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We are women, 50 and older, from Eastern Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk   Counties.  Our world and lives are changing.  What’s next?  Consider creating your future with us!

We are an organization of dynamic, inspiring women who are exploring new interests through learning, socializing, and networking. Come experience personal growth, professional development, and community enhancement by participating in our chapter events, special interest groups, discussion groups, and community volunteer opportunities.
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Looking Ahead to Our Upcoming

Chapter-Wide Events 

Holiday Party                                              December 14
Hand Ailments Lecture                             January 18th

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                             Comments from our Members
The virtual programs researched and set up by TTN have been a blessing during this time and truly changed my life.

TTN has done an unbelievable job providing us with wonderful zoom programs!!  It definitely gives us something to look forward to during these difficult days.  Thank you, Lindsay, and to all the people  “behind the scenes” who  put all these programs in place!

I honestly can't imagine the past few months without TTN!

I just want to say ‘thank you’ for all of the work being done to keep me connected. Because I live alone, the TTN events are especially appreciated.

Thank you for the sanity that you have provided during these difficult times. TTN has really been one of the heroes for our mental and physical well being.

All these new SIG groups are helping to alleviate my fears and anxieties, as I meet wonderful new women from the comfort of my home. Looking forward to the laughter.

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What Have We Been Doing?


Long Island Chapter

   "Very entertaining and educational!"
    "Loved it!!!"
  "Wonderful story and great acting."
  "The actress did an amazing job in switching from one wife to another -- congrats to her Mom who made the costumes."
  "Wonderful, unique presentation combining theater, art and history. Very different and enjoyable."
  "Lots of fun and educational too. Very different which is difficult to achieve in a zoom presentation at this point in time."

November 24, 2021
   "This was a gorgeous setting and a wonderful afternoon that was organized for us. I truly appreciated all the work that went into planning this. I loved it...and the food was great. 
  "Guest speaker from walking tour company really great. Very interesting speaker. Loved the Mansion, very elegant. Would love more events like this. The women's chorus lovely too. Great job with this one! Thank you."
  "I really enjoyed the day. I felt the chorus was fabulous! I also enjoyed the speaker, he was extremely knowledge. I wish he would set up a laptop with a screen to present a slide show rather than handouts. It took away from the presentation and was distracting. The food was good, not great (which is what you expect when it is buffet style) but they could have simply set up coffee and tea and let everyone help themselves instead of bring 3 cups at a time. The workers were extremely nice and accommodating! Overall a very nice day and will attend more luncheons!" 

"Maryann was a very engaging speaker. She was well prepared with her ingredients and presentation of her food demo. Perfect event from The Health & Wellness Committee. Can’t wait to start cooking.. Thank you!"
  "MaryAnn Jones is a wonderful soul who shares a wealth of ease and expertise with eating seasonally. I enjoyed both her presentation and tips for preparing these tasty roots. Thank you, Caron"
    "Very interesting and learned some important cooking tips. Please consider having her back in the future. Thanks for all your time in arranging this zoom. Kris"

"Thank you! It was wonderful to learn about the different and new options available to treat this challenging disease. Dr. Park was a wonderful, relevant and clear presenter. Thank you to Sue Neville and Annette for the gifts of the most current research!"
  "Very useful information presented. Learnt a lot about the different types of breast cancer and the available treatments and ongoing studies. Thank you."
  "Excellent information interestingly presented."

October 4, 2021
Mah Jongg Tournament
"Great event. So nice to spend an afternoon outside with friends."
"Had a great afternoon. Would love more events under the tent even if I have to wear my long johns!!!!"
"This was my first ever Mahjongg Tournament. Claudia did a great job organizing it and explaining all the rules. It was a fun event for everyone. Can't wait to do it again. :)"
"I thought the event was well planned and well run. I was a bit nervous going in to this tournament as friends of mine said that ladies that usually participate in this are very serious and very good players. Being new to Maj Jungg ( have only played a few years) I was fearful I would be embarrassed by my lack of experience and slowness. Quite the opposite. Everyone was very friendly , some ladies were slower than I and I actually did well!"  
"Great afternoon! A nice way to meet other members!"

"Keep offering Victoria"
"Excellent as before. I worked out with recorded version, thanks for providing it."
"Enjoy the fitness class very much."

September 27, 2021
"Very informative and entertaining. Many of the films were new to me. I have added them to my will watch list. Thank you."
 He explained the movies in detail and loved the clips. Hope you can have more zoom meetings. Thanks. I am from the Philly group."

"Thank you so much for offering this programming. I have been seeing a dermatologist once a year for decades to monitor for skin cancer, but I learned so much at this event. Very informative and presented in a clear fashion. Please send the PowerPoint to attendees if possible."
  "Presenter was very knowledgeable and presented the information in a concise manner"
  "The presenter was well prepared and engaging. I appreciated her research and the illustrations were very helpful. Thank you to The Health & Wellness Committee for another wonderful program of Seasons of Self-Care."

September 27, 2021

  "It was a great day. The boat ride was relaxing and well organized. Food was very good. I enjoyed meeting all the wonderful ladies."
  "It was a heavenly cruise. Might be clever to have a rotate program. Move from table to table. Good for meet n greet."

  "Great day, great weather. Some of my Sig group was there & I loved opportunity to meet new people"

  "Great cruise and lunch in every way! We should do this event regularly!"

 "A great time! Seeing friends in person and making new ones. You’re never alone at a TTN event."

  "It was wonderful getting everyone together. The picnic was a very appropriate way to do that."
  "The event was fabulous. You can see how much planning and fore thought Claudia and her team put into making the event fun and a pleasure. It was a perfect event to see people in person for the first time in a year and a half. Kudos to Claudia."

  "Lovely day. Fun setting. Easy to park. Adorable yummy centerpieces on every table!! Great menu/choices."

  "Thanks to all who were involved with this event! It was lovely and well planned."

  "Wonderful to see everyone in person in a "safe" setting. well-planned."

Comments From Members
"Great, very informative. Clarified some myths and research based facts. Thank you."
   "Excellent workshop. The presenter, Monica Richie, was very knowledgeable and the presentation was easy to follow. She answered excellent questions from the audience and it was very beneficial to our members."
  "The speaker was extremely well informed and engaging. Her ability to impart knowledge was helpful and her suggestions regarding self care in living with arthritis were very helpful. Kudos to the Health & Wellness Committee for another excellent presentation!"
  "This was a wonderful event. Monica checked all the boxes for a wonderful speaker and addressed a comprehensive approach to the treatment of arthritis and related pain syndrome. Loved it!"

                                         Comments From Members

 "This was a fascinating look at Jackie Kennedy Onassis' life and presented a fresh look at previously misunderstood aspects of her life. Thank you!!"
  "An extremely articulate, well informed presenter. This event was excellent. Thank you. More, more!"
  "I thought this was one of the best events I’ve attended. Would love to have another from her."
"Deborah's presentation was enjoyed immensely! I would be happy to join any tour that she will be hosting. Thank you!"
"Terrific! One of the best TTN programs ever! Please get this speaker again to give another tour. Knowledgeable and articulate, she is a mesmerizing presenter! Kudos to TTN for hiring her as a speaker!"
  "The speaker’s communication skills were excellent, including her enthusiasm for the topic and the lesser known historical details she shared about Jackie Kennedy’s background and life. I would definitely want to do another of her presentations. She was great!"

March 26, 2021
Spring Awakening
                                         Comments from our Members

 "Presenter was knowledgeable and presented the information in a format easy to follow."
  "This was a challenging and timely topic. Mr. Chassman was empathic, charming and engaged the audience. I think it's important and relevant to address mental health issues; especially at a time like this."

                                  Comments From Our Members

"I’m now able to be more Zoom involved at upcoming SIG meetings online. Thanks!"
  "Would love more workshops on technology - zoom, twitter etc. Thanks for setting this one

March 21, 2021
Equal Means Equal

                                          Comments from our Members

"An eye opening video/conversation touching on different aspects of how women are still unequal in the eyes of the laws that we thought gave us equality. Wonderful presentation."
  "Extremely informative and illuminating. Aside from the obvious wage inequalities, many other facets of life impacted by lack of equal protection under the law for women were explored."
  "Very good film.  Time should have been included for recent updates and discussion."

                    Comments from our Members

"As we go through the aging process- we have a tendency to forget things said. I found Victoria’s session to be so very helpful and very enjoyable. It was enlightening and never boring. Kudos  to Victoria for a very interesting topic."

  "Very useful tactics to improve memory"
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 Comments from our Members

"Very informative. Raised my awareness for some women specific heart health issue signs. Thanks."

 "Dr. Schwarzwald pulled no punches. He was very engaging and his presentation was on target. I really appreciated hearing about the statistics and medical facts that were very specific to women. He really sharpened our awareness about heart health. Kudos to the Health & Wellness Committee for a wonderful Valentine's Day gift!"

 "Very informative! Doctor was knowledgeable and very reassuring. Made me aware that women must be advocates for their own health."

 "Dr Schwarzwald did a great job of helping women understand the statistics, importance of heart health, symptoms, and gender differences in evaluating CVD. Great presentation"


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Comments from our Members 

"The information and presentation about this important subject was very well done. As a native Long Islander I really enjoyed learning more and the exciting fact that a Street in my neighborhood is named for one of the underground families. Thank you. "

   "It could have been longer since she had so much more material. Great idea for a future bus trip to visit the sites with guide."

  "I found this presentation extremely interesting...seeing sites from this area and the role they played in the Underground Railroad. I thought the speaker was wonderful and interesting and I bought the speaker's book to read as well. Thank you for organizing this."

  "Presentation was fairly interesting. Fun to hear the history of places that I was familiar with in passing over the years."
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Comments from our Members
  "It was informative."

  "It was very informative and presenter was very good."

  "Excellent program."
Read more...

January 24, 2021
Women March
Comments from our Members
 "Fascinating presentation! Wish I could see the exhibit in NYC."

 "Interesting, informative and I learned a lot"

  "I really enjoyed this program. The speaker was knowledgeable and the content was very interesting."

 Read more...

Comments from our Members
 "Excellent informative class." 
 "Very informative! It was a well prepared and interesting presentation. Thank you!" 

"This was a great presentation, and I so appreciated the handout at the end with all the reference information. Thank you."

Read more...

January 2, 2021
Zumba With Amy
                                       Comments from our Members

"Excellent program which can be modified to accommodate all levels."
"I am enjoying Zumba with Amy very much."
"Thank you , I love your classes."

 Read more...


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