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13 Pearls of Wisdom

(Posted January 5, 2021)

By Nancy Gold

1 - The smell of cinnamon always makes me happy.

2- If there is the tiniest space in a window screen, a mosquito will definitely get in and you will be bitten. Even in the winter. It is the law of the universe.

3- Always balance your checkbook every single month and check your credit card bills. It’s your money, not theirs until you give it to them.

4- Never drink and knit…unless you enjoy unraveling. Learned this the hard way.

5- It is inevitable that just when the most important part of a Netflix movie is airing, a police/fire engine siren will go screaming past.

6- It takes 5 seconds to send a quick message to someone so don’t procrastinate. They will appreciate it.

7- Instacart is not perfect. Just be glad it exists.

8- If you are going for a walk and there are people behind you who are loud, stand to the side. It is perfectly OK to let them pass. This is your time and you do not want to have their conversation intrude on your thoughts.

9- If you are going to buy herring and you know you eat it with sour cream, check the date on the sour cream you have in the refrigerator before you shop. Inevitably the sour cream will be one month overdue. Trust me.

10- If a recipe has over 7 ingredients, consider how badly you want to make/eat it. Think 3 times if it has more than one ingredient that you have never heard of. It is OK to give up and think, it was probably not good for you anyway.

11- Do not trust weather apps. If it says no rain until 3pm and at 1pm you are dripping wet, sheltering under an awning, re read the first sentence.

12- If you buy a green banana, you have 24 hours to eat it. If you wait any longer, it will be a brown mooshy mess. Another law of the universe.

13- If you are desperately waiting for an email, results on a medical test, an answer to your text, it will not come. Remember what your mother said, “Watched pot never boils”. Same holds true for Iphones. 

Now it is your chance to tell me what you have learned. Surely there is something you want to share. What is obvious to you may be novel to someone else. We all need to be forewarned about these laws of nature. They are not taught in school; we get them from living.

Please share at least one thing you have learned. Just email me at and I will publish the results next month.
In advance, thank you for sharing!

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