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Women Weaving Words Garden Party

(Posted June 26, 2021)

Thirty women met at a member’s delightful home and garden on Saturday, June 26, for the Women Weaving Words event. We enjoyed visiting in person, playing some games and considering how stories get made. Two local artists were also invited to share their personal insights.

Sue Scott, the host of "The Island of Discarded Women" show and podcast (new season begins in October) talked about her parents and the legacy they left. Her mother, an extrovert, often would say that she just didn’t get shy people. Sue learned that by asking questions and being genuinely curious, even the most reticent people will share their amazing stories. Curiosity makes life and other people much more interesting.

Her father had a tradition of always asking a birthday question: Can you share with us a very significant event in the past year? What one day jumped out as special?. A follow up question was: How did you feel? It’s valuable to take a deep dive occasionally to reflect on one’s life and tell a story.

Author and actor Lorna Landvik recalled memories of her father telling bedtime stories. When story time was over he would “zipper" their eyelids shut for sleep. She also learned the power of humor during difficult situations. One temporary job she had years ago was as a staff person for Hugh Hefner. A perk of the job was an invite to a Halloween costume party. She dressed up as Simone de Beauvoir and a fellow feminist was The Invisible Man which made the party novel, fun, and thoughtful for many. 

Lorna’s next book is called “The ABC’s of Erotica” and will be full of more humorous situations. Both artists illuminate and fight sexism and ageism in our world.

Lunch was provided and more stories and laughter were shared. We all left with a new personal journal, TTN notecards, and inspiration for our own stories.

Craft supplies and cash donations were collected for the Harriet Tubman Center Summer of Peace Program.

Tremendous thanks to Terri Evans, Debra Dorgan, and Jill Goski for hosting and planning this successful summer fete!!!

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