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Unmasking Our Truth: Pondering the Pandemic and Forecasting Our Future

(Posted May 15, 2021)

On May 15, nineteen TTN MSP members connected via Zoom for an original two-hour program called “Unmasking Our Truth: Pondering the Pandemic and Forecasting Our Future.” We began with a quiz to determine the level at which we had curtailed participation in everyday activities such as riding an elevator or attending a wedding in person. We reviewed “transitions” as defined by William Bridges in TTN’s signature “Women in Transitions” program. Several articles about the meaning of, and/or emerging from the pandemic were provided to participants to read prior to the workshop. We took a closer look at “15 Lessons the Pandemic Has Taught Us” from the March 2021 AARP bulletin, and “In Their Own Words, Americans Describe the Struggles and Silver Linings of the COVID-19 Pandemic” from the Pew Research Center – March 17, 2021. Each review included lively small group discussions followed by large group sharing. Participants left with a better idea of what they would choose to carry forward from this once in a lifetime event. We ended with a beautiful reading of And the People Stayed Home by Kitty O’Meara.
Following are some participants’ comments about this program:
“ I really enjoyed digging into these post-covid topics and embracing my inner Mike Osterholm even as I venture out more and even have friends and family into our home. (Who am I?)”
“TTN has been such an important part of navigating the pandemic craziness!”

“It is reassuring to hear how everybody is figuring it out.”

Material from, 18:01:15 September 18, 2021.
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