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Today Show & HuffPost: We Want 50 People Over 50 Who've Reinvented Themselves (Deadline: July 21st)

(Posted July 16, 2014)

Dear Readers,

When we launched Huff/Post 50 in 2011, we made clear our generation was not ready to go gently into the night. I was, and continue to be, inspired by my good friend Nora Ephron. On my 50th birthday, she stood up and said, "I am here to tell you good things can happen after turning 50. I didn't direct my first movie until I was 50." If Nora could accomplish what she did in 21 years, why is it that some people still believe age defines what we can and cannot do? The truth is, it doesn't.

At Huff/Post 50, we believe that society's obsession with youth -- think about all those "30 Under 30" lists -- emphasizes all the wrong values: competition and an outdated definition of success. Instead, we've chosen to celebrate life after 50.

Therefore, Huff/Post 50 and the TODAY show have decided to launch "50 Over 50" -- a celebration of reinvention. At TODAY, they're gearing up for their own 50th celebration: Hoda Kotb will be marking the milestone on August 9th. The idea with "50 Over 50" is to highlight 50 individuals who have made radical changes to their lives, for the better, after turning 50. The initiative will serve as an inspiring reminder that it is never too late to change your life, pursue your passion or prioritize personal happiness and wellbeing over traditional definitions of success.

Do you know someone who has launched a new career, or gone back to college, or started a non-profit overseas, or adopted a child, or taken a really amazing turn after 50? We invite you to nominate someone -- age 50 or older -- who has positively changed their life after the age of 50. (You can also nominate yourself!) To nominate someone, please email the following to -- and please put 50 Over 50 in the subject line:

•Nominee name
•Nominee hometown
•Nominee contact information including email address and daytime phone number
•A specific explanation of how, and at what age, the person changed their life for the better (anywhere from a paragraph to 500 words will do)
•Current photo of the nominee (if you want to send a video, even better!)

Please review the Terms of Submission. We will choose 50 inspirational people 50 and older to feature on The Huffington Post, and some of the most inspiring people and their stories will be featured on the TODAY show.

The deadline for nominations is 11:59 p.m., eastern time, on Monday, July 21, 2014.

Hoda Kotb and I, along with Kathie Lee Gifford, Al Roker and Arianna Huffington, will help review the nominations. We can't wait!

Help us to celebrate all those who are reinventing themselves no matter what their age.


Rita Wilson is an actor, singer, producer and Huff/Post50's editor at large.



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