESS FUN-LOVING FEMINISTS  (FFF) – 3rd Wednesday – Barbara Isenstadt – or Dale Davis -

WOMEN OF WISDOM (WOW) – 2nd Thursday –Lillian Anspacher -

Living Alone Discussion Group #1 Daytime - Wednesdays Harriet Straka

Living Alone Discussion Group #2 Daytime - Every other Thursday Suzanne Sham

PANDEMIC PEARLS - Evenings - Saturday Judy Greenberger -, Doreen Rose -

*ALL THE SINGLE LADIES - 1st and 5th Mondays - Florence Syskrot



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