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Welcome to our Chicago TALENT POOL

Why look outside TTN if you need marketing help, a computer guru, a career coach or knitting lessons?  

We are our own greatest resource!  Our new TALENT POOL is the perfect place to find, sell, or share the wealth of expertise and experience in our remarkable Chicago Chapter--and make new friends and connections while doing so!
 - Are you searching for a new job, and feel you need a coach to help you shape your personal brand and put your best foot forward in an interview? Why not search our Talent Pool and consider hiring one of our members to coach you in your next career transition? 
- Are you looking for someone to help you promote your business? Check out our Talent Pool and connect with one of our members who might be able to help you!

So what do you need?  What do you have to offer?  

Below is a list of spectacularly accomplished women already in the Talent Pool.  You here, too!
Here’s how to connect
  • Scan down the left column to find your passions, interests, or needs. 
  • On the right, you will find other TTN members who share them. 
  • An asterisk after a member's activity means that the TTN member has a consulting/business practice that involves a fee. 
  • Click on any name to go to that Member's Profile or their Business Card.  There, you'll find more information about that member and how to reach her.  
  • If you would like to add your name and area of expertise to our Chicago Chapter Talent Pool, you'll need to do 2 things1) Update your TTN Profile in our Member Directory. To update your profile you'll need to login to the TTN website and click "My account" (it's right below your name) and a new page will appear. On the left column of the page, click "Update My Info".  Fill out the form with information about you and your area of expertise, hobbies, etc. Make sure the box directly under Contact Information that says "check here to allow other members to see your address, phone, etc." has a checkmark in it. This is how you can make your information visible to signed-in members. At the very bottom of the Profile Page, be sure to hit "Save" (at the bottom) before leaving the page. 2) Then, send an email to with your area of expertise and we'll add your name and profile link to our Talent Pool list.

Talent Pool - Your TTN Resource Connection

Area of Expertise

Member Name

Coaching Helene Stelian* - Mid-life Empowerment Coach
  Mary Connolly* - Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and RRCA Certified/ USATF Registered Running Coach
  Terry Kozlowski* - Interview Coaching
  Barbara Appelbaum* - Wellness Coaching
  Viki Ryan* - Wellness Coaching, Life Coach
Financial Planning  
Financial Planning Ann Greenberg* - Certified Financial Planner®, CDFA, CIMA




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