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Special Interest Groups 

Special Interest Groups or SIGs are a unique members-only benefit.
TTN SIGs are small groups of women who join together in a member's home, or other mutually agreed upon location, to engage in informal discussions on topics of mutual interest. They are composed of 8-12 women who share an activity or topic for discussion that they want to explore in more depth than the regular monthly TTN meetings might allow.  Below you will find descriptions and contact information for our existing Special Interest Groups.
New Special Interest Groups: 
Don't see what you're looking for in our exiting groups?  If you have an idea for a special interest group, please contact us. When there is enough “critical mass,” new SIGs will form.
Existing Special Interest Groups                                                                       


The Writers Special Interest Group is for women who have a passion for writing. You may have written a book, or want to explore writing one, or have in interest in writing in general. Every month the group gets together and writes to a given "prompt". The group is led by the members on a rotating basis.


This group focuses on mastery of our personal experience of aging.  Mastery in the context of aging is defined as living long and dying short.  Is this era of increased longevity, living long can offer many challenges and opportunities.
Achieving mastery typically requires work.  Shoot, maintaining our current level of achievement physically, mentally and emotionally requires learning new skills and making new friends.
This group will be part book club, part support group and part accountability partners. 
The skills included in mastering aging have long been written about.  In this time of crisis when everything is shutting down, we can refocus and double down on what we can do and what we can create to serve us for the rest of our lives.
We’ll discuss “Growing Bolder” by Marc Middleton and “Live Long, Die Short” by Roger Landry to start.  What we discover will be used as a foundation for a shared understanding of what’s possible and what may be needed for our own personal journey to aging mastery.
The thought is for the group will meet every two weeks via Zoom, at least for a while.   Members are asked to commit to prioritizing attendance at the meetings and also to invest a small amount of work between meetings to read/skim book chapters or follow thru on work begun within the meetings.

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