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October 26, 2019
November Meeting - Presentation by The Writers Group
Most of us have read a chapter or two in a Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Did you know that Mary Hiland, a member of the TTN Writers Peer Group, submitted a story to Chicken Soup? Her piece, titled “The Bungee that Binds” was selected for the 1997 edition of Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul. Her prize was $200.00 plus copies of the book.

The Writers group decided to try our luck. We each wrote to at least one of the following categories: “Laughter is the Best Medicine”, “Stories about the December and January Holiday Seasons”, “Miracles”, and “The Golden Years (over 60) or Second Wind”.

Two of the submission dates haven’t passed yet, and two already have, so the writers haven’t heard whether our articles have been chosen for publication. Apparently, inflation hasn’t increased the monetary prize. It’s still $200.00, plus ten free books, but the recognition, pride, and fulfillment are worth so much more. Wouldn’t you agree?

Come join the Writers Group on Monday, November 18th at 6:00 p.m. at the Quest Conference Center when we will read our selections.

As we have done in past presentations, at the end of the meeting, we will ask everyone to write for ten minutes about one of the four categories and then invite volunteers to read their pieces.
Please also join us for an early 4:30 p.m. dinner and extra camaraderie at the nearby Polaris Grill.
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October 25, 2019
November Letter from the Chair – Railing Against Retirement

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”  C. S. Lewis

Are you retired?  Does that label feel as good when it rolls off your tongue as saying “I’m a teacher.”  “I’m a bookkeeper.”  “I’m a store clerk.”  “I’m an accountant.”  “I’m a manager.”  “I’m a nurse.”   Or whatever you replied before you retired.

Even though I turn 70 this month and am seen as retired by the government and our society it is not a life stage I ever looked forward to and it is not a label I’m settling into well.

The other day someone asked if they retired me.  The question made me feel uncomfortable at the moment and the best answer I could come up with was “sort of.”

They laid me off from my last position earlier this year.   I am annoyed at having to leave on their timeline rather than my own.  I have to admit the position was beginning to bore me.

In this stage where I find myself now—too old to be young, and too young to be old—the term retirement seems outdated.  

When the terms was first coined, the thought was a person would have three to five good years and then be gone.  

Today, even at age 70, you’re likely to have 15 more good years.  If you’re in good health, it good be 20 or more years.  

I’m not comfortable with the idea that all my best accomplishments are behind me.  I’m not comfortable with a life of leisure will keep me sharp minded and physically able for another 30 years.

Twenty years is time enough for a whole new career creating something I’ve always wanted to create.  Unlike in our youth when the opportunities and expectations are laid out and understood–your family, friends, and teachers were all interested in what you planned to do or be next.

At the age of retirement no one cares what you will create or discover or do next.

It’s assumed you’ll give your time away to volunteering or you’ll play games all the time or watch something (television, phone, iPad), take care of grandchildren (for free), or take up a new hobby. 

While I appreciate the freedom that can come with retirement from paid work, I think I’d rather focus on what’s next.  Authors Marc Middleton, in “Growing Bolder,” and Barbara Morris, in “Put Hold on Hold” lay out an alternative path.  

Both authors are pushing back on society’s stereotypes of being retired and being old.  They are calling on all of us to defy the cult of youth we live in today.

Their message is to find a new path in the third act, rekindling old passions or finding new ones, continuing to evolve into what can be next and ignoring the pull of leisure and retiring from life.

For anyone looking for a peer group of individuals who will ask you what’s next and support you as you explore your options for a third act, send me a note ( or call me (614.395.4140).  Let’s get together.

I’m willing to host a book discussion of “Growing Bolder” and it’s Comeback Playbook if anyone’s interested.

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October 24, 2019
Special Interest and Transition Peer Groups Activities


Wellness Group:

We are looking for ideas and suggestions for Wellness Group events.  Please send any ideas to

Sleuthin' Genies Genealogy Group

Contact Karen Linnenkohl for more about the "Sleuthin' Genies" Genealogy Group at

Movie & Theater Group

Our next movie night is November 25th, Monday. On September 28th, Mary Hiland, Jeannette McDonald, and Anna Crooks saw the musical, Chicago at Otterbein University. November movie suggestions are welcome! In November, it might be your choice if you let Mary know, so contact Mary Hiland at


Transition Peer Groups (TPGs) are small groups of 8-12 women, often geographically oriented, where members explore life-stage related issues. TPGs are unique and different from the above Special Interest Groups. TPGs are intended to be comfortable and trusting environments where the same members gather on a regular basis to discuss what’s important to them, share in ways to live with vitality and wisdom, and provide support to each other. For many of our members, TPGs are like a home base, and for some, it is their initial experience with TTN. 

Two of the below groups, Eastside Women’s Group and Single Women’s Group, were recently formed and after November, a decision will be made by the two groups to continue, add new members, or move on. Although the below Transition Peer Groups are closed now, TTN is committed to helping members form additional groups to explore the same or other issues.

Writers Group

The Writers Group is presenting at the TTN meeting on November 18th. Please see the November meeting announcement for more information. The next Writers regular meeting is on December 6th. Our group is closed and capped at ten. We encourage other TTN members to start a second group, if interested. One of our members would be happy to attend a meeting to help you get started. Please contact Anna Crooks at

Fact Gatherers Group

This group has reached its limit of 10 members. Contact Mary Greenlee at for the next meeting date.

Eastside Women’s Group

This new transition peer group is closed to new members. Please contact Donna Owen at for the next meeting date.

Single Women’s Group

This new transition peer group is closed to new members. Please contact Paula Harer at for next meeting date.

Welcome New Members!

If you are a new member and would like to introduce yourself through the Newsletter, please contact Mary Hiland at

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October 16, 2019
Hold the Date for our Annual Members-Only Holiday Potluck Party



See below for Directions and What to Bring.



What to Bring:
     Last Name starts with A-L - bring an appetizer
     Last Name starts with M-Z - bring a dessert

Directions:  From I-270 take the 33 West exit to Avery Rd.  Turn left on Avery, going South on Avery.  Pass the light at Woerner Temple, turn right at Cramers Crossing, turn right on the second street, Bennington.  The Clubhouse will be in front of you.

Register Now!
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September 26, 2019
Welcome New Members

Ellen Soltow

Ellen Soltow is relatively new to Columbus. After a 30-year career as an analyst for U. S. Congress in Washington, D.C., she decided to retire to Columbus, because “It’s a medium size city, and it has a lot to offer.” She is originally from Athens, Ohio and earned her degrees from Ohio University, University of Illinois, and Ohio State University. She has two children, a daughter in Athens and a son here in Columbus.  

Ellen moved here two years ago without knowing anyone and admits it’s a challenge to make new friends after retirement, because, “When you work, you have that anchor” for your social life. After working at H&R Block for a year, she took retirement more seriously and started looking for ways to make friends and acquaintances. She met Heather Gross, another new member through a Meet-Up group. So you might say we got a “two for one” in new members. Ellen is interested in joining our new Singles Group, our new Eastside Women, and our Movie and Theater Group.

Heather Gross

Heather Gross has been a TTN member for over ten years, but it was as a member of the NYC chapter. When she moved to Columbus last fall, she knew top on her priorities was to find our chapter. During her first meeting here, she jumped right in and signed up for three small groups, Single Ladies, Eastside Women, and the movie and theater group. 

Heather had a career in brokering advertising space, and after her kids were 13 and 15, she acquired her MBA.

Her daughter lives in Columbus, and her son lives  in NYC, and she has 4 grandchildren.

Now that she is retired, she works out three times a week at the JCC gym. Back in New York, she enjoyed gardening, so now that she lives in an apartment in Bexley, she helps her daughter with her garden. 

With Heather’s spunk and energy, it looks like she is going to be a very active member of our chapter.



Veronica Petta

Veronica Petta was introduced to TTN by member Bonnie Wanko earlier this year. Veronica was unable to attend any events just then, so she invited some of the members to a small gathering, so she could get a start on meeting some of us anyway. The first meeting she attended was our “Writers Round Table,” and she liked what she saw and heard. It was easy for her to accept the invitation to give a presentation on mindful eating and other mindful ways of taking care of ourselves. Veronica is no stranger to writing, as she has written for Family Circle, Healthy Eating, Red Book, and The Associated Press. She also did product publicity for Borden in Columbus. She holds a degree from Lafayette College and a masters in Food, Nutrition & Dietetics from New York University.
Veronica loves to cook, and because she also loves to eat, she works out on her Stairmaster several hours a week, an hour at a time. She also enjoys taking classes in yoga. She and her husband live in Powel
Veronica started her own business in 2000. Read all about it at her website below.

Liz Kuhn

The person who scheduled Joy Loverde (Who Will Take Care of Me When I’m Old) surely struck a note when she posted it on FaceBook, since we have yet another new member as a result. Liz Kuhn joined TTN that very night. She has been working in the investment department for the State Teachers Retirement system for over 35 years but is thinking ahead toward her own retirement. All her friends are people she works with, so she is interested in getting more involved with TTN after she does retire. In the meantime, she has signed up for the new Single Ladies group, which will have its first meeting in September. Already, she has plenty to do in her spare time, such as hiking, and volunteering for two support groups,and is in a long-standing book club as well as spiritual activities. Liz attends the Newman Center and lives in the Clintonville area.

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