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LONG Island Chapter Special Interest Groups



SIGs are member-driven, which means any valid TTN LI chapter member who wishes to start a group may do so.  SIGs are topic or activity focused, and bring members together who share that special interest.  SIGs are as varied as the organization’s members who think them up. Some examples include book clubs, travel (foreign and domestic), Canasta, Mah Jong and other games, dining out, theatre, movies, walking/hiking, gourmet cooking, crafts, golf, day trips, etc.  Take a look below at the SIGs that currently exist.  Contact a group of your choice that fits in with your schedule to find out if an opening exists or if they have a wait list.  If you find that is not an option, contact Debbie Fox, Membership Services Committee Chair at with your idea and the Committee will assist you in forming a new group.




BOOK GALS - 2nd Monday - 12:30-2:30pm - Diane Webster

*BOOK BUDDIES - 4th Monday - Barbara Greenberg

COVER TO COVER - 2nd Tuesday – Ruth Weinberg

*LIT 1st  Tuesday – Gloria Wilens

*A NOVEL BUNCH-3rd Tuesday-Diane

BOOKWORMS – 1st Wednesday – Marcia Kornberg -

RAVENEOUS READERS – 1st Wednesday – Lois Ryan

BOOKMARKS – 2nd Wednesday – Joan Land

LITERARY LADIES – 2nd Wednesday – Polly

THE BOOKIES – 2nd Wednesday – Wendy

BOOKENDS – 1st Thursday – Susan Ganz

MATTER OF FACT (NON FICTION) - 1st Thursday - Vickie Moskowitz -

PAGE TURNERS – 3rd Thursday – Rhonda Phillips

THURSDAY BOOK LOVERS - 1st Thursday - Ellen Kraut

*THE NEXT CHAPTER - 2nd Thursday -  Zoe Deeds

A NOVEL APPROACH - 2nd Friday - Linda Alper -


None at this time



SAVY SINGLES - 3rd Friday PM - Cheryl Rosen,  Fran Antonelli

DAY TRIPS (*=Open)

*MONDAY ON THE MOVE - 2nd Monday - Janet Gerst or Mollie Schwaber

TUESDAY ADVENTURERS – 1st Tuesday –Bonnie Sibener-  or Geri Gazzo –

U GO GIRLS (UGGS) – 1st Tuesday – Judi Rosenblatt - or Lois

GET TOGETHER TUESDAYS - 1st Tuesday - Nancy Orens or Nancy Castaneda

TUESDAY TRAVELERS – 2nd Tuesday – Shirley Rosenberg and Marsha Ruback -

THE CULTURE CLUB (Museums, etc.) – 3rd Tuesday –Joan Land - or Susan Kelly

TERRIFIC TUESDAYS – 4th Tuesday – Cheryl Bloom or Mary Ann Scafuri

JOYFUL JOURNEYS 1st Wednesday – Catherine McCormick or Lauren Smith -

WEDNESDAY WISHES – 1st Wednesday – Dianne Macaluso- or Sarina Geschwind

DELIGHTFUL DAY TRIPPERS (DDs) – 3rd Wednesday – Arlyn Wasserberg – or Elle Kapito -

 WEDNESDAY WANDERERS  – 3rd Wednesday – Michele Ross, Barbara Stein

 MUSEUMS A-GO-GO (MAGG)  - 3rd Wednesday - Rhoda Berkson -
Ruby Wachtel -

 GO-GETTERS  – 4th Wednesday – Debbie Fox or Joan Gold

ETC., ETC. (Variety of Activity) – 4th Wednesday – Ellen Miller or  Barbara Belkin

ARE WE THERE YET? - 4th Wednesday - Madelyn Fink - and Joyce Aronin -

SOLE SISTERS- 4th Wednesday-Merrill or Helene Karo -

GALS ON THE GO (GONG) -2nd Wednesday-Barbara Simonds or
Fran Weiss 

STEPPING OUT – 1st Thursday – Janis Amer or Jane

ANYTHING GOES- 2nd Thursday – Patty Mahon – and Carol Knecht – and Rhonda Eisenstadt –

THURSDAY TRIPPERS – 2nd Thursday –  Jerilynn or Susan or Judy Rosenthal -

OUT & ABOUT - 1st Thursday - Linda Leonardbook or Benay Shear

ELEGANT EXPLORERS-4th Thursday-Judi Brenner or Mindy or Sheila Beck

AWAY WE GO 4th Thursday – Claudia

TREKKERS 4th Thursday – Susan Ganz or Iris Governale -

THURSDAYS TOGETHER - 3rd Thursday - Janet Rose,  Susan Traina

THURSDAY TROUPERS - 2nd Thursday -  Judi Summers,  Joan Land

*SECOND WIND (Varieity of Activity)* – 1st Friday – Valerie Neufeld - or Pat Neidel

FROLICKING FRIDAYS 2nd Friday – Marcia Sander or Ann Weiss -

MUSEE (Museums) - 2nd Friday -
Mollie Schwaber or Laura Schofer 

TGIF2nd Friday – Alicia Avnet -

WILD WEEKEND WOMEN2nd Sunday – Roz Price or Marilyn Stern

WEEKEND WANDERERS 3rd Sunday – Lindsey Draves -
Grace Conti –

SUNDAY SOJOURNERS - 4th Sunday - Pat Bertell . Mollie Schwaber


*LUNCH BELLES 3rd Monday – Joanne Levy or Nancy Eschemuller

COOKIES - 2nd Monday - Debbie Fox or Merrill Weiner

*LET’S EAT (Variety) - 3rd Friday -  Ellen Breitman

LUNCHEON LADIES - 4th Thursday -  Fran Cassidy

*LET’S DO LUNCH - 3rd Thursday- Fran Sheps

*REALLY ELEGANT BABES EATING LUNCH (REBELS) 3rd Friday Vikki Finkelman or  Doreen Rose

*THE EPICURES – 2nd Monday – Clorinda Cacace -, Fran Antonelli



CHEERS - 2nd Thursday - Chris Aldrich OR Diane Gillespie

*HAPPY WEDNESDAYS- 1st Wednesday - Chris Aldrich

CANASTA (*=Open)

*CANASTA ACES 2nd & 4th Monday –EXPERIENCED ONLY! -Suzanne Sham and Joann Urban -

NORTH SHORE CANASTA - 1st & 3rd Monday - Susan  

* MONDAY MELDERS - 2nd & 4th Monday (Beginners welcome) - Margie Haug

CANASTA CUTIES - 4th Wednesday (Noon)- Joanne Delprete -

MELDERS 2nd & 4th Thursday – Joan

MAH JONGG (*=Open)

SUFFOLK COUNTY MAH JONG 1st & 3rd Tuesday – Joan Herman

*THE RACKETTES 3rd Tuesday – Janet Katzin -


*THE SCRABBLERS 1st Tuesday –  Janet Katzin -


NASSAU/SUFFOLK GOLF Fridays – Dianne Kaplan, Evy Rothman, Linda Klayman


DOMINO DIVAS - 3rd Thursday (PM) -  Renee' Amico-Taback

*RUMMITILERS - 2nd Friday 11AM -  Margo Horowitz

*CREATIVE CRAFTERS (CCs) 2nd Tuesday – Linda Alper

*KNITTING - 4th Tuesday - Faith Reiss

*IMAGINE - 2nd Thursday - Ellen Golub-


WANDERING WOMEN (Walking) – 4th Monday and 1st Thursday – Sue Krinsky

TRAILBLAZERS (Walking) - 1st Wednesday & 3rd Friday - Pat Kelton
*ON YOUR FEET - 2nd Wednesday & 4th Friday -  Marian Boehm

HAPPY TRAILS WEEKENDS (Hiking) – Varies – Lindsey Draves


SPIRITUAL SEEKERS - 2nd Monday (AM) - Toni Allen

*SPIRITUAL SOULS - 1st Monday (AM) - Toni Allen
SOULFUL SISTERS - 4th Monday (AM) and and 2nd Wednesday- Toni Allen

 *SOULFUL SEEKERS- 1ST Tuesday (AM) - To
ni Allen

MOVIES (*=Open)

*MOVIE MAVENS- 4th Thursday - Patti Reinharz

*MOVIE MATINEES 3rd Thursday – Claudia

SUFFOLK MOVIE LOVERS-  3rd Friday – Gloria Reeth-Stingley -

Virtual Arts 2nd Sunday & 4th Thursday Barbara Sosne Anne Ostling

*GLOBAL GALS – 3rd Monday – Barbara Mehlman

*ALL THINGS ITALIAN - 4th Wednesday - Grace Conti or Pat Weber

THYME (Variety of Activity) – 4th Wednesday – Marcia Reed –

THEATRE (*=Open)

BROADWAY BABES - 1st Wednesday - Madelyn Fink or Carol Yablonsky

DRAMA DIVAS 1st Wednesday – Diane Gillespie or Claudia Cohen -

*SHOW STOPPERS - 1st Wednesday-, Robin Clark

CURTAINS UP 2nd Wednesday – Diane Sacone 

*BROADWAY PLAYGIRLS3rd Wednesday – Marcia Sander or Beth Bocian -

BROADWAY BOUND - 3rd Wednesday –Carol Comerford - or Pam DeAngelis or Marilyn Pawson

 CRAZY CRITICS   4th Wednesday – Carol Knecht or Rhonda Eisenstadt -

PLAYBILLS R US - 4th Wednesday - Melissa Berkowitz or Jeri Gilbert